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Guide to Essential Supplies for Breastfeeding | Good equipment makes breastfeeding not so hard

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LOne of the happiest things in life is when your baby comes into this world. Even if the baby cries and fusses again, his heart is still warm. However, there will always be some big and small troubles, and breastfeeding is one of them, especially for new mothers who have no relevant experience. No matter how others teach it, it is still somewhat difficult to practice it yourself.

Regarding breastfeeding, in fact, it is still necessary to equip some necessities, at least it can make breastfeeding easier. Although these equipments are not necessarily necessary, it is just that they are more convenient in the whole process of raising children.

#01 Nursing underwear

I didn’t know the difference between breastfeeding underwear and ordinary underwear at all before, and the underwear store I usually go to doesn’t sell breastfeeding underwear. But to her grandma, it is difficult and embarrassing to breastfeed in ordinary underwear!

Later, when I bought breastfeeding underwear, I found out that the breastfeeding underwear can directly open the bra up or down, which is very convenient for breastfeeding or breastfeeding.

In addition, there are two kinds of breastfeeding underwear, steel ring and steel ring. Like ordinary underwear, the underwear without steel ring is very comfortable to wear. At the beginning, because the breasts often engorged and spilled, you can wear underwear without steel rings first, but because underwear without steel rings has little support for the breasts, it is recommended to wear underwear with steel rings in the later stage. After all, it is still necessary to maintain the breast shape. very important.

When buying breastfeeding underwear, you must also pay attention to the size, otherwise, if it is out of shape, it will be a cup. And this size is different from before the baby was born, so it must be re-measured.

#02 Nursing jacket

If you plan to breastfeed for a long time, you must buy a few breastfeeding jackets, also called breastfeeding clothes, to avoid the embarrassment of breastfeeding as much as possible, after all, it is inevitable to go out or something. Moreover, even if you don’t go out, when the weather is cold, you don’t have to be too cold to milk.

The breastfeeding coat is very convenient to use. You don’t need to open or take off the clothes when breastfeeding. Just open the opening of the breastfeeding coat and you can breastfeed or express milk very conveniently. The most common opening methods are opening on both sides and lifting the zipper. I personally think that opening on both sides is the most convenient.

It is cold and hard to breastfeed your baby in winter, you can buy thermal underwear specially designed for breastfeeding. In fact, there are many clothes for breastfeeding now, and they are also very complete from the inside to the outside.

#03 Moon Pillow

Some mothers may have used the moon pillow designed for pregnant women during pregnancy, but there is actually a moon pillow for breastfeeding. This kind of moon pillow is also super comfortable to use. When breastfeeding, hold the baby with one hand and let the baby lie in the arm, while the moon pillow drags the arm, which can greatly reduce the pressure on the mother’s arm and waist.

After feeding the baby, you can also put the baby in the middle of the moon pillow, which not only fixes the baby, but also prevents the baby from spitting up milk. And when the baby starts to practice sitting up, it can also be used as an auxiliary cushion, which is very useful.

#04 Breast pads

Breast pads are like sanitary napkins used on breasts and need to be glued to the bra when used. Because when breast milk is first secreted, it is difficult to grasp the balance between supply and demand, and it is very easy for breast milk to overflow. If you don’t use breast pads, your underwear and even your clothes will get wet easily, and it will get moldy after a long time, and the smell of breast milk is also very strong.

#05 Nursing Cover

It is inevitable that sometimes when there are many people, you have to breastfeed your baby. This is when the nursing towel comes into play. In fact, it is a big blanket, but it can be hung around the neck and fastened on the back. Simple yet necessary.

#06 breast pump

In addition to breastfeeding, it is inevitable that bottle feeding is sometimes required, so a breast pump is also one of the must-haves for many people. But if you are all breastfeeding, or if you have less breast milk, you don’t need it. Buying a breast pump is a very learned thing. For details, see the following article.

#07 Breast Milk Storage Bag

Breastfeeding with a breast pump, if you are breastfeeding all the time or if you have less breast milk, you don’t need this thing. It is only necessary to prepare when there is too much milk and needs to be stored. Breast milk preservation bags are divided into upright and flat types. Personally, I think the flat type is more convenient for storage and more reasonable for the use of space. Of course, in addition to fresh-keeping bags, you can also choose breast milk storage bottles or glass bottles.

#08 suet cream

If you breastfeed, you will inevitably be bitten by your baby. Suet ointment can be used to smear on the nipple, which has a moisturizing effect. Before the next feeding, wipe the nipple clean with a warm towel and then feed the baby. In addition, milk can be used instead.

#09 Sterilizer

It is mainly used to sterilize feeding bottles, nipples or some toys. Of course, it is not needed if there is no bottle feeding. Of course, boiling water can also be used to sterilize, but you need to pay attention to the cooking time to avoid cracking the bottle and nipple

#10 Bottle warmer

For a bottle warmer, it is optional, not a must. It’s just more convenient than heating with water.

#11 Baby bottle, bottle brush, milk powder

Only mothers who need bottle feeding need to prepare baby bottles and bottle brushes, and buy milk powder according to the baby’s needs.

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