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A detailed analysis of how to reduce the cost of using a dishwasher can save a little bit

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If you don’t have to, you don’t need to read this article at all. Maybe you readers don’t understand at all why some people can afford to buy a dishwasher, but they care so much about the cost of using the dishwasher. It’s like you don’t understand why someone cares so much about a dollar.

This document is for those who work hard, work hard, and pursue the quality of life, but are temporarily in a bad situation.

We have calculated the cost composition of the dishwasher before: water, electricity, dishwashing salt, dishwashing powder (dishwashing block, dishwashing gel), brightener, body cleaner. Generally, the cost of washing tableware in a dishwasher is about 2 yuan, which is indeed quite expensive.

It was said at the time that the cost of water and electricity is generally around 0.7 to 0.8 yuan. To reduce the cost of water and electricity, you can wash tableware by choosing the “energy-saving washing” program. Energy-saving washing As mentioned before, energy-saving washing takes the longest washing time among all programs. The principle is to use a small amount of water for long-term washing, so the water used is the least. Since the water is seldom used, the electricity consumption for heating the water is also the least (this is very important), so it is called energy-saving washing. Although the water consumption is less, the washing effect is not bad because of the long rinse time.

If you are just starting to use a dishwasher and are not yet familiar with various washing procedures, such as energy-saving washing, clean washing, etc., step by step to explain in detail the various washing procedures of dishwashers and the differences between them.

So is there any way to save a little more on water and electricity? some. Electricity expenses account for about 80% of the water and electricity expenditure, and a large part of it is used to heat water. Therefore, if possible, the water inlet pipe of the dishwasher can be directly connected to the hot water pipe, so that the heating times of the dishwasher can be reduced, thereby reducing electricity consumption.

By the way, if you are choosing a water heater, go to Home Gas Water Heater Selection Guide | From water heater classification, principle, installation, to which brand is good, do your homework on how to choose a water heater.

But it should be noted that the water temperature of the water inlet pipe cannot be higher than 60°C (must be grasped), and at the same time, pay attention to whether the water inlet pipe can withstand high temperature. The water temperature does not exceed 25°C, only use cold water. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the water pressure of the hot water source can reach a water intake of at least 10 liters per minute, otherwise the washing process cannot be started normally.

It is quite simple to say, but it is very difficult for many families to control the water temperature, especially for families with gas water heaters. After all, hot water is not only used for dishwashers, but also in many places in daily life. Sometimes the weather is slightly It was a little cold, so I accidentally turned up the temperature. And even if the temperature of the water heater is set, the scale may affect the temperature sensor of the water heater, causing the output water to be higher than the set temperature. Therefore, if you are not fully sure, it is not recommended to start here to save money.

The second is to save on washing consumables. Generally speaking, there are two ways: one is to reduce the consumption of consumables, and the other is to use lower-priced consumables. Like the bright disc in the picture above, it is indeed not cheap to buy a set.

Dishwashing salt cannot be saved, especially in places with high water hardness. Usually, scales will form when the kettle is boiled with hot water. So much money wasted. Not only can it not be saved, but if the hardness is particularly high, you should also increase the level of dishwashing salt.

For dishwashing powder, generally speaking, small dishwashers use 10g at a time, and large and medium-sized dishwashers use 20g at a time. Moreover, the amount of dishwashing powder can be appropriately increased or decreased according to the oily situation of the tableware. If there is very little oil stain, it will not have much effect even if it is not used. Most of the time, it can be washed clean. But remember not to use it for a long time, so that the inside of the dishwasher will accumulate oil stains.

Why not mention dish soap and dish gel? Because the cost of a single wash of these two things is generally higher than that of dishwashing powder (higher unit price), and the amount of dishwashing blocks cannot be controlled.

As for the brightener, you can add it or not. But you should know that if you don’t add it, it will affect the drying effect, and the glass tableware may remain water stains.

Body cleaner, this thing can be saved if you say it can be saved, and it can’t be saved if you say it can’t be saved. You can reduce the frequency of use, but use it. As for how high the frequency is, according to the frequency of use of the dishwasher, it can be cleared once a month at most, and cleared every three months at least.

The method mentioned above is to save from the consumption of consumables, and the following is to talk about how to save from the price of washing consumables.

Regarding dishwasher consumables, I have introduced some of the more popular brands of washing consumables in the world and several domestic brands of consumables. If you want to save costs, you can choose directly from domestic brands. For some brands of consumables, the cost of a single wash can be reduced by about half compared to using foreign brands such as Bright Disc. Moreover, Jianjing has a machine washing tablet, which has the same function as the body cleaner of Bright Disc, but the price is much cheaper.

About several brands of washing consumables that are more popular in the world, move on


The other is dishwashing salt, soft water salt with medium salt, the composition is exactly the same, but the state is different, one is powder and the other is block. But the price difference is several times, although you can’t save a few yuan, but every penny saved is one penny, right? Just need to pay attention to the slow dissolution rate of block soft water salt, especially when the temperature is low, the salt shortage indicator may not be turned off immediately after adding salt, and it needs to wait for several hours or even days.

What are the ingredients of dishwashing salt?


Finally, let’s talk about the frequency of washing dishes. If the dishwasher is not full every time you do the dishes, then do two washes to fill the dishwasher. In this way, it can save water, electricity and consumables once when the dishwasher load reaches saturation, isn’t it?

in conclusion:

The first is to reduce costs. When the water temperature can be guaranteed, the dishwasher can be connected to hot water.

The second is to choose domestic brands of washing consumables. The amount of dishwashing powder is appropriately reduced according to the dirtiness of the tableware, and the brightener is omitted, and the washing machine tablets are used appropriately.

The third is to reduce the frequency of washing dishes.

A person’s life is very long, and it is inevitable that they will encounter hurdles of one kind or another. Gritting your teeth, it’s over. Three years, five years, and looking back today, what are these? Come on, there will always be a way out for hardworking people in this world. mutual encouragement.

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