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Explain the difference between dishwashing powder and dishwashing blocks for dishwashers

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LAmong the main washing consumables of dishwashers, both dishwashing powder and dishwashing blocks are essentially a kind of detergent, which has strong decontamination ability and can be quickly removed through chemical actions such as penetration, saponification, emulsification, and suspension. Various food residues and grease. To put it simply, it is just different forms of special detergents for dishwashers. In fact, in addition to dishwashing powder and dishwashing blocks, detergents also have a form, washing gel.

Dishwasher special detergents (dishwashing powder, dishwashing blocks, washing gel) are used to clean tableware in the main washing process. Although the functions are roughly the same, different forms of detergents still have slight differences and characteristics.

| dishwashing powder

Common detergents are in the form of white powder particles, the most typical one is the finish one (click here to see), the shape is similar to washing powder, and it is generally mixed with powder particles of other colors (different brands, different colors). Generally speaking, for the same brand, the price per gram of dishwashing powder is the cheapest, but the effect is also single, and it is only used for washing tableware. The more convenient thing is that the amount of dishwashing powder can be freely controlled during use, reducing the cost of washing.

| dishwashing block

Also known as washing blocks, lumpy detergents, like candy, some dishwashing blocks can clearly see other substances in the shape of balls or similar shapes in addition to powdery substances. The English name is Pre-Soaking power ball, which is usually The powerball in everyone’s mouth is mainly used to soak and soften stubborn food residues more effectively.

The picture below shows the finish dishwashing blocks sold abroad. The domestic ones can be seen by clicking here, and they are still in a square shape.


Pre Soaking power bal

The dishwashing block is packaged by a layer of water-soluble plastic transparent film. It is not necessary to tear the film when using it, and it can be directly put into the dishwasher. Dishwashing blocks, in addition to detergent (dishwashing powder), generally also contain the functions of water softening salt and dishwashing agent. However, the amount of softening salt and brightener contained in the dishwashing block is only suitable for areas with soft water and medium hardness water quality (water hardness is lower than 21°dH). If the water quality in the place is hard, special soft water salt and brightener should be added of. Rinse agent is mainly used in the rinsing process, which can better remove detergent and food residues, and at the same time better remove water stains attached to glassware and dishes.

Therefore, there is generally no need to add soft water salt and dish rinse aid after using dishwashing blocks, and the tableware can be washed cleaner than dishwashing powder. The disadvantage is that no matter how many dishes are washed, even if one dish is used for one dish, one dishwashing block must be used at a time. There is no room for choosing the dosage, and the unit price of dishwashing blocks is higher than that of dishwashing powder.

As for the dishwashing blocks of finish, there is another bad experience that the smell is relatively strong after washing the tableware. Of course, it has no impact on the use of tableware and human health, but the chemical smell is a little stronger.

| washing gel

There is also dishwashing liquid, which is actually gel-like. Due to the design of the special detergent compartment of the dishwasher, it is impossible to store liquid detergent and it will leak out. Detergent gels are commonly found in Japanese dishwasher consumable brands, such as Kao and LION. Recently, Seventh Generation also released a detergent gel. The reason why washing gel is more popular in Japan is that most Japanese dishwashers do not have a rinse aid compartment, and it is impossible to add rinse aid separately.

Generally speaking, the function of washing gel is similar to that of dishwashing blocks. In addition to the basic washing function, it also has the function of rinse aid, but it does not have the function of Powerball. The price is more expensive than dishwashing powder, but you can freely control the amount.

dishwasher detergent difference

dishwasher detergent difference

| other

When using dishwashing powder and washing gel, read the instructions carefully. Generally, the bottle caps have the function of measuring cups. The above is just a general talk about the difference between dishwashing powder, dishwashing block, and washing gel. In fact, for specific brands, due to different formulas, there are still some subtle differences in functions, especially in terms of smell after washing. Different brands There is a huge difference in the smell of different detergents.

At the same time, the prices of different brands of washing consumables are also different, and the price/performance ratio varies greatly. Move to foreign consumable brands and domestic consumable brands. The two articles cover domestic and foreign mainstream dishwasher consumable brands.

The detergent of the dishwasher can be used less or not according to the degree of oily tableware (choose high-temperature washing program), but the detergent should not be used for a long time, because the detergent not only cleans the tableware, but also cleans the dishwasher itself. In addition to the visible dishwashing compartment, the dishwasher also has an invisible drainage system.

No matter it is dishwashing powder, dishwashing block, or washing gel, keep your hands dry when using it, seal the packaging bag after use, and store it in heat-insulated and moisture-proof.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that dishwashing salt must not be replaced by edible salt, and detergent cannot be replaced by dishwashing liquid. The reason moved later, those who did not use the dishwasher according to the routine. Don’t, don’t, or it will easily damage the dishwasher.

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