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Shopping guide | How to purchase mobile power

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LYesterday, we talked about the Mobile Power Cell | Difference between Polymer Lithium Battery and 18650 Lithium Battery. Today, we will continue to talk about how to purchase mobile power (rechargeable treasure).

DIY mobile power supply

First of all, let’s talk about DIY mobile power. There are many online tutorials, and the production difficulty factor is also low. However, it is not recommended to do so, because it is possible that your DIY is not a mobile power supply, but a dynamite bag. It is better not to do DIY. The quality control of DIY mobile power supply can not be guaranteed at all. The previous article has said that the mobile power supply cell is dangerous to explosion and combustion, and its own DIY has a great potential safety hazard. Similarly, do not buy mobile power through informal channels. It is too easy to counterfeit this device, and the cost is very low. A second-hand 18650 battery and a bag of sand may be your mobile power.

Regular manufacturers buy through regular channels

Mobile power supply is no technical content of the product, and the profit is very high, in this background all kinds of small factories and even workshops want to come in a share of the action.

Small brands do not choose again fancy, small brands are often OEM, quality control is difficult to say, the use of the risk is too big, hurt the phone is small, but in case of other accidents on the cup. Regular big factories have their own production lines, quality control is guaranteed, although it can not guarantee 100% safety, but even if there is an accident also find the back pot.


Generally speaking, the mobile power supply of the same brand using 18650 lithium battery as the inner core is cheaper than the polymer lithium battery, but the polymer lithium battery is often thinner than the mobile power supply of 18650 lithium battery due to its irregular form. So how much money you have in your pocket is really what determines which cell you choose.

In the mobile power batteries | polymer lithium battery and the difference of 18650 lithium batteries, have for mobile power batteries made a more detailed analysis.


At present, the mainstream of mobile power supply is 10,000mah. Although it is nominal 10,000mah, the power of mobile power supply involves the conversion rate. In other words, mobile power supply will have a certain loss when charging mobile phones. Generally, the 10000 MA mobile power supply can only output 7000 ~ 8000 MA. The new iPhone X is 2,700 mah, so you can charge it twice.

The larger the capacity, the heavier the mobile power supply. 10000 mah is generally 150 ~ 350 grams, 20000 mah is more than 400 grams. At present, the largest capacity mobile power supply is a box-storage mobile power supply released by Anker, with a capacity of 120,600 mah and a weight of up to 4.2kg.

Capacity considerations when choosing a mobile power supply. One is that the larger the capacity of the phone battery, the greater the capacity of the mobile power supply. The second is to consider their own use scenario, if the phone is difficult to charge for a few days, choose a larger capacity, if not, or choose a smaller capacity convenient to carry.


In addition to basic charging, mobile power supplies are often designed to have other functions. The following are several common functions.

Back clip battery

Mobile power supply similar to mobile phone case, can be directly on the mobile phone, without dragging the data line, weight and size compared to the general mobile power supply has certain advantages. However, there are few compatible mobile phone models. The current products are mainly designed for iPhone, and the choice of non-iphone is very narrow, or even there are no corresponding products.

Pay attention to the purchase, because the back clamp battery has size, thickness and different models, if you are not sure what size you need, be sure to consult the seller.

Double output

Two output ports for charging two devices simultaneously. Some dual outputs support different current sizes, such as 1A and 2A current.

Double input

Although all mobile power supplies are equipped with power cables, some mobile power supplies are equipped with 2 input ports, supporting Type-C and Mico USB input ports, so that no special data lines can be prepared for mobile power supplies.

Bring your own wire

Mobile power supply comes with a data cable, the phone can be plugged in to charge, no need to use another data cable. But be careful whether the cable is compatible with the device you are using. The interfaces of IOS devices and Android devices are different, namely Lightning input port and Type-C input port respectively.

No positive or negative USB output

The USB output port, which can be plugged in with your eyes closed, aims to make it easy to charge your device in the dark.

Charge as you go

The device can be charged from the mobile power supply at the same time, which replaces the function of the device charger. If you also support dual output, you can charge two devices at the same time.

Quick charge

It means that the device can be charged quickly. Two-way fast charge means that the charging time to the mobile power supply and the mobile power output time to the device are very fast. At present, it is difficult to say in general whether the fast charge has an impact on the battery of the device. Another day, we will discuss this issue specifically.

Digital display

The LED screen is installed on the mobile power supply, which can directly display the charging and residual power of the mobile power supply. But it has also raised the price of mobile power.


This “smart mobile power supply” has built-in Bluetooth, which allows you to check your battery level through your phone. It’s just another way of doing it digitally.


This is not to say, some people think chicken ribs, some people think it is necessary.

Power supply plug

Some mobile power supply comes with a power plug, go out without a charger, only need to take line and equipment, or very practical things.

Three proofing

Some mobile power supplies for outdoor sports provide waterproof, dust-proof and anti-shock functions.


Choose mobile power supply, often the shape of the decisive or quite large, all kinds of shapes and styles on the market, and do more and more exquisite. Just buy what you like, but whatever shape you choose, stick with the big brands. As for what mobile power is the real big name, the next article about mobile power station to elaborate.

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