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Dishwasher fault | Cause analysis and solution of white film or fog on tableware surface after washing

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LAt present, the mobile power supply on the market is nothing more than two kinds of batteries, one is a polymer lithium battery, and the other is an 18650 lithium battery.

Let’s talk about it. Alas, mentally retarded! When coding words, in order to verify whether only one bowl of water can be used in one link of the dishwasher washing process, I forced to stop the washing process during the dishwasher operation and opened the cabin door. Well, there is not much water. Then I closed the cabin door and started a new washing procedure. As a result, a layer of white film was formed on the bowl after washing, especially on the glass bowl. It was very obvious. Although it was not obvious to see the porcelain bowl, it was obvious to feel it.
The effect is similar to the following figure:

| Method of removing white film

First tell me how I removed the white film on the bowl. At that time, there was a bottle of Eujes given by a friend at home. First, spray the tableware one by one, stack them, and let them stand for 10 minutes (giving detergent a chemical reaction time). Then put a rag on the counter top of the cabinet and put the bowl on it. Because the operation behind is very violent, it needs to increase the friction between the bowl and the counter top. Finally, use a rag and spray it with Eujes. Don’t touch the water. Hold the bowl with one hand and wipe it with the other. At that time, there were about 10 dishes in total. After wiping for more than an hour, I was also very desperate.
As for the detergent, I think other brands should also be good. If you also encounter this problem, you should take a glass bowl to test what you have at home. Because it is not clean, the glass bowl is the easiest to see. I consulted with the official and said that vinegar also works, but I need to soak it for 10 minutes first. I haven’t tried it, and I don’t know the effect. If vinegar is good and there is citric acid at home, try citric acid.
With regard to Ujes, its marketing methods are extremely powerful. I can write an article about its marketing story. Overall, the effect is good, but it is definitely not the most powerful.

| Causes of white film/fog

Of course, my situation is completely self inflicted. Most people encounter a layer of white mist like or white film like sediment on the tableware or in the cabin after the dishwasher is washed normally. This kind of sediment can be divided into two cases. One is water-soluble, which is easy to remove. It will be fine if you flush it with water. The other is difficult to remove, similar to the one I encountered.
Water soluble precipitation is generally caused by salt leakage of the special salt tank. Check whether there are white salt spots around the cover of the special salt tank. It may be that the cover is not tightly covered. Just tighten the cover.

The causes of sediment that is difficult to remove are more complex:
1. Precipitation of dishwashing powder ingredients. In this case, try changing to another brand of washing consumables.
For brand, move to foreign brand dishwashing powder and domestic brand dishwashing powder.
2. For the precipitation of scale, the hardness of local water is too high, or the water softener is improperly set, or no soft water salt is added, the setting of the soft water system should be improved according to the instructions. At the same time, the dishwasher body cleaner shall be used to clean the dishwasher once to remove the scale inside the dishwasher.
As for body cleaner, move to dishwasher body cleaner. “It’s time to take a dishwasher bath.”.
3. The effect of the three in one dishwashing block used is not good, so replace it with the washing consumables combined with dishwashing salt, dishwashing powder and brightener.
4. The washing procedure is not strong enough, so choose a stronger washing procedure.
As for the differences between washing procedures, please explain in detail the dishwasher washing procedures and the differences between them.
5. The brightener leaks. In this case, the white fog or white film on the surface of the glass tableware may be very light, or appear oily and clear. Check the distributor cover or sealing ring for any leakage of brightener, or try to reduce the amount of brightener used.
6. The other is that white fog appears on the glass products, which seems to be able to be wiped off, but can not be really removed. The first possibility is that the current glass products contain lead crystals, which are not suitable for dishwasher washing. The more washed, the more opaque. When buying glass tableware, remember to check whether the label indicates that it is not suitable for machine washing. The second possibility is that the washing water temperature is too high, so choose a low temperature washing program. The third reason may be the dishwashing powder. Try to choose the dishwashing powder with soft label and no damage to tableware. In addition, it is recommended to take out the tableware of glassware as soon as possible after the washing procedure.
7. I met this situation a while ago. Other glass bowls were washed very clean, except one with white film on the surface and foggy. The bowls were all the same. After careful analysis, the reason was that the glass bowl was not placed correctly at that time and was covered by other tableware, so it was not cleaned when it was finally washed.

| There is residue in the dish washing powder used by the Founder dishwasher

Previously, the dishwashing powder of the dishwasher could be selected from these brands in addition to bright dishes. Some people commented that Fong Tai dishwasher used bright dishes to wash dishes. After washing, white substances would remain in the tableware. Through search, we found that many people have encountered this problem. Later, it was found in the Little Red Book that someone mentioned that using the Quantum series dishes washing block of the bright disk can solve this problem. If you want to buy, you can click here to buy.

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