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God’s Operation | Novice Market Shopping Tips

by nadlia
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LBecause office workers are too busy with work, they usually don’t have much time to spend on trivial things like buying vegetables and fruits, and they have too little experience. I was inexperienced when I went to the market, and I didn’t know how to choose good vegetables and fruits, and I couldn’t be ashamed to bargain with the hawkers.

buy vegetables secrets

buy vegetables secrets

The following introduces an ultimate secret to buying vegetables and fruits in the market:

There are only five words: follow behind aunt!

The benefits of this mode of operation are as follows:

One is to save money. After the aunt has bargained with all her tongue, you go up and say: “The boss will give me a catty too.” Avoid the embarrassment of men bargaining. A dime is money, and a dime saved is a dime.

The second is peace of mind. When buying vegetables and fruits, office workers rarely know how to choose. Take buying watermelons as an example. If you don’t know how to pick melons, you will generally miss the following operations. Following behind the aunt, when the experienced aunt buys watermelons, she will choose a few slightly satisfied watermelons from a large pile of watermelons to enter the group stage, then enter the semi-finals, and finally the finals. At this time, you need to observe carefully. After the aunt takes the champion watermelon to pay the bill, you can directly take the runner-up watermelon.

This mode of operation is the same as that of games and groups. You must choose the right aunt. Not every aunt is a picky aunt. You should choose the aunt who is particularly picky about her life (the kind that is both vegetable and fruit, usually has distinctive characteristics. ).

Moreover, when buying vegetables, you can also ask the aunt for recipe tutorials, which piece of meat is suitable for soup, how to judge the freshness of the meat, which fish is suitable for pickled fish, and so on. Aunt not only has experience, but also enthusiasm.

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