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In-depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of Panasonic table dishwashers

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Most of the people on the Internet are opposed to Panasonic table dishwashers, because compared with other brands of dishwashers, Panasonic table dishwashers have obvious disadvantages. But with the in-depth understanding of Panasonic table dishwashers, I think there are still some families, which are quite similar to the Fangtai dishwashers I mentioned before. Limited to the size of the kitchen space, there is no pre-installation of water and electricity, and there is really no other dishwasher option except for the Panasonic desktop dishwasher.

Conversely, if your water and electricity transformation is convenient and the kitchen space is sufficient, consider another brand of dishwasher. Of course, the brand is only one of the reference factors. The first thing to consider is the type of dishwasher. The installation method is different, and the water is different. You have to analyze it according to your own kitchen situation.

Warning! ! ! If you still don’t know the first element of dishwasher purchase, “the type of dishwasher”, you must make up for it! Move below.

There are several models of Panasonic’s desktop dishwashers (go to the flagship store), and several new models were launched last year, all of which are very compact. You can start using water and electricity. Unlike other dishwashers, such as Siemens’ table-top dishwashers, although they are table-top, they are not small in size. Even if the table top can be placed, it still feels very abrupt.

At the same time, its shortcomings are also very obvious. The capacity is small, and it is only suitable for a family of three. Although it is said that if you insist on washing the pot, you can fit it into a small pot, but the capacity is limited, and you have to be very good at calculating when putting in the bowls and chopsticks. How can you stuff more things into it? If the capacity is large enough, it is easy to put in the bowls and chopsticks, and it can be put down casually.

Regarding this point, it is difficult for people who have never used a dishwasher to understand it personally. See below for detailed reasons. It is very important! ! !

Compared with European and domestic brand dishwashers, Panasonic desktop dishwashers have simplified some components, such as water softeners, respirators, and rinse aid dispensers, and are also different from mainstream drying methods.

The most influential one is the omitted water softener. Since there is no water softener, the Panasonic desktop dishwasher does not soften the water and remove calcium and magnesium ions. The circulating water during washing is ordinary tap water (there is one at home Except for the front water softener), it is easy to form scale after heating. The hardness of the water in the northern region is particularly high, and it is a trivial matter to leave scale on the tableware. The trouble is that the scale blocks the water spray holes on the spray arm, affecting the normal operation of the machine. If it is broken, it is difficult to repair.

Since there is no water softener, don’t add salt in the process of using it. The role of dishwashing salt is to use sodium ions to replace the impurity ions adsorbed by the resin in the water softener through ion exchange, thereby restoring the adsorption capacity of the ion exchange resin. Panasonic table dishwashers don’t have a water softener at all, so adding salt does nothing but harm. Salt is very corrosive and can cause rust on the inside of the dishwasher and on the pans.

Rinse agent dispenser, a box for adding rinse aid (rinse agent), standard equipment for European and domestic dishwashers. The role of the brightener is to make the tableware dry more quickly and evenly during the drying process, and to avoid residual water marks, which are most obvious on glassware. This is not a big impact. The Panasonic table dishwasher dries well. Although it does not use rinse aid, even the glassware is quite clean, although it is not as good as other dishwashers that use rinse aid.

In order to avoid this problem, you can choose Nissan’s special detergent for dishwashers, such as Kao and Lion King. These detergents contain some additives with a bright dish effect, which is better than Panasonic’s desktop dishwashers. The effect is better, especially on the tableware of glassware.

As for the more popular brands of dishwasher consumables abroad, see below for details.


The respirator is mainly used to balance the pressure inside and outside the dishwasher, detect the flow of water inflow, distribute water, store water, drain and other functions. If Panasonic does not have it, it will not have much effect on the washing effect.

There are two main drying methods for dishwashers. One is waste heat drying (also called waste heat condensation), which allows the tableware to evaporate and dry itself with its own waste heat after washing. The advantage is energy saving, but the disadvantage is that the inner wall of the dishwasher will Due to the condensation of residual heat, it is covered with water droplets, and the drying effect is poor. One is to heat and dry through a heater, and the effect is better than waste heat drying.

The heating and drying method used by Panasonic desktop dishwashers has a much better drying effect than Siemens. However, the heater of the Panasonic desktop dishwasher is exposed, and when drying, the fan is forced to exhaust air, which will discharge a large amount of water vapor. Therefore, do not place the Panasonic desktop dishwasher in a confined space. If you place it on the countertop, pay attention to the distance from the wall cabinet to avoid damage to the cabinet by water vapor.

In addition, Panasonic desktop dishwashers need to pay attention to cleaning the water outlet filter.

Some people think that the dining habits of the two countries are similar, and Chinese or Japanese dishwashers are better at cleaning Chinese tableware. They are worried that European-style dishwashers will not clean serious oil stains. In fact, there is no need to worry about this. The most difficult thing to clean in the dishwasher is not the oil stains, but the green stains left by the roasted canned spinach that foreigners are used to eating. At present, the cleaning performance of most well-known brands of dishwashers is not low, but the cleaning performance of a certain “advanced concept” domestic dishwasher is worrying.

Speaking of this, the difference between domestic and foreign dishwashers, the author of the following is an industry insider, has a very professional discussion.

Finally, it is necessary to remind that Panasonic’s after-sales service in China is notoriously poor. Although the quality of Panasonic’s products is not bad, but electrical products, it is inevitable that there will be times when they give up on themselves, so it is very necessary to have a reliable after-sales service.

The specific model introduction of Panasonic dishwashers will be written later, here is a manual for Panasonic’s new dishwashers, or the marketing manual for Panasonic dishwashers, but the content is in Japanese. In addition, downloading through the Japanese official website, the speed is slow, etc., or copy the download address to Xunlei download, the speed is moving,

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