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Before buying a dishwasher, you must at least understand these basic knowledge points

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LWhether it is necessary to buy household appliances, don’t just listen to what others say, but whether it is suitable for you, whether it can solve the current problem, whether it can improve the quality of life, and whether the purchase cost is worth it under the current economic conditions. The following is just the opinion of one family, so choose by yourself.

| Basic teaching of dishwasher

This is a basic tutorial on the use of Bosch dishwashers, and the reason why I use it is because the video they took is pretty good. Most of the dishwashers of other brands have the same structure as the dishwasher in the video, especially the methods of adding softening salt (dishwashing salt), dishwashing powder, and brightener are basically the same, so this video can be used as a very good reference.

| Why do we need dishwashers?

Because you are lazy. Did you click on this article because you have to wash the dishes every day, and occasionally have a quarrel about washing the dishes? It’s okay, we’re all lazy, at least I admit it.

Washing dishes by hand generally takes 0.5 to 1 hour at a time, 24 hours a day, and washing dishes will take about 1 to 2.5 hours. Time is at your fingertips, if you can, why waste it on washing dishes. Secondly, when washing dishes, it is always inevitable to hurt hands, rough, dry, peeling, and rheumatism.

However, the cost of a dishwasher is not low. One is that the purchase of a dishwasher requires a considerable amount of expenses; the other is the installation of the dishwasher. The kitchen (the location of the dishwasher was not planned at the beginning) to add a dishwasher can only choose a desktop dishwasher to take up a certain amount of countertop space, or it is necessary to renovate the kitchen’s water and electricity, which is not a small expense; The third is that although the dishwasher saves water and electricity, the daily use of the dishwasher will incur consumable costs, which is also a considerable expense. It is not too late to decide whether to buy a dishwasher after understanding these clearly.

For the cost of using the dishwasher, see the analysis of the cost of using the dishwasher.

dishwasher introduction

dishwasher introduction

| Why do so few people use dishwashers?

After people know that I use a dishwasher, the most commented is “I’m so lazy, I don’t even want to wash the dishes by myself”, and I reply silently, “You are diligent. If you are diligent, you don’t need a washing machine and use a washboard instead.” In fact, the dishwasher is the same as the washing machine. It is just a machine that solves daily affairs on our behalf and saves our time, energy, and physical strength. A machine cannot imprint something on a person or a family. If you really want to imprint something, you must know how to enjoy life and save time and cost.

The reason why fewer people use dishwashers now is because people haven’t fully accepted it, or even don’t understand it. Some people think it is expensive, but in fact the price is about the same as that of a washing machine. Some people think that it consumes electricity, and the washing machine also consumes electricity. Some people think that its consumables are expensive, and it may indeed be more expensive than washing powder, but the frequency of use of the dishwasher is much higher than that of the washing machine, isn’t it? Some people worry that it won’t be clean. If you don’t wash it, how will you know if it’s not clean?

Another difference between a dishwasher and a washing machine is that the location of the washing machine is reserved at the beginning of the general household decoration, but the location of the dishwasher is not reserved. If the kitchen is small, the dishwasher should be used. It takes a lot of determination to remodel your cabinets.

If you guessed right, after more people use dishwashers, the sales of dishwashers will double due to the herd effect of humans. Never mind that you are the first person in your circle of friends to eat crabs.

Of course, the analysis here is not in place, and a more in-depth and accurate analysis should be carried out. Deep Analysis | Why is the penetration rate of dishwashers in China so low? .

| Is the dishwasher clean?

Generally speaking, it is cleaner than hand washing, and the difference is similar to hand washing and machine washing. Some things that are not cleaned by hand usually have heavy oil stains and many gaps, such as the filter screen of the range hood, and the deep cups can be washed very clean. Generally, the feeling of using it for the first time is “it is so clean”.

But it’s not absolute. The bowls of steamed custard can’t be washed clean, because the protein will solidify when exposed to high temperature, and the dishwasher is washed at high temperature. You need to soak this type of bowl in advance; the dried rice and noodles are very thick. The porridge is not clean, after all, it needs a steel wool ball to wash these things by hand.

Not all tableware can be washed in the dishwasher. If the cast iron pan is machine-washed, it will rust after drying; those with gold or silver edges must be washed off; plastic tableware that is not resistant to high temperatures will deform after washing; wooden tableware cannot , The wood is easy to deform after a long heating time, please check the instructions of the dishwasher for more information.

There is such a story about dishwashers on Embarrassment Encyclopedia for reference only:

There is a dishwasher in the rented apartment, which is usually only used to wash dishes, and I don’t use it to wash the cups I often drink. I once saw that they used a dishwasher to wash the cups very clean at someone’s house, so I went home and tried it, and it was true that the cups were clean. I filled it happily with water and drank there. My roommate just came in, saw my cup, and said faintly: Oh, your cup is not frosted, is it?

dishwasher introduction

dishwasher introduction

| Does the dishwasher work?

“Clean” and “easy to use” are two different things. Having a dishwasher does not mean that you can watch TV with your legs crossed like the youngest son of the landlord’s family after eating. You still have to collect the dishes. If there are a lot of residue dishes, you still need to rinse them. You still need to scrub the tables, countertops, sinks, etc. These are things that the dishwasher can’t help. If the dishwasher is too small, the frying pan cannot be put in, and it still needs to be washed by hand. Realizing this, too many people talk about the benefits of dishwashers and keep silent about it.

But in general, the dishwasher is still easy to use. After all, most of the dishwashing is contracted to the dishwasher. With a dishwasher, one less is for washing, and one more is also for washing, so you don’t care too much about the number of pots and pans used, such as slag trays, spatulas, and fresh-keeping boxes, which are much more casual to use.

| How long does it take to wash the dishwasher? Does it consume water and electricity?

Generally, it takes 1.5~3 hours. Different dishwashers have different cleaning modes, and the time consumption is different, and the amount of dirt on the tableware will affect the program setting washing time and temperature. Compared with washing dishes by hand, it takes a long time. Isn’t it time-consuming to wash clothes in a washing machine?

There are many brands and models of dishwashers, and different models consume different water and power consumption, so it is difficult to accurately identify each model. Generally speaking, if you wash the dishes once, it will not be too wrong to calculate based on 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity and 10 liters of water. Not too intuitive? When washing dishes by hand, it usually takes 15L~30L of water. If you wash with hot water, you have to count the gas.

Therefore, compared with washing by hand, the dishwasher consumes relatively little water, but it consumes time and electricity.

dishwasher introduction

dishwasher introduction

| Why does the dishwasher take so long?

Dishwashers need to add washing consumables to clean dishes, and many enzymes are added to washing consumables. Enzymes need a certain amount of time to activate, so the entire cleaning time will be longer. Of course, more time-consuming cleaning depends on the material of the tableware and its cleanliness. For example, metal tableware with a lot of butter will take longer to clean than usual.

| What washing consumables do dishwashers need?

Dishwashers usually need three kinds of washing consumables: dishwashing salt, dishwashing powder (dishwashing block, dishwashing gel), brightener, and the body cleaner is to clean the dishwasher itself regularly.

Dishwashing salt: soften the water quality, and avoid the formation of scale on the heating pipe and the inner tank wall to cause blockage. It cannot be replaced by edible salt.

Dishwashing powder (dishwashing block, dishwashing gel): the function is similar to dishwashing liquid, but it cannot be replaced by dish washing liquid, remember. If you don’t put dishwashing powder and just wash at high temperature, it can be washed for mild oil stains, but heavy oil stains still need dishwashing powder and brightener.

Brightener: It can reduce the surface tension of water, avoid leaving water marks on the surface of the tableware after washing, and help dry and maintain the surface luster of the tableware. If you don’t use it, it won’t affect the cleanliness, but it will affect the dryness.

Body cleaner: clean the dishwasher itself to remove the oil and scale generated in the cabin during the usual washing process. Dirt build-up in critical areas such as filters, spray arms and pipes can seriously affect washing results. This is not used every time the dishes are washed, but used at intervals to clean the dishwasher, and it cannot be used to wash the dishes at the same time.

The cost of this is about 1.5 yuan to 2.5 yuan per wash (if the price of washing consumables is reduced on Double Eleven, the cost can be reduced). A more thorough analysis of the cost of the dishwasher was carried out before, and the cost analysis of the use of the dishwasher was carried out.

| Why is the inside of the dishwasher wet after washing?

Because you are using a dishwasher that uses residual heat to dry, after washing, use high-temperature residual heat to dry the bowls. Generally, the freshly dried bowl is dry, but if it is put in it and taken out the next day, it will be wet, because in order to save water, the dishwasher will keep the leftovers from the last wash and the last wash that are relatively “clean”. 2~4 liters of water in the next washing cycle, so the bowl will be wet for a long time. It is recommended to use the timer function, adjust to wash before the next use of the bowl, and directly use the freshly dried bowls and chopsticks for eating. If it will not be used for more than 4 days, it is best to open the cabinet door to dry after washing the dishes.

dishwasher principle process

dishwasher principle process

| How does the dishwasher drain?

Some are drainage pump drainage, some are potential energy drainage, please consult customer service according to the model.

| Can a dishwasher be used as a sterilizer?

The disinfection function of the dishwasher is firstly through rinsing, and secondly through high temperature inactivation of viruses. Generally, the highest temperature of the dishwasher is about 70°C, and the time for hot water spraying and drying is as long as tens of minutes. The germs whose inactivation temperature is lower than 70°C can basically be killed, so the purpose of disinfection can be achieved to a certain extent. , but the inactivation temperature of some germs like hepatitis B virus is as high as 70°C, which cannot be killed. To sum up, the dishwasher has the function of a disinfection cabinet to a certain extent, but it cannot completely replace the disinfection cabinet. By the way, the highest temperature that is generally acceptable for hand washing is about 42°C.

If you are curious why the maximum temperature of the dishwasher is 70°C instead of 100°C, why the maximum washing temperature of the mobile dishwasher is only 70°C.

| There is water in the new dishwasher, is it used by others?

Dishwashers are generally tested at the factory according to the 70% standard. On average, 7 out of 10 machines leave the factory after adding water for a test run, so it is normal for new machines to have water droplets. After the product is tested, the accumulated water is mostly in the water softener, and it is difficult to pour it out. There will be a little water, and the shaking during transportation will form watermarks or water spots on the inner tank. It is recommended to put it in the dishwasher and ventilate it overnight. Then try the machine again.

| There is a water heater at home, can the water from the water heater be directly connected to the dishwasher?

Yes, as long as the water temperature of the water heater does not exceed 60 degrees, the water inlet pipe of the dishwasher can be directly connected to the hot water pipe, and the power consumption can be greatly reduced.

| I am preparing for renovation, and I am planning to buy a dishwasher in the future. What should I do to prepare?

Preparing for renovation is the best time to choose a dishwasher, because installing a dishwasher involves reserving circuits and waterways (water in and out). If these are not considered at this time, it will be very passive to buy a dishwasher in the future. You don’t need to make a big decision to spend a lot of money to transform cabinets, circuits, and waterways, or you can only buy desktops that have low demand for circuits and waterways. Now choose a few models that you like, reserve the corresponding space according to the size of the dishwasher, and arrange the electricity and water lines, so that the cost of using the dishwasher can be greatly reduced.

| Consumer evaluation: Is the dishwasher easy to use?

The dishwasher recommended in this video does not represent the author’s point of view, and I feel that the whole video only talks about the benefits of dishwashers, and avoids the disadvantages of dishwashers, which is inevitably biased, more like a marketing advertisement. So I put it here just for your reference, move to Tencent Video to watch.

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