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How to remove labels from Ikea products

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LThe labels on IKEA products are generally divided into two types: one is the self-adhesive label stickers that are directly pasted on glass, etc., and the other is the ones that are particularly large on pillows and quilts and are sewn on the corners of the products. label.


ikea label


This kind of sticker is more difficult to tear off, and it is generally a relatively large sticker. If you don’t pay attention, it will be “half the success”.

Before tearing, use the hot air of the hair dryer to blow for three or four minutes. After blowing the heat, it is usually easy to tear. Persistence is king. If the label is torn off and there is residual glue, you can try using cleansing oil if you have cleansing oil, rub it and it will fall off; if you don’t have cleansing oil, try 4B eraser, toilet water, essential oil, etc. or Taobao “glue removal wipes”.

In addition, IKEA’s self-adhesive stickers have been improved now, and they are easier to tear off.

ikea label

ikea label

Label paper sewn onto merchandise

It looks cumbersome, but it is actually very simple, no need to cut. Tear a very small opening first, and then slowly tear it off along the opening. Be careful not to use too much force when tearing, and the opening should not be too large, and the fingers should be torn.

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