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Soymilk Machine Selection Guide | From authenticity requirements, grinding, heating methods, to specific models

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LSpeaking of the soymilk maker, it is one of the artifacts that many people eat at home, so before buying it, think about whether you really need it, or think that there should be a soymilk maker at home on a whim. If you are not sure whether you need a soymilk maker, you can not buy it temporarily, and wait for half a month to see if your desire to buy a soymilk maker is still so strong. If yes, it is not too late to buy again.

| Soymilk machine cleaning

The main reason why the soymilk machine can become a magic weapon for eating gray is that the soymilk machine is too difficult for many people to wash. Although the soymilk machines on the market basically don’t stick to the bottom, they can stick to the head, which is the column and blade part connected to the cover. It’s hard to wash, it’s not light, and the cover isn’t waterproof. When cleaning, you need to hold the heavy machine head with one hand, and clean the column and blade with detergent with the other hand. It is very difficult to clean, and you have to worry about not letting water soak into the cover. When rinsing, while worrying that the detergent in the machine head is not rinsed clean, be careful not to flush the water onto the lid. It is better to clean the fuselage, but some parts are not waterproof.

Some soymilk machines that claim to be self-cleaning are not very clean, and often need to be cleaned by hand before being cleaned.

Of course, there is no way. The most convenient way to ensure that the soymilk machine is cleaned is to wash it while it is hot. At this time, since the soymilk sticking to the soymilk machine has not completely solidified, it is much more convenient to rinse, but still be careful not to let the non-waterproof part get water.

| try soymilk powder

If you simply like to drink soy milk, it is recommended to buy ready-made soy milk powder for brewing, which is much simpler. One is that the soybean powder polished by the manufacturer is much finer than that produced by ourselves, and the other is that the soybean milk powder has been processed so that the taste is better than that produced by pure soybean grinding. As for soymilk powder, I recommend Longwang brand , it tastes more delicate and mellow, better than Weiwei and Yonghe Dawang. Strong flavor and saccharine taste.

| Grinding method of soybean milk machine

If you still feel the need to add a soymilk machine, then read on. In recent years, the development of soymilk machines has been relatively rapid, and the iterations have been rapid. Great progress has been made in the heating method, grinding technology, and cup material.

Let me talk about the grinding method first. The grinding method is directly related to the fineness of soy milk, that is, the taste. At present, there are two main grinding methods of soybean milk machine: grinding with net and grinding without net.

Mesh grinding means that there is a stainless steel grain refiner with holes outside the cutter head. When grinding, the beans will be sucked into the grain refiner and ground in a small and relatively closed space (grain refiner), thereby improving The fineness of grinding. The advantage is that the soy milk has a delicate taste and less bean dregs, and it is not easy to hurt your hands because it cannot touch the knife head. The disadvantage is that the price is more expensive, basically starting at 400 yuan, it is inconvenient to clean, and it is easy to have dead ends.

Soybean milk machine cutter head

Soybean milk machine cutter head

Netless grinding is the grinding method used by most soymilk machines. There is no grain grinder on the cutter head, and the grinding effect is mainly achieved by the sharpness and speed of the cutter head. Generally, the price is low, it is easy to clean, and it is not easy to leave dead ends, but it is easy to hurt hands when cleaning, the life of the cutter head is short, and there are more bean dregs.

Soybean milk machine cutter head

Soybean milk machine cutter head

| Soymilk machine heating method

Let me talk about the heating method of the soybean milk machine. Generally speaking, different heating methods have little effect on the quality of soybean milk.

Chassis heating, also known as hidden heating, conforms to the principle of heat convection, and the heating is more uniform. The chassis heating machine is generally a double-layer cup body. After the chassis is heated, the heat is evenly exported through the double-layer stainless steel compartment. The whole cup body heats the soy milk, and the soy milk is more fragrant. Most of the soymilk makers on the market use chassis heating. The price is cheaper and the heating speed is fast, but it is easy to stick to the bottom.

Three-dimensional surround heating, this heating method is similar to chassis heating, except that three-dimensional heating adds a circle of heating wires on the wall of the cup to make the heating more uniform, while chassis heating directly attaches the heating plate to the bottom. This heating method is more of a gimmick. It is common in high-end soybean milk machines. It is not cost-effective, and the advantage is that it is not easy to stick to the bottom.

Heating tube heating, this heating method refers to the use of an external visible heating tube for heating. It is relatively rare in the market now, and it is basically used in low-end soybean milk machines. The disadvantage is that the heating tube is easily damaged, and it is not safe, the heating is uneven, and it is not easy to clean, so it is not recommended to buy.

| Soymilk cup material

Let’s talk about the cup body material of the soybean milk machine. Generally speaking, there are two main types of cup body materials: 304 stainless steel and food-grade plastic. In terms of safety, the two are equivalent, but the plastic material is not easy to clean, and the cup wall is easy to stain. At present, there are very few plastic soybean milk makers on the market, and they are all relatively low-end models with few functions, so it is not recommended to buy them. There are many advantages of 304 stainless steel, needless to say, such as easy to clean, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, good heat preservation effect and so on. It should be noted that although it is 304 stainless steel, it does not mean that it will never rust, but it is relatively not easy to rust, and the cup body needs to be kept dry after cleaning.

| Soymilk machine capacity

Finally, let’s talk about the capacity of the soybean milk machine. The capacity of the soybean milk machine currently on the market is generally divided into the following categories:

3 people and below (0.8L-1.1L): If you live alone or a family of two, it is recommended to choose a soybean milk machine with this capacity. According to experience, put about 1L of water every morning, and the soy milk made can be poured into two bowls, and there will be a little more.

4-5 people (1.2L-1.3L): Soymilk machines with this capacity are more suitable for multi-person families, and there are more models to choose from. But there is one thing to remind everyone that the storage time of freshly squeezed soy milk is relatively short. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days, and at room temperature for up to half a day. Therefore, if you are hesitant to buy a soybean milk machine with a smaller capacity or a larger one, it is recommended that you choose a smaller capacity one. On the one hand, it is easy to cause waste. On the other hand, soybean milk stored for a long time is already unhygienic and will affect your health. .

More than 5 people (1.4L and above): The larger the capacity, the greater the impact on power consumption, cleaning, and storage space. Therefore, unless you have commercial purposes or special needs, it is not recommended to choose a large-capacity soybean milk machine.

| Summarize

Soymilk machines are not high-end equipment, and the technical difference is not too big, so you can choose a first-line brand for the brand. The following recommended models are all soymilk makers with good reputation and large sales.

If it is cheaper, you can choose the Midea DE12G13 soybean milk machine , the price is 209 yuan.

For the mid-range, choose Joyoung DJ13E-Q3 Soymilk Maker (to buy), the price is 699 yuan. Or choose the cheaper Joyoung DJ13B-C660SG soybean milk machine (to buy), the price is 399 yuan, which is very cost-effective.

For the high-end, you can choose the Joyoung DJ13E-Q8 Soymilk Maker (go to buy it), which is very rich in functions, but the price is not cheap, nearly 1,000 yuan.

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