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Dishwasher cost analysis

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LThis analysis takes Bright Disc, which is widely used in the market, as an example (in addition, Liang Disi, Durex and Dettol are all brands under the Reckitt Benckiser Group). This analysis is for reference only. After all, the cost of different cleaning modes of different dishwashers is different, and the cost is also different.

Dishwasher washing costs are mainly composed of the following two aspects: water, electricity and washing consumables, which are calculated using various schemes below.

| routine costing

Water fee: For water, the water consumption is about 10~12L (less than 1/3 of manual dishwashing). If calculated according to the sales price of water in Beijing at 5 yuan per liter, the water consumption is 0.06 yuan per liter, which is cheaper in Chengdu Half, which is 0.03 yuan. can be ignored.

Electricity fee: Since the power consumption of the dishwasher is not constant during the washing process, and the power consumption of different models and different modes is different, it is difficult to calculate accurately. It is generally believed that the power consumption of a single wash is a little more than 1 degree, which is not too outrageous in terms of 0.7 yuan.

Dishwashing salt: 19.9 yuan per bag, 2kg. The consumption of dishwashing salt is related to the gear setting of the water softener. Different gears have different salt consumption for one wash, and different times for adding salt. According to the data given by Midea, 2kg of salt can be washed about 126 times, so the cost of a single wash is 0.16 yuan.

Regarding dishwashing salt, there are actually more cost-effective alternatives, and the main components of dishwashing salt and whether it is harmful for long-term use are analyzed.

Dishwashing block or dishwashing powder: The two functions are the same, so choose one of them for daily use, and the dishwashing block is more expensive.

Regarding the specific differences between them, let’s move on to elaborate on the difference between dishwashing powder and dishwashing blocks for dishwashers.

Dishwashing block (washing block): 56.8 yuan per box, 30 pieces are individually packaged, one piece is used at a time, and the cost of a single wash is 1.89 yuan.

Dishwashing powder (washing powder): 56.8 yuan a bottle, 1kg, the recommended single-use bright dish is 25g (the amount of a bottle cap), then the cost of a single wash is 1.42 yuan. (Tip: The advantage of dishwashing powder is that although the recommended amount is 25g, it can be adjusted appropriately according to the number of tableware and the degree of oil stains in actual use.)



Brightener (alias rinse agent, dish rinse agent): $5.2 a bottle, 500ml, different dishwashers use different amounts, I checked many places and found no relevant data, and finally had to contact Taobao customer service, and the answer was small A bottle in the dishwasher can be used about 75 times. Then the cost of a single wash is 0.5 yuan.

Body cleaner: 36.8 yuan per bottle, 250ml, one bottle can only be used once, and the official recommendation of Bright Disc is to use it once a month. According to official recommendations, assuming 90 washes a month, the average cost per wash is 0.4 yuan.

According to the above calculation, the single washing cost of using dishwashing powder is $0.5; using dish washing blocks, the cost will increase by $0.05, and the single washing cost is $0.5. Of course, these calculations are based on official recommendations and are calculated with full calculations.

Of course, in addition to bright dishes, there are many other brands of dishwasher consumables, such as foreign consumable brands and domestic consumable brands.

| Saving Costing

Bright Disc has a 294g (30 pieces) all-in-one small dishwasher dedicated dishwashing block with a unit price of 32.9. Using this dishwashing block does not require additional use of dishwashing salt and polish, so the cost is 1.1 yuan . But in fact, using dishwashing salt, dishwashing powder, and brightener alone, because the amount of dishwashing powder can be controlled, the cost of a single washing consumable is almost 1 yuan.

There is another cost calculation based on the results of household surveys and laboratory experiments by the China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute. Taking into account gas, electricity, detergent, and mechanical depreciation, the average cost of washing dishes for a dishwasher using standard washing procedures is 1.72 yuan. to 2.14 yuan, and the cost of washing the same amount of tableware by hand is 2.07 yuan (doubtful).

If you want to know how to reduce the cost of using the dishwasher as much as possible, step by step to analyze in detail how to reduce the cost of using the dishwasher, you can save a little bit.



| illustrate

1. The estimated single washing cost is calculated according to the official recommendations as much as possible, so it is higher than the usual experience data.

2. The amount of dishwashing powder in actual use is adjusted according to the number of tableware and the degree of oil pollution. If the degree of oil pollution on the tableware is light, it can be used less or not (high temperature cleaning).

3. The source of brightener data is Tmall, and the accuracy of the data is for reference only. And if you want to save costs, the brightener can be used, but the dishwashing salt must not be saved.

4. The cost of body cleaners is ignored in most people’s experience data. Although the official recommendation is to use it once a month, the actual use depends on the local water quality, whether the water hardness is high; the second depends on the greasy state of the usual tableware, and chooses to use it according to the state of the dishwasher.

5. If there are not many people in the family, it is recommended to wash once a day, which is more cost-effective.

6. Dishwasher consumables are generally discounted on festivals like 618 and Double 11. It is recommended to buy them during this period. But don’t hoard too much, the cleaning effect of consumables that have passed the shelf life is not good! Except for dishwashing powder and body cleaner, the shelf life of Bright Disc products is 2 years, and other products are 3 years.

7. I have seen the use of citric acid and baking soda instead of dishwashing powder. This is ineffective and may even damage the dishwasher. For detailed analysis, move to detailed analysis of those common substitutes for dishwashing powder and brightener.

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