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Refreshing in the throat! 8 Craft Beers, 4 Selection Tips

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LYou can drink beer in summer, you can drink beer like this, if you want it to be refreshing, just enough ice. Or you can tell which wines are suitable for summer drinking or the right temperature. If you choose the wrong wine, you will feel off-flavored. No matter what you are thinking at the moment when you take a sip of beer, whether you want to drink it boldly or savor it carefully, just remember to choose a good glass. It seems that there is no reason to convince anyone which wine to drink. Here are a few craft beers that you can drink without too much pressure, which may be an unobjective recommendation that you can refer to.

Just to have a cool drink, you can get started like this

If you don’t usually drink it, but only drink it for occasional feelings, the following beers can be called the basic models. Suitable for drinking cold, the wine is thin and easy to drink, with a fruity aroma, and it is easy to buy. In addition to the big label Lager, this is a more interesting choice. Ask for a golden color or snow-white foam, which are enough to quench your thirst.

(Left) German wheat beer is light, moderately sweet, pale golden in color, with aromas of bananas and cloves, and full of rich bubbles. It is a basic wine that can cool off the heat. “Ainger Wheat Beer” is often mentioned. It has a champagne feel and long-lasting, with citric acid, which is very versatile with meals. (Right) Craft-grade handcrafted beer “Hitachino Owl Wheat Citrus” is also a low-bitter white beer. It uses a lot of wheat and adds more spices, and is very popular among women. It comes from an old Japanese brewery with more than 190 years of brewing experience. It has a distinct citrus flavor, refreshing and smooth, suitable for stress-free cold drinking.

Drink the beer with Wen Qing feeling that can show character

If you drink beer, you may learn to taste the bitterness of hops, fall in love with the solid taste of India Pale IPA (India Pale Ale), or you specialize in drinking full-bodied Belgian monastery beer, or maybe, you only like Drink creative winery star models. Follow the taste buds, it is the right wine.

(Left) Seattle brewery ELYSIAN is an independent and not kitsch beer. You must pick a few to try. If you are used to drinking light lagers, if you want to turn to craft beer, “ELYSIAN Avatar Jasmine IPA”, an American IPA, replaces part of the hops with jasmine. The bitterness is released bit by bit very slowly, and the acceptance is extremely high. (Right) Mikkeller, the legendary Danish winery, is worth a try for its bold and innovative wines. You can start with its dark IPA this summer. “Mikkeller Green Gold” shows the beauty of hops from its name to its body.

Beer also has master grade, not for toasting

The more you drink, you may find that you are either enjoying a bitter beer or an English stout, or stepping into the deep-bodied territory of a Stout, or even the sharp, old ale of a Lambic. Ale) is spicy enough to satisfy you. Maybe some non-traditionally defined summer wine, but who cares?

(Left) The British “Fuller’s ESB” is a bit more advanced bitter beer than the British Pale Ale. It does not mean that it is bitter, but that it has a strong malt flavor, heavy hops, and a thicker body. There is an explosion of cherry and citrus flavors, and then you will drink a mellow toffee flavor, which is a good taste after bitterness. (Right) The “Nøgne Ø Black Tokyo Horizon Empire” jointly produced by Norway’s Nøgne Ø, Mikkeller and BrewDog three major breweries is rich in raw materials, with a variety of malt, chocolate and nutty flavors, and a concentration of up to 16%. Stout, with Dessert was just right.

Understand its meaning, you can drink more meaning

For some beers, the uniqueness of its appearance, packaging or naming is better than its taste, and sometimes the long history and culture of the winery or the wonderful legendary fortune can be seen in the throat. In addition to aroma and taste, these styles are waiting for you to discover their more powerful meanings.

(Left) Beer Head’s Twenty-Four Seasons Beer. Both “Grain Rain” and “Lixia” are very popular. Grain Rain is added with locally grown oolong tea in Taiwan. The charcoal-roasted tea flavor, the sweetness of wheat and the aroma of Belgian yeast are very unique. (Right) The largest independent brewery in Scotland, 56 founded by two young people in their twenties, is wonderful in terms of novel taste, super high concentration, fundraising expansion and topical marketing. “Hop Shotgun” This DIPA has a grapefruit aroma, and it also gives the almost masochistic IBU up to 200 bitterness. The most punk brewery ever has a name that reminds you.

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