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Anti-fraud reader: The deception of fund changes caused by transferring bank card balances to wealth management products

by nadlia
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LThis is a very classic case of fraud. Even young people who are well versed in the Internet may not be able to see through this kind of deception 100%, because the interaction during the fraud process involves real SMS feedback from the bank, true and false , it is difficult to distinguish.

Personal information leakage is very serious in today’s society. For most people, it is quite normal for your name, phone number, bank card number, and even passwords of shopping websites and online banking accounts to be leaked or stolen. The reason why the funds have not been embezzled is because the bank has a second layer of security mechanisms such as verification codes in addition to passwords. If your verification codes are leaked, it is equivalent to the second layer of security mechanisms being breached, er, basically it is all over. So when a liar gives you information to try to gain your trust, don’t spend your energy recalling how the information was leaked, but focus on identifying the liar. In fact, the best way is not to bird him.

If you really attach great importance to the information given by the other party, but you are very confused and uncertain, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is a real liar or not. First, take the initiative to call the customer service numbers of relevant companies and banks to understand the relevant situation, and second, call the anti-information fraud consultation hotline of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau 0755-81234567 to get help.

The following is the process of the victim being defrauded.

Bank card account balance missing

At around 5 o’clock in the afternoon that day, I suddenly received a text message on my mobile phone. The number showed that it was from China Construction Bank. There are only a few tens of dollars left in the balance.

But I didn’t have any consumption at this time. The text message number did show the official number of CCB “95533”. I thought it might be a scammer using a fake base station to defraud me, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Immediately, a text message was sent from a number: 17074458243, saying that I spent two sums in Jingdong Mall, 300 and 4600 respectively, which also matched the amount I just spent, but as an old driver, I was not fooled, and I still thought This is a trick used by scammers to send text messages using fake base stations.

call with a liar
Within a few minutes, 17074458243 actually called, and we had the following conversation:

Liar: Hello, is this Mr. Wang?

Me: Yes, what’s the matter?

Scammer: You have made two purchases on JD.com. You purchased a QQ point card. Because it is a purchase in a different place, we need to confirm it. Is it your transaction?

Me: I have not made any consumption, so you are not allowed to deduct money from me!

Liar: Don’t worry, are you sure it’s not the news? Because there is indeed a process of consumption. We have to charge.

Me: Do you dare to deduct money? !

Liar: Please confirm your card number: XXXXXXXXXXXX (actually reported my CCB savings card number clearly, and also knew that it was bound to my current mobile phone number, and knew my name)

(I’m starting to get nervous, because where does this information come from?)

Me: My card is neither lost nor consumed, you are not allowed to deduct money!

Liar: Okay, let me intercept the 300 yuan you spent for you first.

(Afterwards, something miraculous happened. My Jianjian text message reminded me that the balance of my savings card increased by 300 yuan! I started sweating on my phone.)

Liar: Have you received the 300 yuan return text message?

Me: Received, help me to intercept the 4600 yuan consumption!

(The scammer temporarily defrauded me of a little trust by paying back 300 yuan.)


Although I knew that this was a scammer and I was dealing with them, I still felt something was wrong, so I took the initiative to dial the consultation number of CCB and started to check the balance with my mobile phone, but the result messed me up. The money on the card was real. No more, really 387.41 left.

But I was still worried, because I concluded that the scammer had a fake base station, so I went out quickly and checked the balance on a nearby ATM, but the result was the same as the phone inquiry, the balance was 387.41 yuan.

Liar: Mr. Wang, if you want to intercept transactions exceeding 1,000 yuan, you need a verification code.

Me: What do you mean? (When I heard the verification code, I was a little alert)

Liar: I am trying to help you intercept, need a cheat code

(At this time, there was a background voice of a scammer talking with another scammer on the phone: My customer is a little anxious, his money may have been stolen, please help me to intercept it quickly.)

Liar: Mr. Wang, don’t worry, we are intercepting, the network is a bit slow at present, 60%, it will be fine soon.

Liar: Mr. Wang, did you receive the text message?

Me: No, there is no news.

Liar: Mr. Wang, is your mobile phone Apple or Android? You should have received a text message, please give me the verification code.

(At this time, I was a little sure that the verification code was a liar. I received a fraudulent verification code at this time, but it was a verification code for applying for mobile payment, and I began to regain my sanity. I pretended not to receive it.)

Liar: Mr. Wang, then I will send it again.

The scammer told me not to hang up and I kept insisting I didn’t receive it.

Me: What merchant do you belong to in Jingdong?

Liar: We are XXX point card.

Me: Merchant name, I want to make a complaint.

The scammer became alarmed and immediately hung up the phone.


First of all, please keep in mind that anyone who asks you for a dynamic verification code should not provide it to him, because this is the last “Great Wall of Defense” for your financial security.

If you understand this, you can judge many fraudulent methods. This Mr. Wang also suddenly realized when the scammer asked for the verification code, and recognized the scammer’s fraudulent methods in time to avoid losses.

How do liars cheat? At this time, many people are wondering. Where did the transferred 4,600 yuan go? How did the liar do it? Afterwards, Mr. Wang consulted the bank, and with the help of the bank’s customer personnel, he finally found his own 4,600 yuan in investment and wealth management-financial management products-margin management.

liar’s trick

1. Enter your online banking

Obtaining your online banking information through various means and entering your online banking is the first step, so please be careful to prevent your privacy from being leaked.

2. Transfer money to your own investment account

Transferring your money from the balance to your own investment account does not require any verification codes and procedures. Transferring yourself is just a change of place. It’s like you opened a clothing store, and the scammer moved your store from Jianxi Commodity to Xigong Commodity, the store is still yours, and the location has changed.

3. The bank sends you a text message

Because your money is transferred from the account balance to the investment and wealth management account, the bank will send you a text message to remind you of the transfer, but it only tells you that the money is transferred out; the bank does not tell you where it has been transferred! If the bank writes a few more words at this step, specifying the destination of the transfer, this trick will be very difficult to succeed!

4. To cheat your trust

Many people get confused after seeing the text message reminder sent out. Scammers take advantage of this to call you and pretend to be a staff member to gain your trust. If you believe him, you’re hooked.

5. Small amount refund

At this time, transfer the small amount of money from the investment account back to your online banking account. (Equivalent to moving your store from Xigong Small Commodities to the original Jianxi Small Commodities)
At this time, you will naturally receive the genuine deposit information from the bank. At this time, you will trust the liar even more.

6. Obtain verification code by cheating

At this time, it is like grabbing a life-saving straw, hugging the liar’s thigh tightly, imagining that he will return your 4600, and obey him. At this time, it is not too easy for the scammer to ask you for the verification code. Once you give the verification code to the scammer, the scammer will really enter the bank account, and he can do whatever he wants in your account, and your account will be completely lost.

The above is a detailed analysis of the steps of the fraud from the two perspectives of the deceived and the liar, and it is obvious that this method of fraud is mainly for those who often shop online.

Because these people generally think that the elderly are easy to be deceived, and they are “veteran drivers” who often shop online. .

Of course, if you don’t need to understand the above, it doesn’t matter, just remember one sentence.

Do not tell anyone your dynamic verification code. Remember! Remember! Remember!

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