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IKEA Guidey | Ikea shopping experience sharing

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LIkea is a one-stop shopping mall for soft furnishings for families. From POTS and pans to cabinets and wardrobes, you can buy them here. This article is mainly to make a general introduction to IKEA furniture, try not to lose bias to IKEA furniture quality analysis and IKEA shopping inconvenient places to explain and countermeasures.

What is IKEA?

Founded in Sweden in 1943, IKEA has large stores in 43 countries around the world, among which it has set up stores in 18 cities in China, namely Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Foshan, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Nantong, Ningbo, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Suzhou, Tianjin, Wuxi, Wuhan, Xi ‘an and Chongqing.

Poor quality IKEA furniture? No, it’s just about your expectations.

Ikea in the domestic controversy is quite big, some people say good, some people say bad, all right, just see people’s opinions. It does have a lot of products that need to be recalled due to quality problems. There are also furniture made of paper-based honeycomb board, which are unimaginable in our inherent thinking. Can furniture made of paper be used, dare to use it?

It’s true that most of IKEA’s furniture isn’t as durable as its solid wood counterparts, but it’s a fool to talk quality over price. Ikea Lac side table 39 pieces, a meal money, can buy solid wood furniture? You get what you pay for. It’s the same old thing. So position yourself before you buy: if you want to last a lifetime, turn left and buy rosewood; if you’re in transition and plan to replace it in a few years or don’t have a better option right now, consider IKEA.



Ikea is not a high-end brand. No matter abroad or at home, the quality of its products is not the best and the design is monotonous. Choosing IKEA essentially means choosing a kind of service and the sincerity of “genuine prices and no deceit”, especially in the context where this spirit has long been abandoned by most domestic enterprises.

One advantage: shopping in the supermarket mood shopping in IKEA

Shopping in IKEA is similar to shopping in the supermarket, or even more enjoyable than shopping in the supermarket. For example, the mattress in IKEA is highly recommended by the sales staff for customers to lie on. You can lie horizontally or vertically, and the 360 degree Thomas fully rotates. You can hold all kinds of IKEA products in your hand and really feel the texture. In terms of furniture size, on the one hand, the size of furniture is provided in the product description; on the other hand, paper rulers, pens and paper are provided at the entrance of the shopping mall for customers to measure and record so that they can choose furniture according to the house type.

Two advantages: Reasonable price, honest product description

People who have decorated the furniture market know how deep the water, rubber wood posing as oak, plate furniture posing as solid wood furniture, false price, kill once calculate once mentality selling furniture in today’s furniture market everywhere. For those who can’t tell the difference between solid wood and panel furniture, are not good at bargaining, and have no time to battle wits with sales staff, IKEA furniture clearly lists the price, honestly describes the materials used in the product, and does not worry about being ripped off at all.



It doesn’t mean that IKEA’s furniture is cheap, it just means that IKEA’s furniture is reasonably priced and has a good balance of cost performance. At least it makes consumers transparent about their consumption. Ikea furniture is mostly made of particleboard, fiberboard and even honeycomb eco-friendly paper filler, etc., but these things are clearly stated in the product description, so when you buy the furniture, see the material and buy according to the actual situation. Shopping at IKEA is more about reasonable prices and clear product descriptions.

Third advantage: simple design

From the sense of IKEA furniture design is not easy to outdated, simple and generous, without excessive design. Especially for the young people from third-tier and fourth-tier cities, it is really not easy to choose the furniture they like in the few stores filled with furniture designs on various rotten streets.

Advantage of four: small apartment lifesaver

If it is a small house, IKEA can be said to have achieved the ultimate in space utilization compared with other domestic designs. For something like the Grandage stainless steel wall shelf, you have no idea how powerful it is until you see it. Of course, most of these space-efficient designs can also be found on Taobao, but if you do not visit IKEA, you would never think of such a thing exists.

Five advantages: product safety and environmental protection

Most IKEA furniture is made of particleboard, fiberboard, solid pine (or other wood) with melamine coating, wood veneer, varnish or color paint. The processing technology of conventional panel furniture is like this, and there is no difference between panel furniture from other manufacturers. It is not that pellet board and density board are not environmentally friendly. The board itself has no problem, but the glue used to make board and veneer sealing is the problem. The main concern is also volatile substances such as formaldehyde and VOC in glue and paint. As the world’s largest furniture manufacturer, IKEA has very strict assessment standards for its suppliers, and it is very high risk for suppliers to cheat in this process. If IKEA has problems in environmental protection, then almost all panel furniture on the market can’t escape.

Ikea is the most transparent of all furniture manufacturers about the raw materials for its products. Any ingredients used in a product, including a sticker on the surface, will be clearly written. If you want solid wood, don’t worry about buying products with solid (XX) wood.

Merit 6: Trusted return and exchange service

Ikea’s return and exchange service is generally reliable. When someone bought a krappe seat in 2009 and the seat’s air pump failed five years later, IKEA immediately replaced it with a VOLMA chair, refunded the difference in the form of a gift card and stated that the new seat was guaranteed for 10 years.

Some people bought a lot of furniture from the IKEA store in Beijing and sent it to Lhasa in their own truck. When they arrived, they found that one of the cabinets was missing parts. After contacting the customer service, they found that it had been stopped production and could not be matched with parts. These are difficult for other domestic enterprises to do.



But it should be noted that everything is handled according to the terms and conditions, not as perfect as you think. For example, the unconditional return policy of members: you can return and exchange the goods within 60 days (180 days for IKEA Club members) with the goods in good condition, the original packaging and the original purchase voucher (bank card payment requires bank card consumption voucher). We will refund the goods according to the payment method you used when shopping. But I’m sorry: food, plants, processed goods, custom goods, household electrical goods, and products that have been cut, trimmed or painted do not apply to the above regulations. The ones in bold are the ones we tend to overlook. For those who have failed to return an unopened mattress because they saw Ikea’s “90-day sleep test” campaign, it’s important to read the terms.

There are tips for return and exchange, one is to return and exchange goods as far as possible in which shopping mall you buy in which shopping mall return and exchange, such as in Chengdu high-tech zone shopping mall to buy goods may not be returned in Chenghua district shopping mall. Second, it is not convenient to go to the shopping mall or go to the shopping mall is not solved, you can also contact the customer service through email or phone for return or replacement. Shopping malls care more about cost, call centers care more about service, you know. About return and exchange, we have written a special article introduction.

One disadvantage: few guide and self – pick up goods

Ikea has always been to “create a better daily life for the public, provide a wide variety of beautiful, practical, affordable household products” as its business philosophy. In order to achieve the goal of “affordable household products”, IKEA has compressed the cost to the extreme, which may even affect the user experience.

You rarely see a guide in IKEA, let alone a guide around you to introduce products, recommend products, blind beeping. So when you need to know more about a particular product, you need to go to a sales guide, which is not difficult to find, but even if you do find a sales guide, it may not be able to answer your questions perfectly, because they may only be part-time, and just moved to this position today.

At Ikea, meanwhile, you choose the items you need to buy, and most of them are picked up in the huge warehouses. If you’re buying a lot of stuff, it can be a struggle for one person.

Drawback 2: Paid delivery service

iIkea is all about taking home your own purchases, but when it comes to big purchases, you can’t take them home on your own, so you need paid delivery. The delivery service of IKEA is usually outsourced to the third party logistics, for example, the one in Chengdu is outsourced to Ant moving house. The delivery service is quite reliable, but you should be prepared for it, it may be later than the scheduled delivery time. If it is in the city (including the district) the delivery service price is acceptable, but it is said that the out-of-town delivery price is excessive.

If you need to send goods to other places, you can first go to the information desk to inquire about the delivery price, which is generally calculated according to the volume of the goods. If you can accept it, you should choose the delivery service of IKEA as the best. If not, what should you do?

One is to choose Taobao’s IKEA daigou, of course, daigou will charge a certain fee.

Second, there are some social vehicles (vans and vans) providing delivery services at the entrance of the first floor gate of IKEA in Chengdu, which are generally charged according to the distance. No matter how many goods are, as long as a car can hold them, it is necessary to consult the vehicle type of the owner in advance, how much they can pull, and remember to ask for the owner’s business card or contact information. Make a note of the vehicle’s license plate.

The third is to choose the third party logistics such as Deppon, but you must negotiate with the third party logistics in advance, booked the delivery time, do not wait to buy the goods before thinking of contacting the third party logistics. If you don’t buy until 5 p.m., the third-party logistics may not deliver, and IKEA doesn’t allow overnight pickup (pay today, pick up the next day), so it’s important to be prepared in advance.

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