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What kind of children’s dining chair should I buy? 11 knowledge points for buying children’s dining chairs

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LChildren’s dining chairs are almost a must for many families, but when choosing a children’s dining chair, many people always ask what kind of children’s dining chair to buy? I always want to do it in one step, and hope that someone can directly tell him what brand of children’s dining chair is good, the top ten brands of children’s dining chair, etc. But I think, even if I tell you which brand of high chair is good, there are many different styles and similarities under the same brand. If you don’t know the key points of choosing a high chair, how can you choose the one that is really suitable for your baby?

Before writing this article, I compared nearly 20 kinds of children’s dining chairs back and forth, and did some homework on the Internet, and I have some experience.

1. Is it necessary to buy a children’s dining chair?

Before discussing how to buy a children’s dining chair, it is necessary to talk about whether it is really necessary to buy a children’s dining chair. After all, many people think that it is not necessary, and my answer is yes. There are several reasons why it is necessary to add a children’s dining chair.

One is that parents can really save a lot of worry, and don’t have to worry about naughty babies running around suddenly after eating.

The second is that it is conducive to cultivating the baby’s habit of eating by itself, and when the family sits together to eat, no matter how young he is, he is a member of the family and has a sense of participation.

The third is safety. It is often reported in the news that some accidents caused by chasing the baby to eat, such as falling and knocking, and even chopsticks inserted into the head, are very distressing. The children’s dining chair can fix the baby on the dining chair and eat quietly.

2. How to choose a children’s dining chair?

There are many suggestions on the Internet for purchasing children’s dining chairs, but I don’t think there are many that can really speak to the point. I personally think that the following aspects should be considered when choosing a children’s dining chair: portability, non-toxic materials, structural safety, comfort, seating space, easy to clean, whether there are dinner plates, whether there are toys, and extensibility (age, weight) ), quality, appearance, price.

01. Portability

The reason why portability is important is that as your baby grows older, he will have more opportunities to go out and eat out more often. Although some restaurants will provide child seats, from a hygienic point of view, it is more convenient to bring them by yourself, not to mention visiting relatives and friends. It is rare to meet a child who happens to have a spare child dining chair for the baby .

According to the previous understanding, generally speaking, those with dinner plates are not very convenient to carry. In terms of brands, the most portable ones are Stokke, Concord and Flippa.

02. Non-toxic material

Because it is something that the baby will use for a long time, and the child’s nature likes to explore, whether it is licking, or fumbling around and then stuffing his hands into his mouth, it is unhealthy but uncontrollable. Therefore, we need to start with the material of the dining chair, and there are mainly several ingredients that need to be guarded against.

Plasticizer, a kind of thing that widely exists in all aspects of life, but if ingested in the body, the harm is still relatively serious. Because it may affect the secretion of hormones in infants and young children, cause hormone imbalance, and may lead to precocious puberty in children. In addition, although it is not clear whether it is carcinogenic to humans, carcinogenic reactions did appear in animal experiments.

Bisphenol A, a plastic hardener, is also a substance that we are often exposed to. Although it is a low-toxicity chemical, it is also a very dangerous substance for infants and young children. Because it may affect the growth and development of infants and young children, and cause damage to children’s brains and sex organs. And it happens that this thing is easy to appear on the dinner plate of the children’s dining chair, so be very careful.

Polyurethane, in the field of daily life, polyurethane is mainly used to make various foams and plastic sponges, while it mainly appears on the fabric of children’s dining chairs, which can improve the waterproof performance of the fabric, but whether polyurethane will affect human liver function There is controversy. At present, some children’s dining chairs on the market are made of cloth. When encountering this kind of dining chair, you must pay attention to this ingredient.

As for the judgment of the ingredients, it is mainly from the description of the dining chair that children should be prevented from coming into contact with such substances as much as possible.

03. Structural safety

When a child uses a children’s dining chair, sit on it, at least tens of centimeters from the ground. If it falls over, even if it is not injured, it will scare the adults to death. Therefore, when purchasing children’s dining chairs, pay special attention to the following points in terms of structure:

#01 Is the chair cushion able to stay on the chair?

Although in our inherent mode, the chair cushion must be fixed on the chair, otherwise there is a risk of slipping. However, there are indeed some children’s dining chairs on the market whose cushions are not fixed on the chair, so pay attention when purchasing.

#02 Is there a 3-point seat belt?

Although most products today are designed with seat belts, there are also some brands of children’s dining chairs that do not have this design. There was an accident in which a baby dining chair of a certain brand was not designed with a seat belt, which caused the baby to fall, and the product was finally recalled to be equipped with a seat belt. In addition, pay attention to the buckle of the seat belt should be easy to buckle and untie, and try to choose one that can be stored, so that it will not be messy when going out.

#03 Is the bottom of the chair non-slip?

Some children’s dining chairs on the market can be used as a chair and can be placed on the chair or on the ground. When purchasing this kind of chair, you must pay attention to the anti-slip performance of the chair feet, because if the floor is slippery, after putting the child into the chair, the child’s feet may be long enough, and he has the strength to kick with his feet, which will cause the chair to tilt. Lean back and fall down.

#04 Does the foldable high chair have a design to prevent accidental touch?

For children’s furniture, folding tables and chairs have always been the focus of discussions among relevant experts and scholars, because when using folding furniture, it is easy for children to accidentally touch the switch, causing the furniture to fold and causing accidents for children.

04. Comfort

The size of the dining chair and the softness of the cushion have a great influence on whether children can eat comfortably and comfortably on it. The softness of the cushion is easy to distinguish, but in terms of the size of the space, it is mainly to pay attention to the two parameters of the space for placing the thighs and the distance between the dinner plate and the seat.

05. Easy to clean

When children use the dining chair, it is inevitable that food will spill on the chair, so try to choose that kind of parts, preferably even the seat belt can be removed and cleaned, so as to avoid the breeding of bacteria after long-term use.

06. Is there a plate

Different people have different opinions on whether dining chairs need a plate. If it is a style with a dinner plate, it is best to choose the kind of dinner plate that can be stored and the height can be adjusted. In addition, pay attention to whether the thigh space is sufficient.

07. Do you have toys?

Some children’s dining chairs are designed with some toys attached to them, but this type of dining chair is not recommended, because the toys will distract the baby when eating, and they will often play with toys while eating, which is not conducive to children’s development of good health. Habit.

08. Malleability

Extensibility is mainly reflected in two aspects, load-bearing and space. Because the baby’s weight and height increase most rapidly at this stage, special attention should be paid to whether the load-bearing capacity of the dining chair has a margin. Some products support height adjustment and tilt angle, but more attention should be paid to the load-bearing capacity of different angles .

09. Quality

Quality refers to whether the dining chair is durable, and before buying, only refer to the buyer’s evaluation as much as possible, especially the follow-up evaluation.

10. Appearance and price

In this case, it depends on your own preferences and affordability.

3. Children’s dining chairs can generally be used from a few months, and how old are they generally used?

Be sure to wait until 6 months before using the high chair, if the high chair is used too early, it will cause the baby’s spine to deform. Generally use it until about 2 years old, some babies use it until 4 or 5 years old, and some babies don’t like to use it until they are about 1 year old. You can choose the right time to remove it according to your baby’s self-care ability. Finally, if you are still struggling with your child’s complementary food, you can try the BabyCook food supplement machine.

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