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List of tableware that cannot be washed in the dishwasher

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LThe things that cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher are listed in the manual. Although the things listed in different models of dishwashers are not the same, they can basically be classified into two categories: one is not resistant to high temperature, and the other is that it will Reacts with detergents.

The tableware listed below is not dishwasher safe, please refer to the instructions for more details.

● Cast iron pans will rust if they are machine washed.

● Dishes with gold and silver edges are not acceptable, and the pattern will be washed off.

On this point, move to the analysis of the composition of dishwashing powder and whether it is harmful for long-term use, which contains detailed analysis reasons.

● Plastic tableware and wooden tableware that are not resistant to high temperature cannot be machine washed, as these tableware will be easily deformed if heated for a long time.

● Copper, brass, pewter, aluminum items and silverware can tarnish or become dull when machine washed.

● Glue-bonded utensils are also not suitable for high temperatures in the dishwasher.

● Glass products that contain lead crystals will become less transparent after repeated washing.

● Crafts, antiques, expensive vases and decorative glassware are also not dishwasher safe.

● Absorbent substances such as sponges and towels also cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

● Electronic air cleaner filters, fireplace filters or paint brushes.

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