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Guide to buying women’s underwear | You need to pay attention to places that others can’t see

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LAs a part of girls’ inner beauty, underwear is usually selected according to the clothes and physical condition of the day. If the underwear you choose is not suitable for you, wearing it all day will also affect your body and mind. First, we will start with the types of underwear and talk about the different types and occasions of use.

What are the types of women’s underwear?

There are many types of girls’ underwear. In addition to the most common briefs, there are boxer pants, seamless pants, thongs, C-shaped pants, physiological pants, and girdles. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Briefs are the most basic style of underwear. They completely cover the buttocks and come in a variety of colors. The legs are not bound, and there is no discomfort when walking. It’s cut low to keep the pants from showing.



Boxer pants are also called boxers. Its design is similar to boys’ underwear, because it covers the thigh, so you don’t have to worry about the fabric being caught in the buttocks when you walk, and it is very comfortable to wear.

No-mark pants Girls who care about tight pants will reveal the line of their underwear, in addition to thongs, there are also no-mark pants to choose from. The seamless eye and elastic-free design of seamless pants can effectively reduce the problem of exposed lines.

The thong got its name because it looks like the word “Ding”. Emphasizing the sexy style, you can show the beautiful buttocks curve, and at the same time, you don’t have to worry about showing embarrassing panty marks when wearing close-fitting clothing. Dancers such as samba girls who step on the street in the samba carnival also use the same type of underwear.



The C-shaped pants lack the fabric at the waist and are fixed with elastic brackets instead. Same as thongs, both bring a sexy and mature image. Some people wear it as beachwear to get a more even skin tone.

Physiological pants emphasize the degree of fit with the body and the warmth of the abdomen, so that the sanitary napkin is not easy to shift due to the movement of the body, and avoids disturbing side leakage.

Girdle pants, when sitting or relaxing, the lower abdomen will inevitably show unsightly curves due to extrusion or posture. Wearing girdle pants can keep the lower abdomen flat, and it also has the function of buttocks, maintaining a perfect posture all the time. It is very suitable for office workers who need to sit for a long time.

How to determine the size of women’s panties?

Underpants that are too small in size cannot completely cover the buttocks, which is one of the reasons for the sagging of the buttocks. Only choosing the right size can help you maintain the shape of the buttocks.

If you wear tight-fitting pants with your hips sagging, the shape of your hips will become incomplete. Wearing the correct size can make the buttocks show a beautiful peach-like line.

When choosing underwear, at least know your waist and hips. The waist circumference is the most fitting part. When measuring with a soft ruler, it can be measured a little tighter. The part of the hips is to measure the most raised circle of the buttocks. If the belly is also raised, it can be measured as the hips.

Like outerwear, even in the same medium size, the size may vary depending on the manufacturer and brand. The shape of the buttocks also varies from person to person. It is best to choose underwear that can make up for your own shortcomings, so that the flesh of the buttocks can be completely covered, and it is easier and more pleasant to walk.

What are the materials of women’s underwear?

At present, the materials of women’s underwear on the market are roughly as follows: pure cotton, blended, silk, and various fibers. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these materials one by one.

Pure cotton underwear, also known as 100% cotton underwear, this kind of plant fiber cotton has been used for a long time, with a high penetration rate and high consumer acceptance. The fabric is safe, and has good comfort, moisture absorption and breathability. The price is moderate, of course, there are also high-end pure cotton underwear that are very expensive.

But pure cotton is not without disadvantages. Although it has good hygroscopicity, it is not easy to dry after absorbing moisture. Everyone has experienced the feeling of underwear sticking to the buttocks after sweating in summer. Moreover, pure cotton underwear is prone to deformation and out of shape problems after washing, and at the same time, compared with other materials, it has poor wear resistance. In addition, pure cotton underwear has limited play in style and pattern design.

womens underwear guide

womens underwear guide

Blended underwear, according to a certain proportion, mixes chemical fibers and natural fibers (such as cotton, wool, silk, etc.) into fabrics, which is the material used by most underwear on the market. The blended fabric not only has the advantages of polyester but also cotton fabrics. It has good elasticity and wear resistance under dry and wet conditions, stable size, small shrinkage, and has the characteristics of straightness, no wrinkle, easy washing and quick drying. . Moreover, there are many styles of blended underwear.

Although there are many advantages, there are also disadvantages. Blends are less breathable, and chemical fibers may cause irritation to some people with sensitive skin.

Silk underwear generally refers to underwear made of silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, tapioca silk, etc. Silk fabrics feel soft, smooth, thick, plump, excellent in elasticity, and have good moisture absorption and air permeability. Compared with the above two materials, silk underwear has a better wearing experience. It fits the skin and feels like wearing no underwear.

But silk also has disadvantages. Because it is a protein fiber, you must pay great attention when washing it. It can only be washed by hand, and washing powder cannot be used. Silk detergent must be used, and the hands should not be heavy. Due to the limitations of fabrics, there are very few styles of silk panties. In addition, silk underwear is more expensive than other materials.

Fiber underwear, first of all, there are many kinds of fibers, including man-made fibers, modal, ice silk, etc., which are commonly used in making underwear, and natural fibers such as bamboo fiber.

Modal has a smooth, delicate feel, good drapability, good moisture absorption and air permeability; ice silk is a fabric that has become popular in the past two years, with good fit and good air permeability; bamboo fiber has good air permeability, Water absorption, abrasion resistance, etc., and has a certain antibacterial effect.

However, the fiber market is very chaotic, and the phenomenon of trickery is very prominent. Especially bamboo fiber, there are many counterfeit and shoddy products, and even if it is real bamboo fiber, the wearing experience is very average.

What are the designs of women’s underwear?

Although the inner beauty will not be seen by outsiders, wearing the styles and designs you like will also make you feel better. Just because others can’t see it, you can freely choose to wear underwear of the same color or design as your significant other. Women who give a sexy and mature impression can also wear cute underwear and become a secret that only close people and themselves know. Fashion.



Some girls like tight and sexy underwear, or underwear with a very complicated design, but from a health point of view, light-colored, solid-colored, and loose boxers are the best. Underpants that are too tight are prone to frequent friction with the vulva, anus, and urethral opening. If things go on like this, the risk of infection of the genitourinary system will increase. Of course, it’s not that you can’t wear it, but it’s not recommended to wear it for a long time.

The reason why light and solid colors are recommended is because the underwear is too dark or too flowery, and it is not easy to find physiological problems from secretions. For example, if you suffer from vaginitis, your leucorrhea will become cloudy, and some will be red or yellow. These are all signs of disease. If the color of the underwear is too dark, you will not know if you have a gynecological disease.

Precautions for cleaning underwear

Please confirm the washing label before washing. If there is an “x” on the washing machine icon, you can only choose hand washing. If you can use a washing machine, you can further confirm the water temperature setting, and whether to use bleach and other signs.

The fabric of underwear is often delicate, so they may be damaged if washed with clothing and accessories. Be sure to put it in a laundry bag for washing, avoid pouring laundry detergent directly on the underwear, and set the gentle washing mode.

Do not place it after cleaning, immediately hang it in a well-ventilated shade to dry in the shade. Direct sunlight or drying will cause damage to the material and should be avoided as much as possible.

Underwear storage method

There are many ways to fold underwear, as long as you grasp one principle, you can prolong the life of underwear: try to avoid folding to the elastic band. Because the elastic band is folded too many times, it will cause elastic fatigue. Rolling up the panties for storage can hardly damage the elastic band. If you must fold it, you can first fold the underwear in half up and down, and then fold it in half from the middle, so that you can only fold it once!

In addition, we have a shopping guide on underwear.

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