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Sunglasses Buying Guide | Starting from basic knowledge, let you learn to choose sunglasses from zero foundation

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LSunglasses, also known as “sunglasses”, have many uses. Protecting the eyes from ultraviolet rays was the earliest use, but now they are more often used as fashion styles. This article will introduce the basic knowledge of choosing sunglasses, so as to master and confirm the frame type and lens type of sunglasses.

STEP 01 Sunglass frame and lens

sunglasses frame

Sunglasses come in a variety of different frames, and people’s impression of appearance will change depending on the frame. To know the basic knowledge of sunglasses, we must first understand the frame styles of sunglasses.

oval frame sunglasses

Oval frame is very popular among young people and designers, easy to use, oval frame refers to the oval shape of the sunglass frame, which is one of the classic types of sunglasses choices, easy to match with any hairstyle and style. Men tend to use narrower frames, while women tend to use thicker frames and larger lenses. Many international celebrities are also very fond of using it.

round frame sunglasses

The round frame gives a soft impression. It’s easy to see if it goes with your look, and it’s also important when it comes to matching hair and styling. It is also known as the Lloyd frame, because the famous American comedian Harold. Lloyd is also using this frame. Before the sophisticated technology of cutting lenses, most of them used this kind of frame.

square frame sunglasses

Square is a square-shaped mirror frame with many colors and designs. Because it has a wide horizontal surface and a short vertical surface, it has the effect of tightening the face and gives people a sense of wisdom when worn. This is the basic sale item for every sunglass company.

aviator frame sunglasses

The aviator frame is a World War II frame specially designed for pilots. The original intention of this type of frame design is to cover most of the face to resist the damage caused by sunlight to the eyes. But now, because of the styling of the movie, it has become popular. Aviator frames accentuate the face and give it a slightly masculine look, so this is a popular style among men.

sporty frame sunglasses

Most sports sunglasses are made in one piece, giving a stylish and sporty image. Because there is no frame, the appearance is very simple. It looks futuristic and looks great with trendy outfits too.

Because it is different from the general selection of sunglasses, people who like to collect sunglasses usually have a pair of sports frames.

cat eye frame sunglasses

The characteristic of the cat glasses frame is that the two sides of the upper end of the frame are slightly raised, just like a cat’s eyes. It will never go out of fashion among women, and many internationally renowned actresses or models love to use it. There is a strong nostalgic style, but without losing the sense of fashion. It can modify the face shape, suitable for round faces, even for square faces.

octagon frame sunglasses

Octagonal sunglasses are, as the name suggests, octagonal. This is a look that creates a classic vibe in retro, and while it looks sharp and unique, it unexpectedly matches any style. Because of the large lens area, it can make the face appear smaller, and it is recommended for popular sunglasses that girls will like to wear.

Material of sunglasses frame

Sunglasses recommended frames are made of various materials, and the appearance of sunglasses changes with the use of materials. Let’s master the characteristics of the material and choose the sunglasses that suit you.

plastic frame sunglasses

Plastic frame material is used in many sunglasses. It is a typical material recommended for sunglasses. Among them are cellulose acetate, which is mass-produced by injection molding and has good fire resistance, celluloid, which is durable and shiny and colorful, Optyl, a special lightweight material, and Nylon, which is highly flexible. Sunglasses made of different materials of the plastic frame will produce different images, which can match any style.

Sheet plastic frame is very similar to plastic, it does not irritate the skin, is durable and tough, has a good texture, and has many color changes. It is mostly used in brand sunglasses and is suitable for users who emphasize personal taste.

TR plastic frame is also called super elastic memory resin, it can return to the original frame after being bent, it is very light in weight and comfortable to wear, this kind of sunglasses is recommended for users who are prone to impact and strenuous exercise, such as playing sports and other sports.

metal frame sunglasses

Metallic sunglasses give a stylish and cool look. The material includes high-strength nickel alloy and titanium with excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Metallic sunglasses can be worn with a beautiful style or a formal dress.

Sunglass frames made of high-grade materials

Some of the sunglasses are made of high-quality materials as well as rubber and metal, 18K gold, tortoiseshell, horn, high-grade wood. Every advanced material is rare and expensive. Therefore, it is often used as a material for luxury brand sunglasses.

sunglasses lens

Sunglasses also have many types of lenses, each with different functions, so you can refer to the lens function as one of the main points of sunglasses selection. The functions of the lenses are described below.

Polarized sunglasses

Polarized lenses filter the reflected light from water or sunlight hitting the road. The light reflected by the horizontal vibration of the light hitting the object is polarized light, which will affect the line of sight. The horizontally reflected light can be completely filtered and cleared through the polarizing filter, allowing clear color light to pass through. With this kind of polarized sunglasses, it can reduce the glare from all directions, protect your eyes, and the polarized sunglasses lens can enhance the effect of the sunglasses.

prescription sunglasses

If you usually need regular glasses with prescriptions, you can also buy prescription sunglasses. The most troublesome thing about glasses is that when you change sunglasses, you can’t see the front line of sight clearly.

At present, there are many sunglasses on the market that can be replaced with optical lenses. Even branded sunglasses can also be customized, so you don’t need to change glasses frequently. But some sunglasses still have power restrictions, so please choose carefully.

Sunglasses with clear tinted lenses

Transparent lenses, as the name suggests, are transparent. Although they are sunglasses, since they are not tinted lenses, you may feel that they do not block too much light, or that the light outside is very bright. In fact, transparent lenses can reduce ultraviolet rays, but will not change the color tone, so you can still see the usual colors.

Although it can’t block too much brightness, it works well in places where the light is not strong, so it won’t feel dim.

In addition, it can also be used as a styling accessory. The transparent lenses of some sunglasses are dyed with colors, which have different uses according to different colors, and have different styling effects when worn.

Sunglasses with coated lenses

Coated lenses are lenses with a reflective coating, especially used in places with strong sunlight, such as snow and beaches. It is a very common accessory among athletes. It is difficult to see the eyes from the outside, so it has the effect of making it difficult for the other party to guess your mind. There are three kinds of coated lenses: mercury, color silver and multi-layer coating.

Sunglasses with photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses will cause the lens to change color from light to dark according to the intensity of ultraviolet rays. When the ultraviolet rays are strong, the color will become darker, and when the ultraviolet rays are weak or when you return to the room, the color will become lighter. Consider using it if you don’t want to change your glasses frequently.

Now some sports sunglasses also have this function. With the intensity of light, the color of the lens will become darker or lighter.

STEP 02 Choose sunglasses according to face shape, brand and purpose

When choosing sunglasses, it is very important to choose a brand that suits your face shape, so you must understand the characteristics of each brand for your face shape. Of course, the purpose of use should also be taken into consideration. The following will introduce each point of choosing sunglasses one by one.

Choose Sunglasses Frames That Fit Your Face Shape

Since sunglasses are also glasses, it is also important to choose the right sunglasses according to your face shape. By choosing sunglasses that match your face shape, you can modify your face shape and add points to your image. Let’s take a look at how to choose the sunglasses frame that suits your face shape.

Recommended sunglasses for egg-shaped faces

People with egg-shaped faces are suitable for almost all types of sunglasses frames, but they should avoid choosing rectangular or rectangular sunglasses, so as not to make the face look too long.

Recommended sunglasses for round faces

People with round faces should not choose a round frame, because the round frame will make the round face look rounder. Square or cat-eye sunglasses can flatter a round face, making it less noticeable and appear slimmer.

square sunglasses

Because of its angular shape, square sunglasses are suitable for round faces. To avoid making round faces more round, it is recommended to wear sunglasses suitable for round faces.

cat eye sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses have obvious shape design because of their slightly raised ends, so that the image will not focus on the round face shape, so it is recommended to wear sunglasses suitable for round faces.

Recommended sunglasses for long faces

Oval and aviator-shaped sunglasses are recommended for long faces, which can be used to modify long faces. On the other hand, avoid square frames, as the short vertical width will emphasize the length of the face.

Aviator glasses, because they cover most of the face, make a long face appear smaller and shorter. Oval sunglasses, because of their oval shape, are curved to fit the shape of the face, and can modify the edges and corners of a long face.

Recommended sunglasses for square faces

Sunglasses with oval, round, or cat-eye frames are recommended for people with square faces.

A round frame can modify the angular outline and make it more gentle, so wearing round-frame glasses for a square face can soften the contours of the face.

Oval glasses are slightly rounded, though long in horizontal plane, so they can sharpen a square face, and choosing wider oval frames is a good idea.

Cat-shaped sunglasses, with its rounded shape, can flatter square faces, and are loved by celebrities for their special shape. Like the cat’s eye of the princess style, it is famous for being worn by the British princess.

Conversely, square frames should be avoided as much as possible, as they will emphasize the square silhouette more.

Recommended sunglasses for triangular faces

Oval sunglasses are recommended for those with inverted triangle faces. Rounded frames can give a sharp face a gentle look. A large frame can have the effect of showing a small face.

On the other hand, try to avoid square sunglasses, a frame with a wider vertical width will emphasize the sharpness of the chin even more.

Choose by Sunglasses Brand

There are also many manufacturers and brands of sunglasses. Some brands specialize in the development and sales of glasses-related products, while others are accessories launched by fashion brands. Both have great designs, just choose your favorite brand of sunglasses.

Men’s Popular Sunglasses Brand Recommendation

Ray-Ban is a popular brand of men’s sunglasses, Ray-Ban is popular because it originally made sunglasses for the Air Force. Now everyone also thinks that Ray-Ban is almost synonymous with sunglasses, and the actual sales results and popularity are also true.

In addition, the sunglasses sold by Oakley as a sportswear supplier are also very popular. Oakley’s development philosophy places great emphasis on “how to protect your eyes in any situation”, so functionality and design are of high quality. It is also well-received among top athletes and is a practical brand of sunglasses in various situations.

Ray-Ban Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is a popular brand for men and loved by the world’s celebrities. Founded in 1937, it was originally made of sunglasses for the Air Force, and later became popular for filming. In order to maintain the concept of protecting eyes under any circumstances, the quality of function and design is maintained at a certain high level. Also, it works well in any situation and also because it has so many variations, you can find a type that suits you.

Its classic styles are Wayfarer and Aviator. Its unique design and 100% UV protection are loved by American celebrities.

Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in California, USA. The main products are various types of functional glasses. Oakley’s products have undergone advanced technological experiments and tests to ensure the quality and comfort of the products. Its sunglasses are suitable for various sports situations, such as skiing, golf, cycling, etc., and are used by many of the world’s top and well-known athletes.

Oakley’s OTD EDGE series has no degree limit, even if your degree exceeds the scope of glasses, it can be used, because Oakley increases the degree range to +4.00~-6.00, which can expand peripheral vision. Because it is used for sports, its sunglasses can definitely withstand high-speed and severe impacts.

Girls fashion sunglasses brand recommendation

Gucci and Chanel are popular sunglasses brands that are very popular among girls.

Chanel is a luxury fashion brand with many sunglasses, especially the large frame sunglasses are very popular with women. Other types of frames also have different designs. It is a fashionable brand of sunglasses. It not only has many fashionable designs, but also has a high level of quality. Other sunglass brands such as Coach and Chloe are also popular.

Gucci sunglasses

Gucci is a fashion brand, so the design of its sunglasses reveals a sense of flashy luxury, but with the fashion of clothing, there will be different popular themes every season.

Chanel Sunglasses

Chanel is also one of the fashion brands. Like Gucci, it also has different characteristics of sunglasses frames every season.

Choose sunglasses by purpose

There are many types of sunglasses, so use different sunglasses according to the purpose. Here, how to choose sunglasses for different purposes will be explained.

Fashionable Sunglasses

If you wear sunglasses for fashion purposes, it is recommended to use sunglasses from fashion brands. Sunglasses are designed to be stylish as opposed to functional and to complement any fashion look.

Although it does not emphasize functionality as much as sports brands, in urban cities, stylishly designed sunglasses can better meet the needs of general styling.

Outdoor Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses can be worn outdoors. In the current environment, as long as there is sunlight, there will be reflected light, such as glass windows of buildings, roads, water surfaces, etc. Depending on where you go outdoors, you may need to be exposed to the sun for a long time, which is a lot of pressure on the eyes. In ordinary sunglasses, some have no anti-reflective glare effect, so it is better to wear sports brand sunglasses. Like when climbing, choose sunglasses that can reduce ultraviolet rays, which can effectively protect and cover the eyes.

Usually wearing sunglasses outdoors can not only protect the eyes, but if you choose to match your own style of sunglasses, you will have a sense of fashion.

Sports Sunglasses

It is recommended to choose a sports brand for sunglasses worn during sports. Sports brand sunglasses are functional and adaptable, can effectively block ultraviolet rays and sunlight, and will not fall off even during strenuous exercise. There are many stylish styles that can also be used for everyday use, so it is also possible to use this type of sunglasses as a dual purpose fashion style and sports.

Different sports sunglasses should be worn according to different sports, such as mountaineering and skiing, because the sun rays are strong and the reflected light is strong on the snowy mountains, so sunglasses with strong anti-ultraviolet rays and glare are required, especially those that can cover the entire eye optimal.

children’s sunglasses

Like adults, there are many types of sunglasses for children.

For children who often play outside, there are many types of lenses such as UV protection and sports. The younger the child, the lower the resistance of the eyes to ultraviolet rays. For children under the age of 15, the penetration of ultraviolet rays into the eyes is higher than 50%. If the eyes are not protected, the probability of cataracts or macular degeneration will increase when they grow up. increase, so the younger the child, the more attention should be paid to eye protection. In addition, sunglasses can also be used as fashion styling for children. Many sunglasses have rich color changes, and it is no exaggeration to say that they are one of the accessories for children’s styling.

STEP 03 Sunglasses cleaning, maintenance and storage

In order to use sunglasses for a long time, daily maintenance is essential. Sunglasses are just like regular eyeglasses, they must be kept carefully to keep them clean when in use. Here’s how to care for your sunglasses and clean your supplies.

How to clean sunglasses?

If there is dust on the lens, wiping it directly with a sunglasses cloth will cause more scratches. Proper use of neutral cleaners can keep the vision clear and prolong the life of the lens!

sunglasses cleaning fluid

When cleaning sunglasses, please use a special cleaning solution for sunglasses. Put the water into the washbasin first, and then put the sunglasses in it, so that the larger dirt can be washed away. Please do not wipe the lens in water. Then clean it with a special cleaning solution. Please do not use soap or washing powder, because this will damage the glasses, be sure to use a special cleaning solution. After cleaning, rinse with clean water to avoid residual air bubbles, and finally remove the water with a clean cloth.

anti fog sunglasses

As long as you use a special cleaning solution for sunglasses on the lens, the lens will not fog up within a certain period of time. Since it has not been used for a period of time, dust may adhere to the lens, and it is appropriate to use it after cleaning. So try to use a cleaning solution for sunglasses as much as possible.

Lens wiper

Lens cleaning fluid is an indispensable product for sunglasses maintenance. Because the lens coating is so delicate, sunglasses need to be wiped with a special lens cleaner.

Use a case when storing your sunglasses

In addition to glasses manufacturers producing glasses cases, many fashion brands also produce glasses cases for various types of sunglasses and sunglasses. Generally, you can use the glasses case that comes with the purchase of sunglasses. But if you want to have your own style, there are now many kinds of glasses cases and glasses bags to choose from. If you often put your sunglasses in your bag, you can choose a pressure-resistant hard glasses case.

sunglasses case

There are many types of sunglasses cases, such as foldable sunglasses cases, metal cases, leather cases, plastic cases and so on. The exterior is designed in a variety of styles, while the fleece interior protects the sunglasses from scuffing.

sunglasses bag

Sunglasses bags are made of cloth and leather, and the inner fabric is mostly flannel similar to the sunglass case, which is also to protect the lenses from being worn out. But because it is fabric, be careful that the sunglasses are in danger of being crushed. But in addition to placing sunglasses, you can also place mobile phones, or other small things that are easy to be worn, because it has many uses, so you can consider buying it.

Repair sunglasses or replace lenses

When the sunglasses need to be replaced or repaired, the sunglasses will be taken to the optical shop or famous brand store where they were purchased for maintenance. Generally, parts can be replaced or repaired immediately in the eyewear industry, not limited to the brand.

But if you buy brand-name sunglasses, unless you go to the brand-name store where you bought them, there are no parts that can replace them for you immediately, so you should pay special attention to the way you repair brand-name sunglasses.

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