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Lego toys collection | 15 minutes to learn how to choose Lego bricks suitable for children

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LMany parents think of Lego when they choose toys for their children. After all, Lego is a creative toy that can give children unlimited imagination and cultivate children’s hands-on ability. But if you have never played Lego before, you will feel dumbfounded when you see the long product line of Lego. You want to buy a few boxes for children to play with, but you don’t know how to start.

In fact, for children of different ages, the suitable Lego is different. This article analyzes the suitable Lego for children of different ages and hobbies from multiple perspectives. The original author is Mint Candy (also claiming to be the mayor), a Taiwanese blogger who has been playing Lego since elementary school and has more than 6,000 fans on Facebook. If you are capable and interested in Lego, please follow the original author and bring you anytime Get the latest news about LEGO.

The following guide is very long. Although it is not a complete collection of Lego toys, it also introduces many series of Lego bricks, covering almost what most people usually involve. If you are struggling with how to choose Lego bricks, it is recommended to click here to open the official Lego flagship store, and check prices and other information while reading.

1. Preschool children: “Duplo Building Blocks” series

DUPLO is one of Lego’s product lines. It is a product specially designed for preschool children. This product is suitable for children between 1 and 5 years old. The biggest feature is that the building blocks are relatively large. Suitable for children to play with.

After all, the general building block products are relatively small. If children accidentally eat them in their mouths, they will have a headache. And for different stages of children’s development, product design will be different.

For example, these LEGO blocks can be used to build the simplest cars, allowing children to have a concept of cars; they can be used to build simple small things; there are even building blocks with different expressions, so that children can initially understand what “emotions” are .

How should parents identify DUPLO building blocks? It’s actually very simple: the word “duplo” will be written in a fat font in the upper left corner, and a red bunny will be hung, or you can just click here to buy it.

2. Kindergarten children: “JUNIORS” series

If children have reached the age near the kindergarten, they no longer eat building blocks as food, and their hands are suitable for grabbing smaller building blocks and performing finer movements, then parents can try to buy small building block products , and these products are basically Lego’s largest products.

Among the products designed by Lego, there is a product line called JUNIORS series. The biggest feature of this product line is that it uses more integrated parts, for example: one-piece chassis, one-piece wall, one-piece Formed base plate…JUNIORS is less easy to build than other series.

What’s more interesting is that the JUNIORS series covers a wide range of themes, including ordinary city series, castle series, and good friend series, but there are also some that are specially co-branded with well-known cartoons and movies, such as superhero series, Frozen, and cars. General Mobilization… Wait, parents can consider taking a look, and click here to buy.

3. Start with a variety of themes!

Of course, even novice parents should know that Lego has a wide range of brick sets with different themes, and basically, these products are almost the most suitable products for children.

As you can see, Lego blocks can be further subdivided into different series, and the name of each series will be written directly on the left side of the outer box.

It can be noticed that under each series, there will be products of different sizes and sizes, some are just simple dolls + small accessories, some can be assembled into a vehicle, and some are even a rather small game scene Group.

City series (LEGO City): the most suitable series for beginners

For those who are new to Lego blocks, whether parents or children, the “City Series” is definitely the most suitable entry-level model. This series is based on real-life experience, transforming dolls, vehicles, or buildings into Lego models. The difficulty of stacking is moderate, and it is suitable for kindergarten to elementary school.

And more importantly, these box sets come with a variety of exquisite dolls, which are quite story-telling. The house design also adopts the so-called “doll house” design, that is, the back of the house is vacant, which is convenient for children to play. . The shape design of some vehicles is very close to the reality. Click here to buy.

Creative series (LEGO Creator): a set can be disassembled and assembled into different models

The creative series emphasizes slightly special building block stacking skills, reducing the use of integrated parts. Of course, the difficulty of assembly is moderate for children, but you will see that more emphasis is placed on building a special animal, transportation Tools, robots, houses, and other things.

The most important thing is that in today’s design, the creative series will come with three manuals, as long as the original parts are disassembled, other models can be assembled. Click here to buy.

Whirlwind Ninjago (LEGO Ninjago): Collect the active figures and their vehicles in the animation!

Over the years, in addition to building block products, LEGO has also developed film and television entertainment. The most famous one is the animation “Lego Ninjago: Whirlwind Master”, which has been broadcast on TV since 2011. The story revolves around a In the fictional eastern world, there are a group of “whirlwind ninjas” with unique skills, who have to face different villains or monsters to defend the world.

So far, the TV animation has produced eight seasons of content, and even a spin-off movie was released in 2017, and you can see how popular this animation is with children.

The Whirlwind Ninja series is to transform the characters that appeared on TV into dolls. In addition, the models also include various game scene groups, dragons, chariots, fighters, robots, mechs and other vehicles, which have high playability. sex. In addition, under this theme, there are also fighting top type toys that can be played. Click here to buy.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie: Collect action figures and their vehicles from the movie!

Mint just mentioned earlier, because TV animation is very popular, so in 2017 Lego launched another extension movie “Lego Ninjago Movie”, basically the product positioning is exactly the same as the former, the difference is that the movie plot is the TV version The “derivative version” of , the two sides are somewhat related, but not directly related in the story. Anyway… Anyway, it’s enough for your children to be able to tell the difference between the plots clearly. If you like it, click here to buy it.

DC Superheroes (LEGO DC Superheroes) / Marvel Superheroes (LEGO Marvel Superheroes)

In recent years, there have been a lot of superhero-themed movies, whether it’s Spider-Man or Batman you’re familiar with, or Wonder Woman or Justice League or Avengers or Iron Man or Captain America. Who is the character of which company? In short, Lego has launched a series of related products based on the movie trend a few years ago.

The most important feature of this series is that there are all kinds of character dolls, whether they are heroes or villains, all kinds of characters are transformed into colorful little dolls one by one, which makes the dolls very popular among players. Spend.

In addition, in terms of toy design, various vehicles from movies, animations or comics, or simple game scene groups are also produced. Click here to buy.

The Lego Batman Movie

I believe parents have noticed that around the Chinese New Year in 2017, there was a movie featuring a Lego figure version of Batman. One is “The Lego Movie” from a long time ago), which is a relaxed version of the Batman movie that was co-produced with Warner, which erased the dark elements of the Batman movie, and looked at Warner with a mocking tone. Recent superhero stories.

In fact, strictly speaking, this movie series seems to be designed for adults. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that there are many passages in this animation that are not suitable for children, not at all, the whole movie is definitely suitable for the whole family to watch. It’s just that compared to children, there are more “stalks” in it that can trigger the laughter of big friends, even big friends who really know Batman or superheroes.

But in the toy part, you don’t have to think too much, each one is very suitable for playing with children. The point of this series is that you can collect all kinds of colorful dolls and various colorful vehicles to buy.

LEGO Nexo Knights: Combine toys with mobile games!

In addition to the Whirlwind Ninja series seen earlier, another Lego is currently trying to break free from the frame, which is the “Future Knights” series you see here.

This series of stories is set in a high-tech world of mixed machinery, computer information, and medieval castles and knights. It tells the story of knights with powerful equipment who fight against evil black magicians who can summon monsters.

The features of this set of products, in addition to a variety of colorful knights or villains, there are also many interesting high-tech vehicles, and there are also battle game scene sets. More importantly, this series is in line with Lego in recent years. Combined with the mobile game developed by the company: “LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ Merlok 2.0”, as long as you scan the shield held by the physical toy, you can start a powerful battle in the game. Similarly, this series also has a corresponding TV animation to support the story behind it.

LEGO Friends series (LEGO Friends): Among your children, who is closer to the five protagonists?

The Good Friends series (click here to buy directly) is another product that Lego has been very committed to developing in recent years. The content presented in this product line is basically the same as the “City Series”, but with more detailed background stories and characters, and this series is designed for little girls.

Although the positioning is relatively close to the products for girls, it is not the traditional pink color or doll dress-up products. The Good Friends series can also use building blocks to form various game scene groups, vehicles, etc., so the product Relatively neutral. The building will also adopt a “doll’s house style” building, that is, the back is open, so that children can easily place the dolls in and play games.

It’s just that the dolls used in the Good Friends series are not ordinary dolls, but a kind of “Mini-Dolls” dolls that are a bit similar to dolls in shape.

Another feature of this product is that it has five protagonists with different personalities and interests. Natural exploration…five different characters, let children start to explore their own interests, and see which one of the five girls they are closer to.

Disney Princess series (LEGO Disney Princess): beautiful and beautiful Disney princesses come to the world of LEGO!

In recent years, LEGO and Disney have cooperated frequently, and they have begun to turn familiar characters into LEGO models, especially the well-known Disney princesses, who are transformed into LEGO dolls in the form of “Mini-Dolls”. Meet the players.

Basically, the feature of this series is that there are many Mini-dolls transformed from well-known princesses, including the popular Elsa who is still very strong, including the Little Mermaid, Cinderella…etc. Lots of pink. Models include boats or dollhouse-style castles. Basically, it is very suitable for children near kindergartens. If you are interested, you can click here to get a set for your children.

Of course, the product series under LEGO are too diverse, each series has different model characteristics, and the target customer groups are also different. If all of them are listed, then this article will explode. Just list some products that are most likely to appeal to your children.

As for others, it includes “Speed Champions” that transforms well-known real-world supercars into models according to the well-known computer game “Minecraft”, according to the well-known sci-fi movie “Star Wars”, etc., What are the characteristics of these products? It depends on the parents themselves to go to the toy store and look up the Internet, or read the unboxing articles on the Internet, or discuss it in the community.

So it’s still the same: every child has different preferences, and the easiest way is to take him to a toy store and make a fuss once, and you will probably know what he likes.

4. Do children prefer “cars” or “houses”? Choose from model types!

Every child has different interests and hobbies, and the types of games he likes to play are also different. Taking the mayor himself as a child, I really liked cars.

So maybe parents can also consider taking a look and observe what your younger brothers and sisters like to play? Does he like playing with cars? or airplane? Or does he like to pretend to be a housewife? Or a battle game scene group? Let the mayor take a look with you, what kinds of toys will Lego produce, so that you can choose to buy them for your children?

Buy “City Series”, “Speed Champions” or “Friends Series” if you like cars

As far as Lego products are concerned, the most important thing is the “car”. After all, what kid doesn’t love cars? If parents want to buy a car for their children to play with, you can choose the “City Series” with the most variety (click here to buy it), and turn the vehicles in your life experience into Lego. The types include “police car” and “fire truck” , “transport truck”, “racing car”, “monster truck”, “bus”, “camper van”…there are too many to list clearly!

In addition, you can also choose a product series called “Speed Champions” (click here). This series focuses on a variety of racing cars, and it is not an ordinary racing car, but cooperates with a world-renowned supercar brand The joint racing car! Including Ferrari, Porsche, or Mercedes, all are officially authorized racing cars!

There is another option, which is the “Good Friend Series” mentioned by the mayor earlier (click here to buy), there are also various means of transportation in it, but it should be noted that the design of the vehicles there is, It is more suitable for the Mini-Dolls of the Friends series.

For airplanes, you can find “City Series” and “Creative Series”

If your child likes airplanes, there are so many options to choose from! Civil aviation aircraft, transport aircraft, rescue helicopters, biplane propeller aircraft, jet aircraft… are also very common themes of LEGO! If children like to play with airplanes, then buy “City Series” (click here) or “Creative Series” (click here), these two series are the easiest to find!

Lego also has trains! And some can be remote controlled!

Of course, Lego also has a train model! And some of them can be remote controlled! Including general passenger trains, industrial transport trains, or traditional steam trains, you can also look for them. Trains are most likely to appear in the Urban Collection (this one is available) or the Creative Collection (this one is also available).

A playmate in the bath! A boat that can float on water!

Of course, Lego has also launched a variety of water vehicles, most of which are built with small parts, so there is no way to really float on the water, but there are also a few models that are really built with a one-piece hull .

It means that the boat you see here can really float on the water, and it floats full and stable! The mayor also liked to put the boat in a basin filled with water when he was a child, watching it float is very healing XD It is very suitable for playing together in the bath (but please pay attention to safety when playing in the swimming pool, sea water, or lakeside ).

The themes of this type of boats include coast rescue teams, fire boats, police patrol boats, rowing boats, etc., but parents should pay attention. When purchasing, please pay attention to whether there is a mark on the outer box that can really float “The English words are usually printed on the corner of the outer box. Don’t regret buying the wrong one when the ship sinks. Usually this kind of boat (that can really float) only appears in the “City Series”.

Battle robots are also very interesting! Please purchase “Ninja Ninja“, “Ninja Movie”, “Future Knight”

In recent years, Lego has developed a very diverse range of toys, not only building houses with building blocks and building vehicles, but you can also combine handsome fighting robots!

This kind of robot is a mecha that allows dolls to sit in it, and its arms and legs can be turned to pose a handsome fighting pose. Each mech may have knives, swords, and even ammunition parts that can actually eject. This kind of battle mech mainly appears in series such as “Ninja Ninja” and “Future Knight”. Parents can refer to it to develop the story with the plot of TV animation.

It is most suitable for playing house and drinking and designing stories with children! All kinds of dollhouses, just buy “City Series”, “Creative Series”, “Friends Series”

Of course, when it comes to Lego, we intuitively think that we can build a house, and this kind of house is also one of Lego’s biggest products. This kind of toy house adopts the so-called “doll’s house” design, that is, the back side can be vacant, so that it is convenient for children to put the dolls in. Some designs are more elaborate, and the house can even be closed like a box.


There are many themes of this kind of toy house, including “police station”, “fire station”, “restaurant” or “common residence”. This kind of house most often appears in the “City Series”, “Creative Series”, and “Good Friends Series”.

Super exciting and rich fighting game scenes! Purchase “Ninjago”, “Future Knights”, “Star Wars”

What I mentioned above is a house toy set that is more livelihood-friendly. Of course, this kind of very rich and exciting fighting game scene set is also launched! These battle scenes are usually designed with animations or movies, such as “Ninja Ninja”, “Ninja Movie”, “Star Wars”, and “Future Knights”.

The feature of this kind of product is that it comes with a lot of small dolls to increase the gameplay; there will also be many playable small mechanisms in the scene, such as trap doors, secret doors, hidden parking lots, hidden treasures, or forts that can be defended, etc. Really quite interesting. Another option suitable for children to develop their own stories.

All kinds of animals are also super colorful and super interesting! If you like building blocks and animals, buy the creative series!

Of course, Lego is definitely not just cars, houses, and robots. There are also models that can be assembled into an animal. The number of such animal models is a little less, but there are still, and the most important ones are in the “creative series”.

In fact, LEGO products are so diverse that it is really difficult to sort them out!

In fact, there are many types of products developed by LEGO, definitely not just the ones listed above. Parents can go to the toy store if they have nothing to do, or read the blog of the mayor of Peppermint Candy, or go to the same hobby The community participates in the discussion, and maybe you will find a product that unexpectedly suits your goose’s goose appetite!

5. Purchase a creative parts set, jump out of the frame of the instruction manual, and let your imagination run wild!

If the series listed above are too dazzling, and you are a little bit out of your mind now, so that you don’t know where to choose, then parents can also consider buying this kind of creative parts bucket. This is definitely a good choice for first-time LEGO kids, or kids who already have a little LEGO but want to have more parts to play with.

The characteristic of this kind of product is that there is no set theme, no long-winded words, it is purely a large number of building blocks full of various colors, and children can fight for a long time with a whole bucket of them home. Whether you want to build a castle, or share a car, or be an animal, or make any kind of everyday stuff, it doesn’t matter. It’s fun even if you hold it aimlessly in your hand and fight casually. The mayor put a small bucket next to the computer, which is very suitable for grabbing it and playing with it in his hand while watching a movie.

The feature of this series is a large number of colorful parts, not limited to a certain theme. Of course, different barrels may feature different themes. For example, a barrel with wheels is a suggestion for children to try “cars”, but of course it will not be completely limited.

The name of this creative component group is different every year. In 2017, it was called “LEGO Classic”, and in 2018, it was packaged as “Building Bigger Thinking”. But basically, as long as you see on the cover of the outer box, it is a pattern of a large number of Lego bricks scattered in a pile, which is a creative parts set.

6.the upper grades of primary school/adolescence? Try “mechanics”, “manipulable robots” and write computer programs!

Sensitive parents, maybe you have heard on the Internet or on TV that someone turned Lego into a robot that can be manipulated, or walking on the road, and suddenly saw which street has a Lego robot classroom? Can Lego turn into a robot?

Yes, this is a product that has been developed by the Lego toy company decades ago and is still popular today. It is the development of so-called “technical parts”, which can be combined into various models with another form of building blocks. . Basically, this series is aimed at children from the upper grades of elementary school to teenagers. The main reason is that many mechanical linkage designs have been added to these products, and the assembly process has become more complicated.

The first one to introduce to you is “LEGO Technic”, that is, as shown in the picture above, this series focuses on various means of transportation, and some of them also have electronic parts, so that LEGO model cars are not just model cars , but a remote control car that can actually be remotely controlled. Because the focus is no longer just to assemble a good-looking model, but also to emphasize the “mechanical principle” in the assembly design, so if your child is interested in this aspect, you can also buy it for him to play with.

As for the robot classrooms and robot competitions that we often hear, we use another series: MINDSTORM series products. Basically, this kind of product has surpassed toys and is widely used as “teaching materials”.

Because these Lego parts are very suitable for assembling various mechanical structures, whether it is the frame of the car, the appearance of the robot, or even a variety of gear parts, and most importantly, this set of products also comes with more advanced The electronic parts allow players to actually “write programs” to arrange tasks for your models. Whether it is a mechanical car, a robot or a mechanical pet, it is a test of children’s programming ability. And that’s the lesson you see being taught in the robotics classroom.

Speaking of programming, another thing that was vigorously promoted by Lego in 2017 is the LEGO BOOST series you see here. This is a product designed for children of a lower age group. It is basically the initial version of Mindstorm. Children can follow the instructions to assemble robots, or doraemons, or engineering vehicles, and then just download it on your tablet. With related software, you can input commands to remotely control these models to move.

Basically, this is also a set of products for children to learn to write programs, but the programs mentioned here are not like you used to sit in front of the computer and type a bunch of instructions, and finally compile and then debug, but similar to well-known programming languages Like the teaching software “Scratch”, use images to edit.

7. Ultimate Challenge: “Expert Level

Of course, players know that although Lego blocks are designed for children toy products, in recent years, more and more adult customers have also become fans of Lego blocks, so Lego will also launch this super giant every year. , Thousands of parts at every turn, it takes a lot of time to complete the ultra-delicate large model.

Including the “Street View” (officially known as a modular building), “Taj Mahal” or “London Bus” that you often hear.

These toy product series are collected under the “Creative Series”. The only difference from the creative series with three instruction manuals is that these products are labeled as “Expert Level”, and the applicable age group belongs to 16. age or above, because from the product design, these products are designed for adult players from the beginning, not children in primary and secondary schools.

Of course, if you think “Mayor, you are really naughty, why don’t I want children to play with this?”, if you are in a good mood today, or if you make a lot of money, you want to buy this super huge toy for children to play with , In fact, it is not impossible, nor will it be said that it is not suitable, but you may have to pay attention to a few key points:

Toys tend to be decorative models, and their playability and storytelling are not as high as other products; for example, streetscapes (modular buildings) are closed buildings, not dollhouse buildings. It will not be too convenient to play games inside.

Also because it is a decorative model, there will not be too many organs that can be played (unless you think that opening the hood and looking at the engine is also a kind of game).

It will take several hours or even days to complete. After all, it is a model with thousands of pieces. Even an adult like the mayor will have to spend one and a half days to complete it. It will take longer for children to play.

If your child’s concentration cannot last that long, he has a high chance of not wanting to fight halfway through the fight, and runs to the side to drive around, or simply do other things. Or after the fight, the probability of missing the spell will become very high, and it will take a long time to go back and find out which steps were not done correctly. So if you really want to let the children play, it is recommended to accompany the children by the side.

You will feel heartbroken when you see it: unless you are a very open-minded parent, you can tolerate the children throwing away parts, and you will pull out the model that has been assembled. It is very acceptable for him to hug the large model that has been assembled. Go play, for the above situations, you are a super OK parent, otherwise the mayor would not recommend you to buy these for them to play.

8. the final exhortation

The article has come to the end, and it is time to come to an end. Finally, the mayor would like to remind:

Choose building block products according to the individual situation of children

This article is just a “reference” and “suggestion”. Even the age on the outer box is just a “suggestion”. Basically, it depends on each child’s interests, preferences, abilities, and personality traits, so it is best to buy more Several different types of building block products to observe children’s play interest from the sidelines.

Maybe little boys also love the Friends series or Magic Elf series, and little girls like to fight with robots. It is also possible that your children can be super focused for up to 6 hours, and maybe they can finish the Disney castle by themselves.

Start with the small ones first, and observe the interests of the children: from the cheapest, the smallest box, about 500 or so, buy and try. Don’t take a 3,000-yuan tablet home, only to end up playing on the tablet within five minutes.

Sort the pieces before you start: Of course, there are some people who like to scatter all the pieces and find the pieces slowly, enjoying the feeling of leisurely building blocks. It’s just that sometimes, if you’re too eager to pour out the parts, you might find them tumbling under the chair and table without realizing it. It’s like trying to finish a 1,000-piece puzzle, only to find out where the damn last piece is.

Cultivate children’s good habit of putting away after playing: After playing with Lego bricks, no matter they are displayed on the cabinet or removed and put away, we must pay attention to them. Please let children develop a good habit of putting away. Because, you and I both know what it feels like when you walk barefoot and step on Lego.

There are many small parts of Lego bricks, which can easily be scattered everywhere, so please pay attention to the situation of children receiving toys. Or you’ll know what I mean when you walk out of the kitchen with hot soup in your hand, and you find a Lego car.


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