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Underwear shopping guide | I can’t buy underwear that fits well, learn how to choose good underwear in 15 minutes

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LA lot of underwear looks gorgeous, and it feels good when you first put it on, but it is very uncomfortable after a whole day. It often slips, pinches the flesh, causes strangulation… and even affects the mood. So even though girls often have a lot of underwear, many people often only change between one or two. How to choose the right underwear for you is much more difficult than imagined, and many girls can only rely on fate.

Fitting underwear can hardly feel its existence, while unsuitable underwear will remind you of its existence all the time when you are doing things, and sometimes it is inconvenient to simply go up and down the stairs. Today, we have summarized 18 tips for choosing underwear for everyone.

Is it better to buy underwear online or in store?

A: It’s hard to say who is good and who is bad. Going to a physical store requires close contact with strangers. Some girls with shallow faces may be shy, but the advantage is that you can try on various styles of underwear, and you can usually complete the purchase within a relatively short period of time. If you don’t have time, or don’t want to go to a physical store, you need to take a soft ruler to measure it, and then choose it on Amazon. When I need to remind you, there are many uncertainties in online shopping, unless you are willing to buy underwear of different sizes and styles, try them on at home after arrival, and return the unsuitable ones. Choosing an online store with a good reputation can reduce the risk of making a wrong purchase to a certain extent, but it does not guarantee that you will be able to buy the right one at the first time.

How to determine the correct underwear size?

One of the most common mistakes many girls make is to ask “what’s the size of my underwear?” There are even reports on the Internet that many girls send breast photos to sellers when they buy underwear on Taobao in an attempt to let sellers identify the size, and There are many such things. Another mistake is to preconceive what size you should wear, because it is very likely that your career line is already in a different position than it was five years ago.

In addition to the influence of age and living conditions, your size will also change due to the details of the underwear itself, such as the shape of the cup, the type of fabric used for the back girdle, the shape of the steel ring, and different suppliers. Even the type of lace used can have an effect. Although different brands have different size labels, there are still two basic measurement sizes that you can refer to no matter where you shop, that is, “under bust size” and “cup size”. There are many underwear size calculators on the Internet that can help you figure it out, but only if you measure your size accurately.

How to measure lower bust size?

Stand up straight without your underwear on, and use a tape measure to measure around your back under your chest, where the girdle usually sits, making sure the tape measures across your body horizontally. Measurements will be inaccurate if the tape rises or falls when it is wrapped around the back, and the tape is snug against the body rather than wrapped tightly.

For convenience, when buying underwear, you often choose a similar approximate number as your bra size according to your lower bust. For example, if your lower bust is between 68~72cm, please choose size 70. For details, please refer to Bra Size Comparison chart, bust size chart.

How to measure cup size?

At this point, most retailers will recommend that you wear your current favorite (and therefore most comfortable) underwear to keep your breasts where you actually want them to be. Then take the nipple as the benchmark, measure the length of the largest week of the chest, and then subtract this number from the size of the lower bust, and the obtained number indicates your cup size: less than 7.5=AA; 10=A; 12.5=B; 15=C ;17.5=D;20=E;greater than 20=F.

Generally speaking, choose an A cup for a height difference of about 10cm, a B cup for 12.5cm, a C cup for about 15cm, a D cup for about 17.5cm, an E cup for about 20cm, and an F cup for more than 20cm.

How to know underwear size?

Connect your underbust size and cup size together, and you will get a combination of numbers and English letters, for example: 32C. This size is your underwear size. but! Before you start shopping online, be aware that there are a lot of details that go into choosing the right underwear!

How to wear underwear correctly?

When you’ve fully adjusted your underwear, it should never feel like you’re wearing anything. First, fasten the buckle around the underwear at its loosest position (you can only tighten it when the underwear loosens over time, remember to keep the straps in the same position), then adjust the straps just right The length is tight, but don’t let it sink into the shoulder skin. At this time, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you will find that your chest should be in the middle of the elbow and shoulder.

How do you know if underwear fits you well?

There’s a very easy way to do that is to wear the tightest t-shirt you own, if you see any odd lines or bulges, you’re not the right size.

How tight should underwear girdles be?

One of the biggest misunderstandings about underwear at present is: the looser the better, because most people want to pursue comfort, so they often directly enlarge the girdle of underwear. However, this sense of comfort may well be an illusion. The girdle is 80% of the support of your bra, so if it’s too loose, it won’t keep your baby’s humps in the perfect position, and there’s a good chance the girdle will move up and down the back. So, the logic is actually the opposite: the girdle should fit snugly around the body.

You want to try to make sure that the part of the strap on the back extends three fingers’ width from your back, and the part of the strap on the sides extends two fingers’ width. The girdle should wrap around the body horizontally and should not move up, down or out of step anywhere.

If you feel tight after using the above method, you don’t need to worry, because you used to wear underwear with a loose back band, and now I let you wear underwear with a tighter band. Then your body will need time to adapt.

What should I do if my underwear comes loose?

If the straps of your new underwear move up, try loosening the shoulder straps or tightening the buckle to a tighter position. But if none of these methods work, then you have to increase the size of the underbust by one level, and then adjust the size of the rest of the underwear according to the new size. Also keep in mind that as you increase your underbust size, the cup size is likely to go down a notch (for example, if your 34C underwear moves up, try a 36B.)

What should I do if my underwear is too tight? Does the appearance of strangle marks mean that the clothes are too tight?

When you take off your underwear and notice stretch marks on your skin, this is not abnormal and does not necessarily mean that the underwear is too tight. However, if you really want to avoid this situation, you can consider increasing the width of the back girdle, so that the force-bearing area can be distributed more widely, and it can also help reduce the situation where the back flesh is squeezed out.

How to avoid chest leakage or side leakage?

Your breasts should fit snugly inside the cup, and there should be no leaking around the breasts. If you press on the underwire and it bounces, it means the underwire is on your chest. Your breasts should be inside the cup, and the underwire should be over your ribs so it sits flat against your body.

Breast leakage or side leakage is usually caused by the back of your underwear being too small, or your breasts not facing in the same direction as your underwear. The solution to the former has been mentioned above. If it is the latter (nipples facing left or right), there are two solutions: increase the size of the cup or look for underwear with a larger rim circumference in order to cover more large area.

What should I do if the cup of underwear is too big?

If you encounter a situation where the cup is too large, or there is excess fabric above the chest, then you can try to tighten the belt so that the underwire under the chest can be tightened so that the cup is closer to your body, or the shoulder strap Tightening will also help. But if neither adjustment works, your cup size needs to be reduced by one size.

Does the middle joint (spine or gusset) of the underwear have to be close to the body?

The spine, sometimes called the gore, is the part of the bra that connects the two cups. Ideally, you want the spine to be as close to the breastbone as possible. If you have more centered busts it’s okay to have a little lift in the spine but if it doesn’t stay in the same position you’ll have to go down a band size or go up a cup size or try a plunging cut Underwear (plunge bra), the front center part of this type of underwear is usually relatively narrow.

What Causes Shoulder Strap Slipping and How Can It Be Avoided?

A common mistake many people make is to try on underwear and not adjust the shoulder straps after buying it home. There should be room under your shoulder straps to fit a finger through without lifting. Adjust the straps in this way and check again after every three to four wears and after every wash. If you find yourself constantly adjusting the straps to lift your bust, there may be another reason: the straps are too large, which pushes the bra up the back and allows the bust to slide down. Instead of raising the shoulder straps all the way up, double-check the girdle size.

If your shoulder girdle continues to slide off your shoulders, it may be caused by your shoulders sloping down. If this is the case, you can switch to racer back. Different brands of racer backs are different. For example, Wacoal has a design that incorporates a J-shaped buckle into it, allowing you to put the two shoulder straps on the back The places snap together to keep the shoulder straps in place.

How often should I remeasure my underwear size?

The average woman has to change her underwear size more than six times in her lifetime. Generally speaking, re-measurement is required every six months, but it does not mean that you have to go to an underwear store. Generally speaking, it is a simple inspection when underwear feels uncomfortable. Re-measurement is especially necessary if you have lost or gained weight, or if you have been pregnant or breastfeeding.

How many pieces of underwear are the best to have?

While most women own 10 to 20 underwear, they only rely on a handful for a steady change. What is the real appropriate number? The answer is six: four for everyday wear, including two T-shirt bras, one half-cover bra (demi), one plunge bra, and one for special occasions A set of luxurious underwear, and a French bralet for casual wear. It is important to alternate between these underwear, otherwise your underwear will wear out quickly.

How to maintain underwear?

Underwear is best washed by hand, but if you don’t have the time, you can hook and loop the back of the underwear and remove any removable padding and place in a laundry bag for safe machine washing, along with other light garments in cold water. Washing is the best way. Avoid tumble drying underwear as this can break the elasticity or deform the cups.

How often do I need to get new underwear?

Undergarments that are worn every day should be replaced every nine months, or when the girdle is stretched too much.

How to choose the underwear style correctly?

If you’re shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, tell the clerk exactly what you want to achieve and ask them to advise. If you don’t have a particular look, start with the design or look you want.

What are the styles of underwear?

Full cup bra (Full cup bra): It can provide greater support and is also most suitable for reducing the chest to a minimum. Perfect for those who don’t want their breasts to look too big.

Demi-cup bra: Named for covering only half of the chest (slightly more than the flat-mouth type).

Balconette bra: The cup height is narrower and the shoulder straps are wider, creating a stronger lifting effect. For those who have lost their fullness and want to regain it (eg after breastfeeding).

Push-up bra: Adding padding at the bottom or side of the cup, which is a standard style for deep cleavage. Suitable for those who want to create a career line.

Unlined bra: Offers less support than padded styles. For those who like a relaxed feel and don’t want the extra weight of padding.

Plunge bra: This type of bra usually has a very low deep V curve in the middle of the cups, and is also one of the styles that create deep cleavage. Wear it under low-cut tops or dresses.

Front-clasp bra: It can reduce the problem of the back being squeezed out by the underwear, and this style is usually less exposed when wearing a low-cut coat. It’s also great as an inner layer over low-cut tops or dresses.

Unwired bras and bralets: These are the most comfortable to wear (recommended for regular wear during pregnancy), but they sometimes move up and have lower support than bras with underwires.

Strapless bra: usually with silicone around it to improve adhesion. Wear it with tops and dresses with flat or spaghetti straps. Sometimes straps are attached so that you can adjust it according to your needs, such as freely transforming into a razorback or one-shoulder style underwear.

If you follow the above recommendations correctly for shopping and measuring underwear, you may find yourself in a new underwear size that is not as common as the previous size.

In addition, we also have a purchase guide on underwear, if you are interested, click the article below.

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