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Dishwasher fault | wash the dishes after washing powder had cause analysis

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LSometimes the problem is that the powder doesn’t completely dissolve after washing the dishes, leaving it in the powder compact or on the liner of the dishwasher. There are many reasons, and there are probably several possibilities:

After the washing procedure, the dishwashing powder cartridge should be in the open state. If not, it may be detected or the open-cover motor is broken. Contact the after-sales service.

Did you change the dishwashing powder recently? If you used to use a powder that had a little grainy in it, now you’re using a powder that’s harder to rinse off. If you’re ready to change your dishwashing powder, see dishwasher powder for a selection of these brands in addition to your bright dishes.

Damp cleaning compartments may make dishwashing blocks and dishwashing powder sticky and more difficult to wash down.

④ The spray arm next to the dishwashing compact does not rotate normally, which may be because some tableware leaks down from the bowl basket to block the normal operation of the spray arm, or the bowl basket is not fully pushed forward, blocking the water in the spray arm pipe, or it may be that the water distribution seal of the spray arm is broken.

Water shortage, you can open the hatch after 5 minutes of operation on the boot, if there is little water, there is a problem, contact the after-sales.

dishwasher malfunction detergent residualIf you’re still not sure what’s causing the residue, remove it first. Before the second washing, put dry dishwashing powder, pay attention to observation, rule out the reason 2, 3 after running again. If there is no way, you can contact the after-sales service through the official phone, Weibo, etc.

There is also a situation that after washing in the dishwasher, the tableware surface residual white film, if encountered this situation, after the step washing tableware surface white film or white fog analysis and solutions.

To inquire the official phone number, use Baidu search “brand name after sales”, such as “Siemens after sales”, appear “official customer service 100 safety certification” is reliable, don’t be cheated.

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