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Dishwasher size and capacity

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LWhen it comes to the capacity of dishwashers, the industry is not marked by the size of the dishwasher, but is accustomed to use the unit of “set” for marking. The “set” here refers to a set of international standard tableware, which is the tableware used by one person for one meal (Western food), as shown in the figure below:

The Chinese diet is much more complicated, with more tableware of different sizes used, and the entire tableware system is more complicated. Although there is a set of national standards “GB/T 3532-2009 Porcelain for Daily Use”, in real life, eating habits in different regions are different, and even different people have different preferences. It is difficult to have a set of standards that can be used by one person for one meal. Cutlery Sayings.

There is a conversion method on the Internet: a set of standard tableware is approximately equal to a rice bowl, a dinner plate, a soup bowl, a glass, a spoon, a pair of chopsticks and some small things for Chinese food. However, different people have different definitions of the size of rice bowls, dinner plates, etc. Difficult to standardize, only a rough idea.

On the other hand, not only consumers have different understandings of the concept of “sets”, domestic dishwasher manufacturers also have different understandings of “sets”, and the number of “sets” marked by different brands cannot be intuitively and simply converted. If it is convenient, it is best for consumers to go to the mall to experience the actual capacity of different brands of dishwashers, pull out the basket, and count how many pots and pans it can hold. There have been 2 dishwashers of different brands, and it happened that the small set model actually contained more than the large set model.

Therefore, it is not recommended for consumers to use the concept of “sets” to understand the capacity of dishwashers, because our intuitive experience of “sets” is too weak, and it is difficult to truly understand how much a set of tableware can occupy in a dishwasher. What a lot of space.

At present, the common sets of household dishwashers on the market are: 4 sets, 6 sets, 8 sets, 9 sets, and 13 sets. The actual backsides correspond to three relatively standardized sizes (most dishwashers basically follow this size, and may There will be a slight error of a few millimeters): 55cm*45cm*50cm, 45cm*85cm*60cm, 60cm*85cm*60cm, corresponding to three sizes of dishwashers: small, medium and large.

Small dishwasher: 55cm*45cm*50cm, generally corresponding to 4 to 6 sets of dishwashers, suitable for a family of 1 to 4 people, can wash about 30 dishes, cups and tableware, plus 30 chopsticks and spoons tableware. Although it can be stuffed into pots, pots, and cutting boards, it cannot wash other tableware, but the inner pot of the rice cooker can still be stuffed in and washed together with the bowl.

Medium-sized dishwasher: 45cm*85cm*60cm, generally corresponding to 7 to 9 sets of dishwashers, suitable for a family of 2 to 6 people, can wash about 50 dishes, cups and tableware, plus 40 chopsticks and spoons tableware. Can wash medium sized pots, medium pots and cutting boards at the same time as dishes, compare the sizes below for specific sizes.

Large dishwasher: 60cm*85cm*60cm, generally corresponding to 12 to 14 sets of dishwashers, suitable for a family of 12 to 14 people, can wash about 70 dishes, cups and tableware, plus 50 chopsticks and spoons tableware. Large items such as pots and basins can be easily washed.

In terms of capacity alone, it is the most cost-effective for a family of three to choose a small dishwasher (dishwasher with 4 to 6 sets of capacity), but it is not. We usually do not just wash the dishes. Besides the bowls, there are also pots to be washed, and small dishwashers basically cannot wash the pots and bowls together. Often the dishwasher has to wash the dishes and has to wash the pots by itself . I am a living example!

A dishwasher that cannot wash pots is unfortunate, so when choosing a dishwasher, be sure to choose one that can wash pots! ! ! If conditions (funds, space) permit.

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