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How to choose a mouse pad

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LThe mouse pad is one of the hardware peripherals that modern young people have a lot of contact with in their daily lives, but it is also the most careless peripheral. Of course, this article does not mean that you need to pay more attention to the mouse pad. In fact, for most people, the mouse pad can be used, and there is no need to pay attention to it.

Many people have been using more than ten yuan of mouse pads. They don’t know why those expensive mouse pads are expensive. For these people, it doesn’t matter what kind of mouse pad, as long as it feels good.

If you are an fps game player, you have to pay more attention. In addition to the feel, the flatness of the mouse pad is also very high. A mouse pad with an uneven surface may cause the mouse to drop frames in the game. This is the case in e-sports competitions. Very deadly. The biggest difference between cheap and expensive mouse pads is the flatness, followed by the material and the like. The material of cheap mouse pads is generally not very good, and it will be out of shape after a few years. In addition, the more expensive mouse pads have a silky feeling, which is particularly slippery but not floating.

how to buy mouse pad

how to buy mouse pad

Mouse pads can be divided into soft and hard in terms of hardness. At present, the mainstream mouse pads are all soft. The surface of soft mouse pads is generally made of chemical fiber materials, and the bottom surface is made of non-slip rubber. The advantage of this mouse pad is that it is cheap, reduces the pressure on the wrist, and is easy to carry. The hard mouse pad material is generally aluminum alloy, and the surface is coated with a layer of wear-resistant material. This kind of mouse pad is suitable for enthusiast players, and the positioning is more precise. The premise is that the mouse is good enough. The wear-resistant material on the surface can reduce friction, and the mouse can move more easily in high-intensity games.

But most people don’t recommend hard mouse pads. If the mouse is not good enough, frames will be dropped badly, and the mouse pointer will flutter. When the mouse rubs against the mouse pad, the sound is quite loud. In winter, it is too cold. In summer, due to the temperature and sweat of the hands, a layer of water vapor will be formed on the surface of the mouse pad, which is sticky, and the smoothness plummets.

So much has been said above, for ordinary people, it is enough to choose a good-looking mouse pad with decent quality. If you are a fan of fps games, you should choose a better mouse pad with excellent quality.

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