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The most complete list of waiting bags | The practicality of 62 kinds of waiting bags most mentioned on the Internet is analyzed one by one

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LThere are a lot of discussions on the Internet about the delivery package. Search the list of the delivery package, the most complete list of the delivery package, the × month delivery package, summer and winter delivery packages, and you can find many webpages, but you can really explain what you need to prepare for the delivery package. Complete ones are rare. Even though many new parents have done enough homework in advance, when it comes time to place an order, they are confused about how to choose, which one to choose, and how much to buy.

This guide to purchasing a pre-delivery package, firstly summarizes my own experience, and secondly summarizes everyone’s sharing on Zhihu, Douban, What’s Worth Buying, Xiaohongshu and other websites, making it as perfect as possible.

Start preparing the delivery package

First of all, put yourself in the mentality of preparing the delivery package

When preparing a delivery bag, some people like to buy what they see without thinking about it, while some people like to plan carefully, hoping that the things they buy are practical and the quantity is just enough.

Whether it is the former or the latter, it is not advisable. Being a father or mother for the first time, without experience, it is difficult to really grasp what mothers and babies need. Although many people share their experiences and have merits, childbirth is a very personal matter after all. experience, not to mention that each baby has its own unique personality. Different people have different feelings and different needs, which causes the phenomenon that when you see the same product in many places, some people say it is useful, while others say it is useless.

When preparing the mother’s delivery package, you can refer to the mother’s personality, whether it is a rough personality or a more delicate one, it doesn’t matter if some things can be put to rest in the former one, and it doesn’t matter if the latter one is as distressed as possible Come on.

As for the baby’s belongings, consider who will take care of the baby in the later stage. If you are a careless person, you should prepare more things, such as food thermometers, water temperature thermometers, etc., to avoid carelessness causing the baby to be injured; If you are a careful and patient person, you can prepare less for some things.

Prepare labor packages according to economic conditions

The brands recommended in this article are all well-known maternal and child brands at home and abroad. Compared with similar products, the prices may be more expensive, and some may even be much more expensive. The reason why these brands are recommended is because these brands have a high probability of being mentioned and evaluated on Zhihu, Douban, Xiaohongshu and other websites, and it is difficult to make mistakes when buying with your eyes closed.

But this may not be so friendly to those families with ordinary conditions. After all, if you strictly follow the strategy in this article to choose, a few thousand dollars will be spent easily. For this type of family, my suggestion is that if the supplies for mothers and babies do not directly affect their health, you can choose some small brands, which can save a little bit.

However, I still recommend buying better supplies for babies. After all, babies have just come into this world, and their physical fitness and resistance are not as good as those of adults.

Not all the things mentioned in the article must be prepared. Although there are practical indexes, they are only for most people. I have carefully described the scene where it is used for each item. You can imagine whether it is useful for you in the same scene, and then buy it as appropriate.

Began to prepare for the delivery package in a few months

It is recommended to start preparing the delivery bag when you are 7 months pregnant. In this case, you will have enough time to choose carefully, and even if there is an emergency, there will be a delivery bag that you can take away at any time, so you can rest assured . At the latest, prepare the delivery package one month before the expected delivery date.

It is strongly recommended to prepare as soon as possible, because in case you need to break the abdomen in advance, there are too many things to worry about at this time, and you will hardly have much time to choose the supplies to be delivered.

In addition, it is not recommended to go to a baby care store to buy. One is that the product prices of baby nursery stores are erratic and the water is very deep. The second is that the products of baby nursery stores are mixed. Many baby nursery stores have few really big-name baby products, and they will not recommend them. Instead, they recommend some profits. Tall but ordinary stuff. Anyway, this is the case with many baby care shops I go to.

Money and documents should be prepared in advance

ID cards of both parents, birth certificates, medical insurance cards, maternal health care manuals (perinatal cards), all birth inspection reports, cash and bank cards, mobile phones and chargers, notepads and pens, dry and wet paper towels, energy-enhancing snacks (chocolate bread , Snickers, etc.), beverages (vitamin drinks such as Screaming)

Documents should be placed in one or two file bags as much as possible to avoid loss.

Among them, you can copy a few more copies of the ID card in advance. In addition to the need for hospitalization, it is also necessary to register the baby for the baby later. By the way, how to register a newborn baby, in addition to the original and copy of the ID cards of both parents, the original and copy of the marriage certificate of both parties, the original and copy of the household registration of both parties (copy the home page and the parents’ respective One page), the original and copy of the birth medical certificate (issued by the hospital when the baby is discharged). When sorting out the documents, they can be sorted out together with these, so that it is convenient to handle the account later.

Notepads and pens are mainly used on the way to the hospital, and some data may need to be recorded. For example, some mothers may be required to record urine output and the like. Although you can tell the nurse the amount of urine at any time, if you bring a pen and paper and it is inconvenient to tell, you can record it yourself temporarily.

In addition, when you are hospitalized, you need family members to accompany you. Depending on the conditions of the hospital, some may also need to prepare quilts, clothes, and even pots and pans for the accompanying staff, so that they can cook soup for the mother later.

One week before the expected date of delivery, put all the required documents and delivery kits together, and inform the family of where the delivery kits are stored, arrange the recent affairs at home, and at the same time confirm the best route to the hospital in different time periods, and at the same time ask for be accompanied. If there is any movement, go to the hospital immediately. If the amniotic fluid breaks, lie down and call 120 to wait for rescue.

Finally, go get a haircut. I won’t be able to wash my hair for a long time in the next confinement period, and it will be quite painful.

What do you do during childbirth and confinement?

In fact, no matter whether it is a new father accompanying the childbirth or a new mother who is confinement, there is not much to do during this period. It is recommended to use this rare free time to read some books on parenting appropriately. As a first-time parent, you can learn without experience. For books, it is not recommended to buy blindly on Taobao or JD.com, because too many parenting books are patchwork. You can read book reviews on Douban first, or click this link to see everyone on Zhihu. recommend.

If you are a few months away from your due date and are expecting a baby at home, these books are even more convenient to read.

Mommy’s Maternity Bag

Breastfeeding home clothes | Practical index: ★★★★ Hospital carrying index: ★★★

Although the hospital will provide uniform hospital gowns when you are hospitalized, it will be much more convenient if you can wear nursing clothes after delivery. One is to expose as little skin as possible to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. Second, if the weather is cold, if the clothes are not opened and breastfeeding, the stomach and heart are easy to catch cold. If you get sick, the gain is not worth the loss. After being discharged from the hospital, it is very convenient to wear breastfeeding clothes or pajamas with front buttons when confinement at home, but it is more convenient to wear nursing clothes when going out.

Nursing clothes generally have three openings: cross, up and down, and side opening. The criss-cross and up-and-down styles are suitable for sitting and breastfeeding, while the side-opening style is suitable for lying down. It is recommended to prepare one piece of breastfeeding clothes with three opening styles first, because mothers sweat a lot in the first week after giving birth, so at least three pieces should be prepared for changing and washing in turn.

There are a few key points when purchasing. First, the material is pure cotton, which is not only breathable, but also soft, sweat-absorbent, washable, and comfortable to be touched by the baby’s delicate skin. The second is to choose light-colored ones as much as possible, so that it is easy to find when it is dirty, and avoid the baby’s contact. Third, try not to choose breastfeeding clothes with velvet and fur inside for winter, because the air permeability is not good, and you sweat a lot during confinement, and the fluff is easy to sweat. Even if the ventilation effect is good, it is easy to wear. stuffy.

In addition, it is best to choose trousers that can adjust the tightness of the breastfeeding suit home clothes, because the postpartum belly has a process of recovery and shrinkage, and it is more practical to choose trousers that can be adjusted by themselves. In terms of color, the light color is the best, because the light color is the easiest to be found when it is dirty, so that it can be replaced in time to prevent the baby from inhaling dirt during breastfeeding.

Purchase suggestion: If conditions permit, it is better to prepare some, which can improve the breastfeeding experience.

Brand recommendation: Mama Hey in Taiwan | Thousand Interests Club in Japan | Manxi in the UK | Jonia in China

Nursing towel | Practical index: ★★★ Hospitalized carry index: –

The function is similar to breastfeeding home clothes, mainly to avoid the embarrassment of breastfeeding when there are many people. A nursing cover is a bit like a big apron that can completely cover your baby while breastfeeding. Be careful not to cover your baby’s mouth and nose during use.

Buying advice: Although it is not necessary, it can indeed improve the breastfeeding experience to a certain extent, but it is up to you whether you like it or not.

Brand recommendation: Coyobi | Newberry

Nursing bra | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospital carrying index: ★★★★★

Nursing bra is a kind of underwear specially designed for mothers who need to breastfeed. It can prevent the mother’s breasts from sagging to a certain extent, and it is good for promoting milk secretion and improving breast disease resistance. Abraded and sore to the touch.

Nursing bras generally come in three opening styles: full opening, open hole, and front button. The cups of the full-open nursing bra are only hooked to the shoulder straps with hooks and loops. When breastfeeding, the cups can be completely lifted down to expose the entire breast; Stronger; the front clasp has hooks on the front, making it easy to unfasten the bra with one hand.

Buying advice: Since the size of the breasts and the lower circumference will increase from pregnancy to the final birth of the baby, choose a size or two larger than usual according to your personal situation. In terms of quantity, at least two or three pieces are needed for changing and washing, especially when the milk array is behind, if the anti-galactorrhea pad leaks sideways, it will wet the bra.

Brand recommendation: Bravado from Canada | Mama from Taiwan

Reminder, Bravado has many fake products, it is recommended to buy through normal channels.

Breast pads | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospital carrying index: ★★★★★

Let’s popularize the knowledge of milk cramps first. Milk cramps refer to women who suddenly feel a few swells in their breasts accompanied by slight pain during breastfeeding, and then there will be milk flowing out in the form of jets or rapid drips. Milk cramps are prone to occur. Before each feeding or a few minutes after baby sucks. In order to prevent the milk from soaking the clothes, it is necessary to pad the anti-galactorrhea pads inside the underwear to absorb the spilled milk.

There are two types of nursing pads: disposable and reusable. Disposable is clean, hygienic, and easy to use, especially when going out, but the cost is slightly higher. The reusable ones refer to the kind of washable breast pads, which are economical and affordable, but need to be changed and washed frequently, and sometimes tiny cotton wool will stick to the nipples.

Purchasing advice: Try to choose thin materials, good water absorption, and a layer of waterproof film and non-slip tape on the outside, and one-time independent packaging. Before each breastfeeding, wash the nipples first, and replace the breast pads with new ones after breastfeeding, and replace them every 3 to 4 hours to avoid the growth of bacteria. One or two boxes of disposable and reusable ones are enough. Don’t stock up. It’s not too late to stock up according to the amount of milk after delivery.

Brand recommendation: Lansinoh, USA | NUK, Germany | Pigeon, Japan | Philips AVENT, UK

Nipple Protection Cream | Practical Index: ★★★★ Hospital Portable Index: ★★★★

When breastfeeding, the baby will bite the mother’s nipple and even bleed. After breastfeeding, timely application of nipple protection cream can relieve pain and promote wound healing at the same time. If you don’t have nipple protection cream, you can also express some breast milk, because it contains repair proteins and antibodies, which can also promote nipple recovery. Nipple protection cream is generally made of lanolin. Many people worry that after rubbing it off, it will be eaten into the baby’s mouth when breastfeeding, and there will be a safety risk. About this, in “What is lanolin and whether it is Harmful, and can the nipple protection cream made with it be eaten? “There has been a detailed analysis in it.

Buying suggestion: One bottle is enough, if you don’t have enough, you can buy it later.

Brand Recommendation: Lansinoh Pure Suet Nipple Cream

● Nipple corrector | Practical index: ★★★ Hospital carrying index: ★★★

Nipple corrector, also called inverted nipple corrector, is a simple device for correcting inverted nipples. When using it, you only need to put the nipple into the ring-shaped plastic sleeve on the nipple corrector, and the nipple corrector can pull the nipple out through gentle suction. Tuck the nipple corrector into your bra for day and night use. After several weeks of treatment, the nipples can be corrected to their normal protruding shape.

Purchasing suggestion: According to your own actual situation, if you don’t have inverted nipples, you don’t need to prepare.

Brand recommendation: Lansinoh | Pigeon | Avent | Medela |

Breast pump | Practical index: ★★★★ Hospitalization index: ★★★★

A tool to help mothers pump out breast milk. There are three types: manual, single-sided electric, and double-sided electric. Generally speaking, the price increases.

Manual breast pumps rely entirely on wrist pressing, which is similar to using a watering can, but each use generally requires continuous pressing for 30 to 40 minutes. Since milk needs to be expressed several times a day, it is very tiring.

Single-sided electric breast pump refers to a breast pump that relies on a motor, but it can only suck on one side, and then suck on the other side after sucking. It saves labor, but it does not save time. It is similar to manual, and it takes 30 to 40 minutes at a time.

The bilateral electric breast pump relies on the motor, but it can suck both sides at the same time, so it not only saves labor but also saves time.

Purchasing advice: The prices of different brands vary greatly. A manual breast pump of a big brand may be more expensive than a unilateral electric breast pump of a small brand. If you don’t mind the price, go directly to the double-sided electric. If the economic conditions are average, use the single-sided electric of a small brand. It is really not recommended to use the manual, because it is too tiring. The more detailed introduction, analysis, and key points of purchasing these three types of breast pumps have been mentioned in the “Guide to Buying Electric Breast Pumps”. amount and so on.

Brand recommendation: Medela | Avent | Lansinoh |Barrick | Good Woman | Pigeon | Little Ice Bear |

Breast milk preservation bag | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospitalized carrying index: –

If the milk pumped by the breast pump is large, you can temporarily collect it in a breast milk storage bag and store it in the refrigerator.

Breast milk preservation bags are divided into upright and flat types. Personally, I think the flat type is more convenient for storage, and the use of space is more reasonable. Of course, in addition to fresh-keeping bags, you can also choose breast milk storage bottles or glass bottles.

Purchase suggestion: Just prepare a box in the early stage, and then supplement it according to your own milk volume.

Brand recommendation: Medela | Lansinoh | Pigeon | Xinbei | October Crystal | Zichu

Breast cold and hot compress pad | Practical index: ★★ Hospital carrying index: ★★

Clogged breasts are one of the most common postpartum problems, and can lead to mastitis in severe cases. Hot compress can stimulate the secretion of milk and make the breast unobstructed; the effect of cold compress can reduce the pain, but prolonged use will inhibit the secretion of milk.

Purchasing advice: Breast cold and hot compress pads are actually not a must-have. A towel can be used instead, but the breast cold and hot compress pads have a longer heat preservation time, which can improve the breastfeeding experience to a certain extent. In addition, when you have just finished giving birth, don’t eat the milk soup. If there is a bit of milk blockage, you have to quickly suck air and apply heat, don’t be lazy.

Recommended brand: Lansinoh | October Crystallization | Zichu | Xiaoyaxiang

● Confinement Cap | Practical Index: ★★★★★ Hospitalized Portable Index: ★★★★★

A hat that protects the head from the wind after giving birth. Pay attention to the different seasons, and the thickness of the purchased hats is also different, so don’t buy the wrong one.

Buying advice: It does not necessarily have to be a confinement hat. If there are other hats at home, it would be great if they can be substituted.

Brand recommendation: There is no particular brand worth recommending

Underpants | Practical Index: ★★★★★ Hospital Portable Index: ★★★★★

Prenatal redness, postpartum lochia can easily stain pants and quilts, so you need to prepare more underwear. There are disposable underwear, but you must choose a big brand of cotton sterilized underwear to avoid infection.

In fact, many people don’t wear underwear for a few days before and after childbirth. They use nursing pads directly, which are convenient for disinfection and cleaning. But when getting out of bed, it will be used during confinement.

Purchase suggestion: Just buy a pack of disposable underwear, but you must first find out the model. If you have a natural delivery, choose a larger, looser and more comfortable one; if you have a cesarean delivery, don’t choose a too large one, otherwise the edge of the underwear may just be strangled on the wound. In addition, 3~4 pairs of pure cotton underwear should also be prepared. In addition, slippers, socks, and coats should be prepared. Because it is inevitable to take a breath sometimes, and it is also needed when you leave the hospital. Be careful that the slippers must be non-slip.

Brand recommendation: Cotton Times | Kaili | Zichu | October Crystallization |

Maternity Pad | Practical Index: ★★★★★ Hospital Portable Index: ★★★★★

A must for broken water, redness after delivery | Internal inspection | Postpartum lochia must be used. Some hospitals will provide it, or require you to buy it in the hospital. You can consult it before delivery to avoid repeated purchases. Of course, even if you stock up too much, it’s okay, and it can be used as a baby changing diaper pad later.

Buying Advice: At least 20 pieces, prepare too much and prepare too little. Both large, medium and small sizes have to be prepared. Use large sizes when there is a lot of lochia in the early stage, and medium and small sizes when the amount of lochia is small in the middle and late stages.

Brand recommendation: Cotton Times | Kaili | Sanyo | Zichu | October Crystallization |

Sanitary napkins | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospitalization index: ★★★★★

The confinement period is actually the aunt period of one month or even longer, and sanitary napkins are needed to absorb postpartum lochia.

Purchasing advice: In fact, you don’t need to buy sanitary napkins that are not for maternity, but commonly used brands are also fine. Among them, the night use is more than one or two weeks; the medium trombone is used for more than a week;

Brand recommendation: Sanyo | Sophie | Kotex | Zichu | October Crystal | Kaili

Disposable toilet seat for maternity | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospital carrying index: ★★★★★

When you are in the hospital, for hygiene reasons, you will use a disposable toilet seat when you go to the toilet.

Buying advice: Generally, one pack is enough.

Brand recommendation: Kaili | Zichu | Bei’anshi

Anti-stretch marks massage oil | Practical index: ★★ Hospital carrying index: –

According to Dr. Lilac, some people will have stretch marks, some people will not, and it has something to do with genes. The anti-stretch mark massage oil does not really prevent the occurrence or elimination of stretch marks, but it has a certain effect on relieving skin itching during pregnancy.

Buying advice: In fact, this thing is generally used during pregnancy.

Brand recommendation: Germany WELEDA | Earth mama Earth mother | American palmer’s Palmer’s

Abdominal belt | Practical index: ★★★ Hospital carrying index: ★★★

After the baby is born, due to the weakness of the mother, the elasticity of the ligaments in the body cannot be restored immediately, and visceral sagging, increased fat, and out-of-shape phenomena are prone to occur. If there is a cesarean section, there will be a long opening in the belly, and after the baby is born, the belly will sag. The abdominal belt can protect the wound, help the body support the internal organs, accelerate the recovery of the uterus, and prevent the organs and lower abdomen from sagging.

There are many types of belly bands, such as elastic bands, panties, and belts, but the basic principle is the same. They are all made of high-elastic elastic bands, which compress the abdominal fat in a small range to maintain the body curve. Specifically, according to the different ways of giving birth, it is divided into special corsets for natural delivery, special corsets for caesarean section, reinforced corsets for postpartum, gauze corsets, ordinary corsets, functional corsets, etc. Various types.

Purchase suggestion: Choose according to your own production situation, prepare 2~3 pieces for cleaning and replacement.

Brand recommendation: October Mommy | Liujia Village | Sanyo | Cotton Times

Nursing Pillow | Practical Index: ★★★★★ Hospital Carry Index: ★★★

Breastfeeding pillow is also called breastfeeding pillow, which can wrap the baby inside when the mother breastfeeds the baby, and the baby can lie on the nursing pillow in different positions while breastfeeding. The main feature of the breastfeeding pillow is U-shaped. When the mother is breastfeeding, the breastfeeding pillow is put on the waist, and the arm holding the baby is placed on the pillow, which effectively reduces the fatigue of the arm.

Nursing pillows are designed to make both mother and baby more comfortable while breastfeeding. It can correct the mother’s breastfeeding posture; share the weight of the baby when the mother is breastfeeding, relax the muscles of the mother’s body, and is also conducive to the discharge of milk; it can also prevent wrist pain, cervical spine and shoulder and back strain caused by long-term breastfeeding.

It should be noted that the breastfeeding pillow can only be used for breastfeeding the baby, and it must not be used as a pillow for the baby to sleep, let alone be stuck on the baby’s head in order to fix the baby’s head, which may cause suffocation.

Buying advice: just prepare one.

Brand recommendation: Chicco Boppy | Besiqi | joyyourbaby |

● Others | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospitalization index: ★★★★★

Lunch boxes, chopsticks, cups, spoons, straw cups or straws with elbows, when you can’t get up after giving birth, you can use straws to drink water and soup, which is very convenient. As for straws, prepare both thick and thin ones. If there are only thick ones, the mother who has just come out may not have the strength to suck them up.

Washbasin, footbasin, butt-washing basin, cotton towels, and small square towels. Pay attention to distinguishing colors, not all of the same color, so as not to mix them up when using them.

Toothbrush, although many old people say that you can’t brush your teeth during confinement, it is actually possible, but you must use a soft-bristled toothbrush. I recommend Lion King’s soft-bristled toothbrush. Mouthwash is also on hand, as there may be days when she simply won’t have the energy to get up and brush her teeth.

Combs, mirrors, hair ropes, after all, women still love beauty.

Prepare a little hand sanitizer, soap, detergent, etc., after all, you have to stay in the hospital for at least a few days.

Masks, newborn babies have very poor resistance, even in later infancy, and there are many relatives and friends who come to visit, many of them have a cold but no symptoms, but they carry the flu virus, Therefore, you should prepare masks at home in advance, and your family members and guests can wear them if necessary, especially in the season of high incidence of colds. When buying a mask, pay attention to distinguishing whether it is a medical mask and whether it is the kind that can prevent the spread of the virus. For brands, like Heinuo, 3M, etc., don’t buy too cheap ones. I’ve compared prices, and the cheapest ones cost one yuan more.

Sound-proof earplugs are fine if you live in a single room, but if you live in a multi-person ward, it will be very noisy. Whether it is prenatal or postpartum, you need a good rest, and it will be much better to prepare sound-isolating earplugs.

baby delivery bag

Feeding bottle | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospital carrying index: ★★★★★

Baby bottles are classified according to material, there are high borosilicate glass and plastic (PPSU, PES, PP), and there are two types of wide mouth and standard caliber according to the caliber. Generally, they are divided into 120ml and 240ml according to the capacity.

From the perspective of newborns, it is recommended to choose glass materials. In terms of caliber, wide mouth and standard have their own advantages. For details, you can click the following article, which has a very in-depth discussion on feeding bottles.

Purchase suggestion: If you are exclusively breastfeeding, prepare one 120ml and 240ml each, and you can add more later if needed. For milk powder feeding, you can prepare two 120ml and 240ml each, which is convenient for replacement, especially at night when you are often too tired to clean the feeding bottle. As for the brand, it is strongly recommended to choose the following brands. The seemingly simple baby bottle actually contains a lot of technology.

Brand recommendation: NUK | Born Free | Pigeon | Avent | Dr. Brown

Baby bottle brush | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospital carrying index: ★★★★★

After the baby has finished drinking milk, try to clean it as soon as possible, otherwise the milk powder attached to the wall of the bottle will harden, making it more troublesome to clean, and cleaning immediately also buys time for the bottle to dry and sterilize. It is much more convenient to use a special bottle brush for cleaning the baby bottle. There are sponge, nylon and silicone bottle brushes.

Purchasing suggestion: You can buy them together at the store where you bought the baby bottle, or go to another store to buy it. Now there are many sets of baby bottle brushes on the Internet. Various cleaning tools are very rich and very cheap.

Brand recommendation: the same as the baby bottle brand or go to the supermarket to buy other brands in bulk.

Baby bottle cleaning agent | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospital carrying index: ★★★★★

Both breast milk and milk powder contain oil. After feeding, the wall of the bottle is sticky. If you just wash it with hot water, it will basically not be cleaned, so you need to use a baby bottle cleaner.

Purchasing advice: try to choose a well-known big brand of baby bottle cleaning agent, and the safety is much more guaranteed. One bottle is enough, if not enough, buy again.

Brand recommendation: American babyganics | NUK | Pigeon

Baby bottle holder | Practical index: ★★★★ Hospital carrying index: ★

The bottle rack is a small shelf used to drain the water after cleaning the baby bottle. Although it is a small thing, it is quite practical. Of course, draining the water does not mean that you can only use the bottle holder, if you have other things, you can replace it. Of course, some people think that due to air pollution, they will be exposed to outside air when using the bottle holder, which is unhygienic. If this is the case, you can consider the bottle storage box, which can also be used for draining water.

Purchasing advice: Baby bottle holders also have different sizes, so pay attention when purchasing.

Brand recommendation: Germany oidire | babycare | Keyoubi

Baby bottle sterilizer | Practical index: ★★★ Hospitalized carry index: ★

Baby’s feeding bottles and tableware need to be sterilized regularly. If economic conditions permit, you can prepare a feeding bottle sterilizer, which is relatively more convenient. Of course, this thing is not a necessity. After all, there are many ways to sterilize feeding bottles and tableware. You can also boil them with water, but it is a little more troublesome.

Baby bottle sterilizers generally use steam high-temperature disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection, but individuals prefer steam high-temperature disinfection.

Purchase suggestion: It is recommended to choose a sterilizer with a drying function, because it can remove the water droplets in the bottle while sterilizing, which is much more convenient.

Brand recommendation: NUK | Pigeon | Avent | Little Polar Bear

Bottle warmer | Practical index: ★★★ Hospitalized carry index: ★

Babies tend to drink milk intermittently. Whether it is breast milk collected with a breast pump or brewed milk powder, it is easy to get cold. The milk warmer can warm milk at any time, which provides convenience for mothers. But what needs to be reminded is that it is best not to store the soaked milk at a constant temperature for more than two hours.

Purchasing advice: The controversy over the bottle warmer is quite large. Some people think it is very useful, while others think it is useless. It all depends on the needs of each person.

Brand recommendation: Pigeon | Avent | Little Polar Bear | Scotchland | babycare

Milk powder | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospitalization index: ★★★★★

Most people do not have milk right away after giving birth. It usually takes a few days or even a few weeks. Prepare some milk powder or liquid milk to be prepared.

It should be noted that because babies of different ages have different nutritional needs, milk powder is divided according to different ages: one stage is suitable for babies of 0-6 months, the second stage is 6-12 months old, and the third stage is 1-3 years old. The 4th stage is 3~6 years old, and the 5th stage is 6~12 years old. Different brand divisions may be slightly different, so pay attention when purchasing. If it is a premature baby, you should choose premature baby milk powder for milk powder. If you are breastfeeding, you may need to add breast milk fortifiers and follow the doctor’s advice.

Purchase suggestion: Since the shelf life of milk powder is very short after opening, generally no more than one month, if you plan to breastfeed, try to buy small cans at this time, although the price is lower.

Brand recommendation: Holland Niupen | Holland Meso | German Xibao | German Aptamil | American Mead Johnson | Abbott |

Bowl and Spoon | Practical Index: ★★★★ Hospital Carry Index: ★★★

The baby’s bowl generally has a heat preservation function, and the spoon, compared with the ordinary spoon, has a softer edge, so that it is not afraid of scratching the corner of the baby’s mouth when using it. Generally, it will be used when feeding water and medicine to the baby, and it will also be used when adding complementary food after 6 months.

In addition, before feeding the baby, use a soft-tip spoon when feeding the baby, so as to avoid the baby only recognizing the nipple but not the nipple after milk.

Buying advice: Try to choose big brands because you want to put them directly into your mouth.

Brand recommendation: Munchkin | Sassy | Nuby | thinkbaby | NUK

Shampoo and shower gel | Practical index: ★★★ Hospitalized carry index: –

Babies’ skin is very tender, so shampoo and body wash should be selected for babies alone, and not mixed with adults’. When choosing, try to choose a brand with mild formula, simple ingredients and high reputation. Of course, if the baby is within 3 months, it is enough to use clean water; if it is 3 months to 1 year old, use it 1-2 times a week, and use water at other times; if it is over 1 year old, use it every 2 days.

Buying advice: Be sure to choose a well-known big brand.

Brand recommendation: California Baby | German Seba | American Aveeno | American Bee | French Mustela |

Moisturizing Cream | Practical Index: ★★★★ Hospital Portable Index: –

According to the “American Academy of Pediatrics Parenting Encyclopedia”, babies generally do not need body lotion, unless the skin is particularly dry, you can apply a little bit on the dry part, and massage it at the same time, which can make the baby feel particularly comfortable. But be careful not to use baby oil, as baby oil is not as moisturizing and absorbing as body lotion or moisturizer.

Purchase suggestion: try to choose a well-known brand with mild formula, simple ingredients, and California baby calendula cream is especially recommended. Buying one bottle is enough, you don’t need to buy more, you use less, and it is very convenient to buy.

Brand recommendation: California Baby | German Seba | American Aveeno | American Bee | French Mustela |

Diapers | Paper Diapers | Practical Index: ★★★★★ Hospital Carry Index: ★★★★★

It is necessary to raise a baby. Compared with traditional diapers, it does not need to be cleaned and dried, which is very convenient. Moreover, the ability to absorb and lock water is very strong, as long as it is replaced in time, there is no need to worry about covering the baby. Pay attention to the room temperature when changing. If the temperature is low, you can use a towel to cover the baby’s navel to prevent cold. After changing the diaper, spread the edge of the diaper with your fingers to prevent the urine leak from wetting the clothes.

During the newborn period, it is generally changed every 2 hours, and the diapers need to be changed before and after each feeding, after the child defecates, and before going to bed. For babies, change it every 3~4 hours, and for older children, change it every 4~6 hours.

In particular, it should be noted that many new parents are confused about the type of diapers. Generally, NB size is suitable for babies under 5 kg, S size is suitable for 3-8 kg babies, M size is suitable for 6-11 kg babies, L size Suitable for babies from 9 to 14 kg, XL size is suitable for babies over 12 kg.

Purchase suggestion: Prepare 3~4 packs of NB size for newborns. Babies develop rapidly, so don’t stock up randomly, otherwise the size may not be big enough by the time you use it.

Brand recommendation: Japanese native Kao | Japanese King | Japanese Moony | Mommy Baby | Curious Gold |

Gauze diapers | Practical index: ★★★★ Hospitalization index: ★★★★★

In summer, when the weather is hot and the paper diaper is too hot, or when the baby’s red buttocks are serious, gauze diapers can be used during the day, but attention should be paid to timely replacement and disinfection.

Buying suggestion: Prepare about 10 yuan first, and buy more later if it is not enough.

Brand recommendation: Xiaomi Mi minimoto | Cotton Era

● Urinary Pad | Practical Index: ★★★★ Hospital Portable Index: –

When changing the baby’s diaper, it is easy for the baby to urinate or urinate, especially the little boy, who is easy to urinate on his face and body. Lay the urine pad under him and then change the bed sheet to prevent wetting.

Buying suggestion: 2 pieces are enough, easy to change and wash.

Brand recommendation: no

Baby Wipes | Practical Index: ★★★★★ Hospital Carry Index: ★★★★★

It is mainly used to wipe the baby’s bottom and mouth after feeding, especially when going out, because dry paper towels can easily absorb the moisture on the baby’s skin and make the baby’s skin dry. But note that some baby wipes can only wipe the buttocks. If you want to wipe your mouth, try to choose the one that is dedicated to the baby’s hand and mouth. For wiping the butt, if possible, it is recommended to wash it with warm water, but be careful to wipe the poop first before washing.

Although there are many suggestions on the Internet that you should look at the formula and ingredients when choosing baby wipes, in fact, because the country requires wet wipes to only list the main ingredients, the ingredients of many wet wipes look good, but some reports point out that In actual testing, many baby wipes detected many other ingredients. Therefore, it is not very useful to look at the ingredients on baby wipes. Try to choose a big brand, although only NUK has marked all the ingredients among the big brands.

Purchasing suggestion: Because it is a consumable item, you can stock up on wet wipes during the event, let’s stock up in boxes. But the premise is that you have made it clear which brand to choose, otherwise you can try all brands first. In terms of price, the price difference between these big-name wet wipes is not very big, but the price of wet wipes in the cotton era is quite expensive.

Brand recommendation: NUK | Curiosity | Pigeon | Cotton soft towel in the cotton era

Nap Care Cream | Practical Index: ★★★★★ Hospital Portable Index: ★★★★★

Because the baby’s urine and feces will be accumulated on the paper diaper, it is easy to cause diaper rash on the baby’s delicate skin, so it is necessary to use nappy cream in the daily care of the baby. Generally, it has to be used after the baby is born, so it must be prepared in advance, the baby’s skin is delicate, so if you choose, try to choose a big brand.

In order to prevent the baby from getting diaper rash, pay attention to changing the diaper in time. After the baby defecates, wipe it clean first, then wash it with warm water, and finally apply some nappy cream on the buttocks in an appropriate amount. For specific operation methods, you can search for some videos on the Internet to watch and learn. Before using it for the first time, you can apply a little nappy cream on your baby’s thighs to test for allergies.

Buying suggestion: Buy 2 bottles first, no need to stock up, and buy it when it is almost used up.

Brand recommendation: Desitin, USA | Bepanthen, Germany

Laundry Soap | Laundry Detergent | Practical Index: ★★★★★ Hospital Carry Index: ★

Baby’s clothes cannot be washed with adult’s laundry detergent and the like, and some baby-specific laundry detergent and laundry soap should be prepared for use.

Buying advice: Although many places will recommend some brands that specialize in baby products, I recommend buying traditional daily chemical brands of baby laundry detergent and laundry soap. In addition, since it is a consumable item, you can stock up a little more.

Brand recommendation: Korea B&B Boryeong Laundry Detergent or Laundry Soap | Blue Moon Baby Laundry Detergent

Basins, washing PP basins, bathtubs | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospital carrying index: ★★★

For hygienic considerations, it is recommended to prepare a special washbasin, PP basin and bathtub for the baby.

Wash basins and washing PP basins are simple, small and cheap, and can be carried in hospital.

As for the bathtub, if you have experience in washing children at home, an ordinary bathtub will do. If not, try to choose a baby bathtub with a bathtub frame, towel, or similar support. It is best to search for some videos to see how to wash. If you are looking for brand and experience, you can choose Okbaby’s bathtub and bathtub stand, and if you want to travel, you can choose Stokke Flexi Bath foldable bathtub.

The best time for a newborn to take a bath is between two feedings to prevent the baby from spitting up, and remember to take a bath immediately after feeding. Before taking a bath, adjust the temperature of the bathroom to above 25°C, especially in the season when the temperature is low, and then prepare a change of clothes, bath towels, diapers, nappy cream, cotton swabs, umbilical care stickers, iodine, etc. for the baby. Afterwards, adjust the water temperature to 38~40°C, and then give the baby a bath. When taking a bath, protect the baby’s eyes and ears, and the newborn should also pay attention to the navel. Do not bathe for more than 15 minutes each time, and the frequency of bathing should not be too high, otherwise the baby’s skin will be easily dry.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that do not use a bathroom heater or turn on the light in the bathroom during bathing. In other words, do not have an obvious light source and use scattered light as much as possible, otherwise the baby will easily follow the light and become a fighting cock in the bathing process. Eye.

Purchasing advice: When purchasing a bathtub, you should consider the issue of storage. After all, the bathtub is not too small, and the bathtub does not need to be carried in the hospital. The hospital will bathe the baby every day.

Brand Recommendation: Okbaby | Stokke Flexi Bath Foldable Tub

Umbilical protection patch | Practical index: ★★★★ Hospitalization index: ★

When a baby is born, the umbilical cord is cut and ligated, and the base of the remaining umbilical cord usually shrinks and falls off within 2 weeks, preferably before forming a navel. Umbilical protection stickers are generally used when taking a bath. New parents may not be very good at using them. You can waste a piece and find out how to use it yourself. Be careful when tearing it off.

For navel disinfection, 2~3 times a day, until the stump of the umbilical cord falls off. When it just falls off, there will be a little secretion in the umbilical fossa, even purulent, you need to persist in disinfection for a few more days, and expose the part (do not use Gauze, umbilical protection stickers, etc.), generally the umbilical fossa will be completely dry after 2 to 3 days. For normal cleaning, if it is after bathing, you need to use a cotton swab to dry the umbilical fossa first. If there is secretion, you can use iodophor to disinfect it, and then use a new cotton swab to dry it after disinfection. In addition, don’t just confine yourself to the surface, clean up to the root of the umbilical cord. Since the stump of the umbilical cord has lost nerve control, there will be no pain when cleaning, but it should be gentle.

Buying advice: not too much, one or two boxes is enough.

Brand recommendation: Kaili | Belecon

Bath towel | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospitalized carry index: ★

For bath towels, you don’t need to tangle too much, but be careful not to choose ones that are too rough or shed, but soft and absorbent. I recommend the gauze bath towel in the pure cotton era, which is a large piece of gauze that absorbs water in seconds! In addition, it is easy to wash, easy to dry, easy to carry and soft.

Purchase suggestion: Generally, 2 pieces are enough. If the temperature is too low and it is not easy to dry, you can prepare a little more.

Recommended brand: Cotton Era | Nishimatsu House

Gauze square | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospitalization index: ★★★★★

It is usually used when wiping the baby’s saliva, breast milk, washing face and taking a bath.

Purchase suggestion: Note that it must be gauze, preferably with patterns and colors, otherwise it is easy to mix. If it looks the same, you can embroider something yourself to make a logo.

Brand recommendation: Zichu | Cotton Era | Bubi

Quilt | Practical Index: ★★★★★ Hospital Carry Index: ★★★★★

The quilt is a square blanket-like thing, mainly used to keep the baby warm. Moreover, the newborn baby is petite and soft, and it is easier to hold it after being wrapped in a quilt. When the baby grows up, it can also be used as a small quilt.

After wrapping the baby in the quilt, pay attention to the baby’s body temperature, not too hot. To judge whether the baby’s body temperature is appropriate, the temperature of the hands and feet should not be used as the criterion for judging, because the baby’s heart is weak, and the blood supply to the limbs is not as sufficient as that of adults, so it will be slightly cooler. On the contrary, if the baby’s hands and feet are very warm , indicating that there are too many covers. Generally, it is judged whether the baby wears the cover properly by touching the nape of their neck. As long as it is warm, it means that it is suitable. If the baby is sweating, it means that the cover is worn too much.

Purchase suggestion: It is not recommended to prepare too much in advance, because relatives and friends will give a lot when they come to see the baby, just prepare 2 sets in advance.

Brand recommendation: aden anais multifunctional wrap | Yingshi | Xiaomi Mi | Cotton Era, etc.

Clothes and hats | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospitalization index: ★★★★★

The newborn is very soft, the skin is very tender, and if the umbilical cord stump does not fall off, when choosing clothes, try to choose clothes that are easy to wear, and try to avoid hard objects, such as tops with buttons and zippers are not recommended . The most convenient is monk clothes, essential clothes for newborns. Moreover, it is better if relatives and friends give old clothes, because they are softer, and at the same time, there is no need to worry about harmful substances remaining on the clothes. In addition, if the baby is born in autumn or winter, a hat should be prepared.

Buying advice: You can prepare some in various sizes, because the baby grows fast, but not too many, because relatives and friends will give it to you, and it will not be too late to buy later.

Recommended brands: Janie and Jack | Gymboree | Carter’s | Next | Crazy8 | Mothercare |

Bibs | Practical Index: ★★★★★ Hospital Carry Index: ★★★★★

When feeding water and breastfeeding your baby with a baby bottle, you need to use a bib towel under your chin to prevent water and milk from flowing to your baby’s neck.

Purchase suggestion: If you are breastfeeding, you need at least 10 yuan, and if you are breastfeeding, you need at least 6 yuan, which is convenient for changing and washing.

Brand recommendation: Yingshi | Cotton Era | Goodbaby | October Crystal

● Children’s Clothes Rack | Practical Index: ★★★★★ Hospital Portable Index: ★★★

The size of the baby’s clothes is very small, and the clothes hangers used by adults cannot be put on at all, so some small children’s clothes hangers must be prepared. In addition to ordinary drying racks, one or two disc drying racks with clips should be prepared to dry things like saliva towels.

Purchasing suggestion: at least 20~30 small clothes hangers for kids, 1~2 disc clip clothes hangers.

Brand recommendation: no

● Ear Thermometer | Practical Index: ★★★★★ Hospital Carry Index: –

The ear thermometer is used to measure the baby’s body temperature. It is very convenient and quick. Although it is less expensive than ordinary thermometers, it is recommended to prepare one.

Ordinary thermometers take 5 minutes to detect once, and the baby will not be honest for 5 minutes. An electronic one costs more than 60. It is better to spend more than 200 to buy an ear thermometer. The count is 5 seconds, and it is accurate. The whole family can use it together. It is cost-effective It’s quite high.

Buying advice: try to choose a big brand.

Brand recommendation: Germany Braun

Thermometer | Practical Index: ★★★ Hospital Carry Index: ★★★

In terms of thermometers, there are three types: water thermometers, food thermometers, and indoor temperature and humidity gauges.

In fact, these three thermometers have been criticized by many places, and they complained that there is no need to buy them. But my personal experience is still necessary. Taking bathing as an example, the best temperature is 38~40°C. Although it is no problem at all, it is difficult for new parents to grasp the water temperature.

Besides, the food temperature is mainly used to feed the baby and check the water temperature when making milk. The water temperature for making milk powder is most suitable at 40-60 degrees (the WHO recommends 70 degrees C), too high a temperature will damage the nutrition of milk powder . After making the milk powder, give it to the baby when the temperature drops to about 37 degrees.

Similarly, many people think that the temperature can be roughly sensed by the back of the hand, but in my experience this is a fallacy for many people. Because there are two ways to sense the temperature in this case, one is to sense the temperature of the outer wall of the bottle by the wrist or drop a few drops on the back of the hand. A few drops on the back of the hand and a full splash on the back of the hand, the feeling of water at the same temperature is very different, not to mention that the baby will drink it, and a few drops on the hand will often underestimate the true water temperature.

Of course, after having a lot of experience, you can roughly estimate the actual temperature of the water with the back of your hand and wrist, but this is a risky challenge for many new parents.

As for the indoor temperature and humidity meter, I won’t say it, and its use is also very simple. It is mainly used to accurately judge how much the baby should wear and cover.

Purchasing advice: Except for food thermometers, you should buy better ones, and other general ones are fine. Do not choose mercury thermometers.

Brand recommendation: Deli

Children’s nail scissors | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospitalized carry index: –

Babies are born with nails, and they will start to scratch quickly, and it is very easy to scratch their own face, so it is necessary to prepare a nail scissors for the baby. There are several kinds of nail scissors for children, one is scissors and the other is nail scissors.

Purchase suggestion: I personally think that the scissors style is more convenient to use.

Brand recommendation: Pigeon | Rikang | babycare

● Medicine Feeder | Practical Index: ★★★★ Hospital Carry Index: –

Feeding medicine to babies is a headache for many parents. After finally feeding it, the baby vomits it out immediately. In fact, you can try a medicine feeding device, which is much more convenient and quicker. There are many types of medicine feeders, but mainly thin-tube medicine pushers, oral syringes, rubber-tipped droppers, and push-type droppers.

Purchasing suggestion: I personally think that the push-type dropper is the best, and the rubber-headed dropper is not recommended. But there are also many mothers who find the spoon the most convenient.

Brand recommendation: Rikang | babycare | Goodbaby

Cotton swabs for babies | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospital carrying index: ★★★★★

Compared with common medical cotton swabs, baby cotton swabs are smaller in size, and generally have two ends of cotton, one of which is threaded cotton, which is relatively more practical. Cotton swabs have many uses, such as disinfecting the navel and wiping the perineum of the baby girl after bathing.

Purchase suggestion: It is a consumable item, so you can prepare more.

Brand recommendation: NUK | Rikang | Wow Love | Zichu | October Crystallization | Good Boy

Thermos cup | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospitalized carry index: ★★★★★

The thermos cup has two uses. One is to put a bottle of hot water for the baby when going out, make milk powder or feed the baby, and the other is to use the thermos cup to pre-store some water with a lower temperature for the baby. It is convenient to brew milk powder or feed water directly.

Purchasing advice: The thermos cup is a must-have item, but it is not so urgent that you must have it right away, but you have to buy it sooner or later. In terms of capacity, 600 ml is the best, which is enough but not too heavy.

Brand recommendation: Zojirushi | Tiger | Thermos | Fu Guang

Mummy bag | Practical index: ★★★★★ Hospital carrying index: –

Because if you want to take your child out, you need to bring a lot of things, such as diapers, milk powder, thermos cups, feeding bottles, clothes and so on. Therefore, a special mommy bag is generally needed, which can better classify and store these things.

Purchasing suggestion: It is more important to be able to classify and store better without blindly pursuing capacity.

Brand recommendation: Manxi | babycare | Five trucks | aardman

Cribs and Bedding | Practical Index: ★★ Hospital Portable Index: –

Choose according to your own family conditions. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about sleeping on the baby at night, and it is convenient to take care of the baby when placed beside the big bed. If you want to buy a crib, first check to see if any relatives and friends can give you an old one. If not, you can buy a raw wood without paint. At least three months in advance to buy home loose flavor. If you prepare a crib, you also need to prepare hanging bags, bed surrounds, mattresses, sheets, mosquito nets, but do not use bed bells. (Recommended reading: Crib Buying Guide | Tell me in detail whether you should buy a crib, how to buy it, what size is suitable, and what brand is good)

Purchase advice: Do not use bed bells, and do not choose plywood.

Brand recommendation: Stokke | Graco | Good Boys | Little Dragon Harpy

● Diaper Table | Practical Index: ★★ Hospital Portable Index: –

Some people think it is useful, some people think it is useless, it depends on the needs of each person, after all, it is much easier for mothers to change the baby’s diaper standing up.

Purchase suggestion: It is not necessary, but it can improve the experience of raising a baby.

Brand recommendation: honeyseed | Sweepy | Bubble Bear

Remote Control Night Light | Practical Index: ★★★★★ Hospitalized Portable Index: –

The baby always cries and feeds irregularly at night. It would be much more convenient if there is a night light that can be controlled remotely. Moreover, the brightness of the night light is not high, so it will not produce strong stimulation to the baby. If it is inconvenient to use the night light, you can also replace the existing lamp with a remote-controlled light bulb.

Purchase suggestion: choose according to your actual situation.

Brand recommendation: Midea | Opple Lighting | Philips

Toys | Practical Index: ★ Hospital Carry Index: –

Newborns don’t need any toys. If you must buy them, you can buy black and white cards, because the baby’s eyesight is not good, and black and white cards can give the baby some basic tracking training. But this thing is not urgent.

Buying suggestion: You don’t need many toys, if you really want to buy, buy black and white cards.

Brand recommendation: Fisher-Price | Aobei

Things that are not recommended to pack in a labor bag

Leave-in shampoo spray | Jumping index: ★★★

The main function is to roughly understand the simple cleaning of the hair, but it does not need water, but it can quickly remove the greasy hair and make the hair fluffy. The effect is very obvious, especially for women’s bangs. We have introduced it before, click below.

Therefore, I don’t recommend it as an item in the waiting bag, but many articles about the waiting bag recommend it, so I will also mention this stuff by the way. After using it, it can temporarily relieve the greasy hair, but it generally needs to be washed off on the same day. Even if it is used normally, it is also used as an emergency, and confinement doctors generally recommend not taking a bath for half a month, let alone washing it off.

Nasal Aspirator | Jumping Pit Index: ★★★★

The nasal mucosa itself is a secretory gland, the more it is stimulated, the more secretion it will produce. Frequent use of cotton swabs or nasal aspirators to stimulate the baby’s nasal mucosa will cause more secretions. Using a nasal aspirator is a positive pressure suction process, which is more irritating and damaging to the nasal mucosa.

For infants with nasal congestion, it may be caused by blocked nasal secretions or swollen nasal mucosa, which is more common in colds. You can apply the nose with a warm and wet towel first, so that the secretions in the nasal cavity can be easily discharged. If the nasal congestion relief effect is not satisfactory, you can use ephedrine-free nasal spray. Then smear the nasal mucosa with a face soaked in olive oil and other oils to reduce secretions.

Ear Picking Tool | Jumping Index: ★★★★★

The baby’s earwax will fall out by itself, even if it doesn’t fall out, which mother would dare to do it by herself with such small ears!

Anti-side Sleeping Pillow for Baby | Jumping Pit Index: ★★★★★

This pillow has actually been banned in the United States. Not only is it useless, but the key point is that it is very dangerous. Once the baby changes the sleeping position, it is particularly easy to suffocate. There are also many cases of suffocation and death because of this pillow. Including messy shaped pillows and so on, they are particularly impractical. .

Small socks and gloves for newborns | Jumping index: ★★★★★

When you take your baby for a physical examination in 42 days, the doctor will tell you that taking these things will affect the baby’s development, and you will regret it! If you are afraid that the baby will scratch your face, you should do your nails frequently!

Milk Powder Companion | Jumping Pit Index: ★★★

I believe that many mothers have bought milk powder companions for their children, right? Merchants claim that babies are prone to get angry and have indigestion when drinking milk powder, and these problems can be solved by adding milk powder partner or drinking some Qinghuobao. Is it really so amazing?

From the nutritional and medical point of view, there is no basis that “formula-fed infants” should be provided with companion nutrients that help the digestion and absorption of milk powder. Normal breast or formula feeding, normal supplementary food, no need to add a “companion”. Products such as milk powder partner and Qinghuobao will only increase the burden on children’s kidneys.

Milk powder itself does not cause internal heat. If you experience indigestion such as foul-smelling stools, milk flaps, flatulence, etc. after drinking formula milk, first consider whether the milk powder is too thick, or excessive calcium or VD is added to the milk powder. And lead to.

Bed Bell | Jumping Pit Index: ★★★★★

Many people suggest preparing bed bells for babies, especially those with prepared cribs. However, because the baby is too small and his eyesight is not yet fully developed, improper use will cause the baby to stare at the bell all the time, which may cause the eyes to develop. Cross-eyed risk.

No kidding, I have a case like this. Although the child has already entered elementary school, the child has not been completely cured. He has been running around for treatment and spent a lot of money. Although the bed bell is slightly beneficial to the baby’s development, it is not worth it from the perspective of risks and benefits!

By the way, no matter the bedroom or the bathroom, there should be no light source that directly shines into the baby’s eyes, especially the bathroom heater. A little carelessness may cause the baby to have cross-eyed eyes, and in severe cases, it may even cause blindness. In the bedroom, you can use a mosquito net, and then put a few newspapers on the mosquito net to block the light source. If you take a bath, you can turn on the Yuba in advance, adjust the temperature in the bathroom, and then take the baby into the bath, and turn off the Yuba at the same time.

● Drugs | Jumping Pit Index: ★★★★★

Many places will mention some common medicines for infants and young children when recommending delivery kits. Although most of them are very common and relatively safe medicines, the medicines must be prescribed by the doctor. After all, infants are far inferior to adults in terms of physique and drug resistance, and because infants are not fully developed and their body structure is different from that of adults, many signs that are problematic for adults are completely normal for infants.

There are doctors waiting in the pediatric outpatient clinic of the hospital at any time. Don’t give your baby medicines for convenience. Although the probability is very low, once it happens, it may destroy the whole family.

Mosquito repellent products | Jumping pit index: ★★★★★

Almost all mosquito repellent products have age restrictions, especially for newborns, who can only use mosquito nets. Things like common mosquito repellent patches are not only ineffective, but also of uneven quality. For suggestions on the use of mosquito repellent products, you can click the following article.

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