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Tampon Getting Started Guide | From scratch, teach you how to use tampons

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LWe found that many people are eager to try tampons, and some mothers want to help their daughters to ask whether they can start using tampons after menstrual cramps, but they are worried that they will damage the hymen of their daughters. Use this article to learn about your own body !

Menstrual cramps, should I use tampons or tampons? In China, most women are still used to using tampons, but more and more people are eager to try tampons. I heard tampon lovers say: “Once you use tampons, you can’t go back to tampons.” I can’t go back, it really makes people feel very excited!

But from a practical point of view, everyone’s body (actually, the vagina) is different, and whether to use tampons, of course, also depends on each person’s situation. If you have abdominal pain or even cramps when your period strikes, using tampons may make you more tense and unable to relax! But for the average person, there are advantages and disadvantages to using tampons. A small tampon can help us have a more refreshing and happy menstrual period. Why not do it?

If you still have some doubts about tampons, don’t rush to reject tampons, let us help you break the following five myths, and tell you the teaching guide of “Getting started with tampons for the first time” !

Myth #1: What if the tampon goes missing?

First of all, the tampon will have a cotton thread that can pull out the congested tampon, so that the user can easily pull out the tampon, so the tampon will not disappear. In addition, some people may worry that after using a tampon, if the thread of the tampon breaks, will it be impossible to take it out? Will the sliver go all the way back and can’t be taken out?

The tampon is a high-density compressed body, and the cotton thread can withstand a pulling force of more than three kilograms, so the cotton thread is not often broken. If the thread is really missing, you don’t have to be too nervous, you can still take out the tampon with your fingers. And the tampon will not run up through the cervix and into the uterus.

Myth 2: Can I go to the bathroom after using a tampon?

After using a tampon, you can still go to the toilet normally, don’t worry!

Myth 3: Will using tampons damage the hymen?

This should be the biggest concern of many people about using tampons. If I use tampons, does it mean that I am not a virgin?

First of all, let’s start with the hymen! In fact, the hymen is not just a simple membrane, but an elastic mucous membrane fold at the entrance of the vagina, with a hole in the center, and there are individual differences in the folds, not everyone is the same.

According to research published in 1994, there was no significant difference in the hymen between habitual tampon users and habitual tampon users among asexual women. Because the hymen is an elastic tissue with an opening diameter of about 2.5 cm, it generally does not “break” the hymen under normal use of tampons. Of course, the shape of each person’s membrane is different, and it is not ruled out that some girls will be broken because of the tampon.

And my dear, although it is not easy to use for the first time, pulling the hymen does not mean that you are not a virgin. In fact, there are many strenuous sports, such as cycling, horse riding… and other sports, which may pull the hymen. We can’t help but want to say, I hope girls don’t worry so much about that film.

Myth 4: Can I use tampons while sleeping?

According to figures published by the Health Food and Drug Administration, tampons can be used for up to 8 hours, and the recommended replacement time is every 4 to 6 hours. So when you sleep, you can also use a tampon!

However, if there is too much menstrual blood flow and you are worried about leakage during sleep, you can temporarily switch to night-use sanitary napkins, and you won’t worry about washing the sheets the next day!

Myth 5: Can I really go swimming after using a tampon?

Another reason why tampon lovers fall in love with tampons is that using tampons allows them to move freely during menstruation! With a tampon, the blood flow can be blocked, so swimming is perfectly fine!

However, it is also reminded that after swimming, remember to replace the sliver with a new one. Because the front end of the tampon may get water during swimming, and the wet environment is not good for the vulva, so girls should remember to replace it!

After dispelling the myths, did you know more about tampons? If you are still not satisfied, you can read the following, which is also a cotton article that has done a lot of homework.

Every woman’s body is different, let us take you step by step to understand your body better, and tell you three things you should pay attention to when using tampons!

01. First choose the type of tampon that suits you. Are you suitable for finger-in type or catheter type?

There are currently two types of cotton slivers available in the market: finger-in type and catheter type. Literally speaking, one must rely on fingers to put in the tampon, and the other is assisted by a catheter. Generally, if you are trying to use a tampon for the first time, it is recommended to use the catheter first, so that you will not be nervous.

To use a catheterized tampon, refer to the instructions on the back and follow the four steps below:

① Wash your hands! Use your thumb and middle finger to lightly hold the handle of the outer catheter;

② Take it easy, push the catheter to the vulva at 45 degrees and push it upward until the thumb touches the vaginal opening and stops;

③ Push the inner catheter with the index finger until it overlaps with the outer catheter;

④ Avoid pulling the cotton thread, take out the inner and outer catheter together, and the tampon is placed!

If you use the finger-entry method, generally speaking, you must insert the tampon into the depth of two knuckles, which is where the tampon should be, and it will not cause vaginal pain. However, the two knuckles are just a suggested depth. Every girl’s vaginal length is different. You still have to find out the most comfortable position for your body and tampon!

Small supplement: Girls with a short vagina are more suitable for fingering; girls with a long vagina are more suitable for catheterization!

02. Try slowly to find the most suitable angle for your vagina

If you feel a heavy foreign body sensation no matter whether you use the finger-in type or the catheter type, you may not have placed it in the most suitable position, or you may be really nervous for the first time.

When putting the tampon, you can sit on the toilet, stand up straight, or put one foot on the toilet, or some people raise their buttocks. You can try to find the most comfortable position for you.

It’s normal to be nervous when using a tampon for the first time, so take a deep breath and relax. The vagina is a channel that slopes 45 degrees to the rear, so you can use the index finger and middle finger of your left hand to peel off the labia minora first, and then try to put it in according to the above steps. During the insertion process, remember to breathe regularly, and don’t be afraid, otherwise the vagina will subconsciously push out the intruder, and you will feel uncomfortable at this time.

If it is really painful to use it for the first time, but you are not willing to give up, you can click on the following, there is a magical way to reduce the initial pain index to a minimum.


If the tampon is placed correctly, it stands to reason that you will not feel its existence at all. Therefore, if there is an uncomfortable foreign body sensation, it may be that the pushing is not deep enough, or the angle is wrong, and the skin on the inner wall of the vagina is rubbed. At this point, pull out the old tampon and try again with a new one!

03. Adjust the type of tampon according to the menstrual blood condition

Just like sanitary napkins, remember to adjust the type of tampon according to the menstrual blood condition. Usually, when there is a lot of menstrual blood, the tampon is easy to put and take because of the moistness of the menstrual blood. However, in the early and late stages of menstrual cramps, due to the variable blood volume, there may be insufficient blood absorption. After pulling out the tampon There may be slight discomfort caused by rubbing vaginal evasion. These are normal conditions and nothing to worry about!

When you first start using tampons, there may still be a little leakage of menstrual blood due to the placement of the tampon. At this time, you can put on a thin layer of pads to prevent leakage!

The above is a complete guide to the use of tampons that we have organized for girls. Let us explore our bodies together this month, and try it from the tampons!

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