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Ultra-Detailed Baby Bibs Buying Guide

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LBefore I had a baby, I felt that bibs were just placed under the baby’s chin to catch saliva, food and other things, and they had no technological content at all. After bringing the baby, I went to Amazon and looked at it. It doesn’t matter if I don’t look at it. I was shocked when I saw it. It is such a thing with no technological content, and its complexity cannot be underestimated at all!

According to the material: cotton, terry cloth, tarpaulin, silicone. The material determines the water absorption, air permeability, and ease of cleaning.

Divided by shape: the most common one is a pocket in the front, and there are also 360-degree and large shawls. The shape determines the angle at which it can catch something falling out of the baby’s mouth.

According to the fixing method: hidden buckle, lace, magic stick. It is determined whether it is easy to put on, and whether the baby can tear it off by himself.

Divided by size: the small one is like a scarf, the medium one is like a vest, and the big one is like a raincoat. The size determines how much “pollution” can be blocked.

After reading the categories above, do you have a sense of confusion, a truth that I understand, but the illusion that you can’t choose?

In fact, the choice of bibs, bibs, bibs and other things mainly depends on the use scene, and the use scene mainly refers to the baby’s age and the purpose of use, these two factors. Let me talk about my experience.

Scenario 1: In the newborn period, it is mainly used to cope with the baby spitting up milk and milk leaking from the corner of the mouth when drinking the bottle.

Babies in the newborn period are very delicate and have limited mobility. During this period, the clothes and neck are most likely to be soiled by the milk leaking from the corner of the mouth when spitting and drinking.

The most critical considerations in choosing a bib during this period are that it should be soft first, and then have good water absorption performance. At the same time, it can be conveniently placed directly on the neck of the baby who can only lie down at present.

The best one I have used so far is Aden Anais (go to buy) universal burp towel: N-layer yarn, the signature is softer with washing, and the large curved shawl is very large, which can just fit on the baby’s neck. The signature purpose of this burp towel is actually to put it on the shoulder, to pick up the spitting milk when burping the baby. I remember that it saved my clothes when I put them on. The problem is that I am often caught off guard. In order to prevent the baby from spitting on the bed or on the play blanket, my family even uses it as a “pillow cover” for the baby for a long time.

As a British royal brand, the biggest problem with Aden Anais is that it is expensive, so I also tried to buy other brands of burp towels, but to no avail, basically either the material is not soft enough or the strips are not big enough. In the end, I did not hesitate to wholesale a bunch of them, and they are durable to this day.

I also tried a terry cloth triangle towel with a hidden button, which is good in water absorption and soft, but it is a bit small for a pillow towel, and the tricky thing is to raise the baby’s head, which is really difficult for newborns.

I also gave away all kinds of small bibs with straps when I bought clothes, as if they didn’t need money. The advantage of the lacing is that it is flexible, and newborns can be tied to the side, but you don’t have time to operate it at all when facing an active baby.

Scene 2: 3 months later, the baby drooled crazily before teeth erupted

The key to the choice is good water absorption; the baby must wear it almost when he is awake, and it should be convenient for movement, and it can catch the saliva without being too hot; moreover, the baby’s saliva can flow into a river, and it must be washable!

Recommend Qianquhui or various other brands of 360-degree saliva towels. Before I bought it, I doubted that it would be too weak to catch the baby’s saliva splashing around. Who would want to wear it well, because although this kind of saliva towel is made of cotton, it has a certain hardness and can be relatively flat. The area of the interface water is not as soft as cotton yarn. Also due to its hardness, it will not wrap the baby’s neck and it will not be hot. Probably because it is not expensive, I think it is quite washable. As for the expensive princess scarves full of lace like marl-marl, I am embarrassed to throw them in the washing machine when I think about it. It is not suitable for lazy mothers and rough babies.

Of course, I took out the terry cloth triangle towel to try again, it’s really hot in summer.

Of course, I also put in a few very expensive and beautiful bibs. Due to the regular shape and effect, it is basically equivalent to the baby bringing a small towel with her, and adults have to wipe it with her.

Scene 3: 5~6 months, learn to drink water, start to eat thin rice cereal; 8 months later, hold the bottle and drink milk

When the baby first learned to drink water, he couldn’t swallow it (or just played with me), and basically it flowed silently from the corner of his mouth while drinking, especially when eating thin rice cereal. Therefore, the key to choosing a bib is to absorb water well and hold it tightly – a pool of water has accumulated in the neck of Xiaopang!

When I was on a business trip in the UK, I accidentally saw Tommy’s bib (go to buy it). There is a sponge around the neck! It can just be stuck in the seam of the baby’s neck. It is highly water-absorbent and soft and comfortable. Give me a dozen of such good designs!

As the second choice, you can continue to use the Aden Anais universal burp cloth, and the big baby can buckle it secretly.

The terry cloth triangle towel can finally be used reluctantly. After all, drinking water and eating paste is not like drooling and needs to be worn all day long. It is hot as long as it is hot. But with the perfect Tommy bib, who would think of such a weak triangular scarf!

Scene 4: 6 months +, eating all kinds of mud

The pain point is dirty! The little hungry devil is always being fed by waving his hands and head, and often shows an expression of eating shit. So the bib is easy to wash more than anything else! At the same time, it must be comfortable, otherwise the baby will protest and refuse to eat every minute.

Finally entered the overseas shopping hotspot, here is the capital recommendation of Bumkins fully waterproof bib (to buy)! Lightweight, easy to wash and beautiful, and comes in all sizes! Speaking of beauty, the aesthetics of Bumkins domestic purchasing agent is really, if you have the conditions to look at the direct mail, it doesn’t look like a brand. Also, the niche brand Green Sprouts (go buy) has basically similar bibs, and they look great too! A bib is like a picture book.

Whenever the baby is excited and wants to eat with a spoon, he has to wear a smock. What is more annoying is that if it is summer, there are very few short-sleeved smocks on the market. Currently, the only ones that are relatively cost-effective are Richell and still Capitalize recommended Bumkins.

Japanese bibs, such as Qianquhui are always made of two layers. When I bought it, I thought it was an advanced design. It is easy to wash and breathable. Often rancid at home.

As a fan of Skip Hop (to buy) toys, of course, I also picked up two small animal waterproof bibs from his family. The unicorn, the little bee, and the one with ears are so cute, aren’t they! However, it is not a thick tarpaulin like Bumkins. It only has a thin layer. The selling point is that it is light and easy to take out. Well, we just use it when we take out to eat snacks. Eating other things will probably soak the baby’s clothes. .

Scenario 5: 6 months +, eating hard food (referring to food and serious meals afterwards)

The pain point lies in the earth-shattering dirtiness! The key to holding the food scraps dropped by the little hungry devil is that the pocket should be big, but also soft, otherwise the baby will lift the bowl in minutes to show you, the ultimate version of the bib – the silicone bib finally comes in handy.

oxo  has the largest pocket (hard), the upper layer is made of cloth, soft and has a wide range of adjustment, and it has a buckle design, which is convenient for carrying a spoon to take out.

Modern twist (go to buy) is the softest, the baby will not resist it, and the adjustable range is also very large, but because it is too soft, it is not too big, and it will still fall out. It is good for home use.

Here, I complain about all other bibs with a small adjustable range of Hardbrada, such as Baby Bjorn (to buy), and various domestic brands, let us how to use this soft and thin baby.78

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