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Spectacle frame purchase guide | Spend 10 minutes to learn to choose the appropriate spectacle frame from the style, material and face shape

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LThere are many shapes and designs in glasses, and the suitable glasses are different according to the contour and type of the face. Today we will talk about the frame styles and materials of glasses, and you will be able to get some basic knowledge of glasses frames, so please use this to choose the glasses that suit you.

| What are the styles of glasses frames?

There are many different styles of frames for glasses, and people’s impression of appearance will change according to the different styles of frames. People who have been unable to find glasses that suit their face shape or are buying glasses for the first time can learn about the differences and characteristics of frame types.

Square frame, square is a square frame, which is the basic sales model of every eyewear company, because it has a wide horizontal surface and a short vertical surface, so it has the effect of tightening the face, and it gives people a sense of wisdom when worn.

Square frame

Square frame

The oval frame refers to the oval-shaped spectacle frame. The sleek lines give people a gentle image, which is especially popular among women. Its simple and generous features are easy to match with any face shape, so it doesn’t matter what age it is, or it’s the first time to wear it. People with glasses are very suitable.

Ova frame

Ova frame

Round frame, round frame has become popular again recently because it gives a soft impression. It is also known as Lloyd’s frame, because the famous American comedian Harold Lloyd (Harold Lloyd) also used this kind of frame.

This frame can be easily matched with hairstyles and clothes, and it is also the frame worn by the famous British singer John Lennon.

Round frame

Round frame

The half frame frame, the part around the lens is called the frame edge, and the half frame type is that the upper part of the lens is covered by the frame. Since the frame does not affect the shape of the face, it gives a natural impression. The other part of the frame is supported by a wire similar to fishing line, and now there are other types of wire, such as fiber, metal, etc. The half frame gives the impression of natural intelligence, because it does not need to follow the hairstyle or fashion. choice, so it works for most people.

Half frame

Half  frame

Octagonal spectacle frames, after Wellington frames and round frames, there is a sudden upsurge of octagonal spectacle frames in the fashion circle. The polygonal shape makes the spectacle frames more prominent, and the octagonal spectacle gives people the impression of wisdom in a classical atmosphere. It is a frame that is very useful for matching face shapes, hairstyles, clothing and other shapes.

Octagonal eyeglass frame

Octagonal eyeglass frame

Rimless glasses are glasses that do not have a frame around the lens. Since there is no frame, the impact on the appearance is not great. Therefore, it is easy for people who don’t like wearing glasses or wear glasses for the first time. Rimless glasses can give a natural and elegant image.

Frameless glasses

Frameless glasses

The aviator frame is a frame specially designed for pilots during World War II. The original intention of this type of frame design is to cover most of the face to resist the damage caused by sunlight to the eyes. But now, because of the styling of the movie, it has become popular. Aviator frames frame the face for a slightly masculine look, perfect for those with oval or elongated faces, or to shorten the face slightly.

Pilot frame

Pilot frame

The Traveler Frame, designed by Ray-Ban in 1956, was the first trapezoidal frame. Due to changes in aesthetics in different ages, the design of the trapezoidal frame has also been changing, and now it has become a slightly rectangular trapezoid. Traveler frames are suitable for people with rounder faces. Many celebrities like to wear this type of sunglasses, which is currently the most fashionable frame.

Traveler frame

Traveler frame

Wellington mirror frame is an inverted trapezoidal frame with a nearly square shape. The frame that is more popular with the elderly gives people a stable impression, but it is also quite popular with young trendy groups. The width is wide and the corners are slightly rounded.

Wellington frames are also very famous among foreign celebrities. It does not need to match any face shape, it is suitable for any generation of fashion, and it is a trend-setting frame.

Wellington frame

Wellington frame

The Boston mirror frame is an inverted triangle frame that is close to a circle, which was popularized by the Ivy School for its smart impression. In Boston, USA, anything with this name is popular. In recent years, Ray-Ban has also become very popular in sunglasses, which is a simpler and easier frame for anyone to match.

Boston frame

Boston frame

| What are the materials of glasses frames?

In addition to the increase in the choice of lenses for glasses, there are also a variety of frame materials, and the strength and performance of the frame will also change with the use of different materials. Next, it will take you to master the characteristics of the material, and use it as an indicator for choosing glasses that suit you.

The plastic frame is the representative material of the frame, the plastic frame is the basic material and suitable for any style. Frame materials vary according to each brand manufacturer, such as highly non-flammable cellulose acetate and TR series materials, both of which are known for their shape memory and flexibility.

Sheet plastic frame is very similar to plastic, it does not irritate the skin, is durable and tough, has a good texture and has many color changes. It is mostly used in brand glasses and is suitable for users who emphasize personal taste.

TR plastic frame is also called superelastic memory resin. It is a frame that can return to its original shape after being bent. It is light in weight and comfortable to wear. It is suitable for users who often impact violent sports, such as playing sports.

Metal glasses frame, the wearer can give the impression of being good at thinking by using the metal frame material. Lightweight pure titanium, titanium alloys or alloys with high shape memory, etc., are many light-weight and high-strength materials. On the metal material, because it is often used as a famous brand design frame, it can be used to emphasize self-style.

Composite spectacle frames are frames that are primarily made of a combination of plastic and metal. There are plastic temples with metal frames or metal temples with plastic frames. The price and performance depend on the matching materials.

Portfolio frames are suitable for those who want to give the image of the face their own style. Because of the use of plastic frames, it is usually very light, but it is also mixed with metal, so it is also a frame material with a certain strength.

glasses frames

glasses frames

| How to choose glasses frame according to face shape?

It is very important to choose the right glasses according to your face shape. By choosing glasses that match the contours of your face, you can modify your face shape and add points to your image. Let’s take a look at how to choose the glasses frame that suits your face shape.

People with egg-shaped faces are suitable for almost all types of glasses frames except for rectangular and rectangular glasses.

People with round faces should not choose a round frame, because the face will appear rounder. Square glasses can modify a round face and make the round face less obvious, so the recommended glasses for people with round faces are square frames.

Oval and aviator-shaped glasses are recommended for elongated faces, which can modify the length of the face. On the other hand, avoid square frames because the short vertical width will emphasize the length of the face.

Oval and round glasses are best for people with square faces. A round eyeglass frame modifies the angular silhouette for a softer look. It is a good idea to choose wider vertical and horizontal types of oval frames. On the contrary, you should try to avoid using square frames, which will emphasize the outline of a square face more.

People with inverted triangle faces wear oval glasses. The rounded frame lends a gentle look to sharp faces. On the other hand, try to avoid square-shaped glasses, because a frame with a wider vertical width will emphasize the sharpness of the chin on an inverted triangle face.

| Some Other Factors Influencing Frame Selection

choose according to hairstyle

It is also important to choose glasses that match your hair style. When your hairstyle changes, the glasses that match your hairstyle will also change accordingly. If you plan to change your hairstyle, you should choose new glasses by imagining what your hairstyle will look like in the future.

Choose glasses frames according to the shape of your nose

When choosing glasses, it is very important to choose according to the height of your nose. If you use glasses that are not suitable for the height of your nose bridge, the position of the glasses is easy to shift, and you may easily feel pressure or fatigue after wearing glasses to see things. Therefore, when choosing glasses, the frame style design is very important, but we must also choose the shape that suits our nose.

How to choose nose pads/nose mop for glasses

Some glasses have nose pads (or nose pads) and some don’t, but Asians’ noses are usually not as straight as Westerners’, so it is very important to have nose pads. If you choose glasses with a wider nose distance, because the nose If it is not tall enough, it will be more difficult for the glasses to stay on the nose obediently. At this time, a nose pad design is required.

There are two types of nose pads/rests, one is movable and can be fine-tuned, and the other is fixed. Those with a flat nose bridge can choose the movable type, that is, to buy additional movable nose pads on top of the original nose pads to increase the height. Choose the nose pads that suit the height of your nose bridge, and the glasses will be more comfortable to wear.

Anti-blue light

If you are a person who uses a computer for a long time, it is suitable to choose anti-blue light glasses. Just replacing ordinary glasses with anti-blue light lenses can help us improve work efficiency.

Anti-blue light glasses can block the blue light emitted from the personal computer to reduce the impact of flickering and glare effects on the eyes. The eyes will be less prone to fatigue and the chance of macular degeneration will be reduced.

Many manufacturers sell blue light glasses in various shapes, and the prices are relatively cheap. By reducing eye strain, it also prevents headaches and stiff shoulders. This has the same effect when using a smartphone or tablet.

| How to clean glasses

To clean your glasses, spray a special eyeglass cleaner on the eyeglass lenses, then gently wipe off the dirt. Wipe from the center to the outside. After you’ve wiped down the lenses and frames, wipe down the curved temples last, as these will touch the ears, so wipe them clean as well. Do not wipe the glasses lens in a dry state, the lens may be scratched.

glasses frames

glasses frames

| storage of glasses

When not in use, the glasses must be placed in the glasses case. If you put it directly in the bag instead of the glasses case, the lens may be scratched frequently or the frame may be crushed or deformed, so you must remember to put it in the glasses case.

If you want to have your own style, there are now a wide variety of cases/pouches to choose from as well.

There are many types of glasses cases, such as foldable glasses cases, metal cases, leather cases, plastic cases and so on. The exterior design has many styles, and the flannelette lining can protect the glasses from wear and tear.

Glasses bags are made of cloth or leather, and the inner fabric is similar to the glasses case, mostly flannelette, which is also used to protect the lenses from abrasion, but because it is made of fabric, be careful that the glasses may be crushed.

In addition to storing glasses, the glasses bag can also hold mobile phones, or other small things that are easy to be worn out. Because of the variety of uses, you can also consider buying it.

| Glasses are sent for repair

When the glasses have problems such as frame breakage, loose screws, or lens falling off, the glasses need to be sent for repair. Usually it is sent directly to the eyeglass store or eyeglass repair center to be repaired.

If the glasses are still within the warranty period, it is recommended to take the original glasses back to the store for repairs first. According to the warranty content, repairs can usually be made free of charge.

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