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How to buy a mop? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of various mops

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LAt present, there are several common mops on the market: flat mops, gummy mops, rotary mops, magic broom. Each of the four types of mops has its own strengths and is suitable for different usage scenarios.


All kinds of mops

All kinds of mops

| Application Scenario

Collodion mop, flat mop suitable for family this is not too dirty scene;

Magic brooms are better at cleaning up spots of water and hair;

Rotary mops are suitable for kitchen, office or open areas where the floor is prone to getting dirty.

| Difference in function

Magic brooms are best for cleaning water and hair;

Collodion mop, flat mop is more suitable for smooth floor tile, wood floor;

The rotary mop is more suitable for the ground with juice, cigarette butts, soot and other more dirty scene;

| Flat plate mop

Flatbed mops are an evolution of the old mops and are the cleanest, but only if you use a non-rotating head. You can turn the mop head at will to make it easier to use, but it’s hard to get the floor completely clean in one go and you basically need to mop it again.

Although there are automatic wiper board style, but it is also quite laborious to clean up, and after dragging the ground is not as fast as the rubber cotton drag dry.

If you buy, try to choose hand-free, automatic wiper board, so that it is easier to clean.

| Collodion mop

From the cleaning effect, collodion mop is a little more than flat mop, but it is very convenient to clean

Both the speed of absorbing water and the speed of squeezing dry are faster and more convenient than other mops. At the same time, the amount of absorbing water is several times higher than other mops. After mopping the ground residual water trace is very little, generally can quickly evaporate.

One disadvantage of collodion mops is that they absorb water very slowly when used for the first time or after drying, so it is not suitable to hang collodion mops in ventilated and sun-baked places all year round, otherwise they are easy to become dry and hard. It is recommended to put it in the bathroom. Because of the humidity of the air, the sponge mop is not easy to dry. If it dries, rinse it with water several times before use, let it soak up enough water and then squeeze dry.

The cotton tip can not be completely removed (there are two pieces of plastic stuck on the cotton tip), it is not convenient to completely clean, although it does not affect the use of clean, but people who are obsessed with cleanliness may look a little anxious.

But when using, unlike the rotary mop can rotate the mop rod at will, it needs to be in a place of exertion, if the mop area is slightly larger, it will be quite difficult, anyway, every time I finish my home to mop the sweat.

After a colloid mop has dragged hair, it needs to be cleaned off by hand or washed off with water and then put into the trash.

Cotton mops to choose, according to the extrusion method has folding and roller type two, folding extrusion is more thorough, is more than 2 times the roller.

Roller type collodion mop

Roller type collodion mop

Foldable collodion mop

Foldable collodion mop

The size of the cotton head is 27/28/30/31.5/33/35/37. It is recommended to choose 27/28cm for the general household. The size of the cotton head is basically supported by all manufacturers, and the position of the cotton head patch (two pieces of plastic clip on the cotton head) is the same. However, the longer the cotton head, the larger the floor area, the less time and energy to drag.

| Rotary mop

The advantage of the rotary mop is that you do not have to bend over to dry the mop. In fact, the cotton mop is not used, but the cotton used in the mop of this kind of cotton is generally not good. At the beginning, the effect is good, but after a long time, the fiber atrophy makes the water absorption capacity decline substantially.

But the rotary mop to deal with office, restaurant and other open areas, people come and go of local garbage is also more kinds, the advantage is out, one is its clean cigarette butt, juice these things are better at some, two is more labor saving, relatively may not have the rubber sponge mop, flat mop mop clean, but to save a lot of effort.

| Magic broom

The principle is similar to the wiper, so the cleaning effect is better in the environment with water. Dry scraping is not impossible, but it is not as good as the rubber sponge mop for fine dust. Mainly used for sanitary napkins to shave water, other places to shave hair.

| mop stick

The mainstream mop rod material generally has iron, aluminum, stainless steel three materials, iron is relatively cheap, generally painted; The force of aluminum is poor; Stainless steel is not easy to rust. The rod also has the difference of whether it is retractable. According to the use and storage scenario, the rod needs to be retractable. Generally, the retractable rod is more expensive.

| conclusion

In general, each of the four types of mops has its own advantages. If the home area is very large, you can have three kinds of mops, but if it is not large, you can choose to use only one kind of line, I personally recommend rubber cotton mops, relatively speaking, cleaning effect, cleaning difficulty degree is relatively moderate.

Some mops have other additional functions, such as water, steam, and so on, here will not do too much introduction.

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