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Security Solutions for Home Surveillance Cameras

by nadlia
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LSome time ago, “Is Your Home Camera Safe?” A large number of home cameras have been hacked”, and the next day my friend asked me if my home cameras were also hacked, as if watching the fun. I don’t know if it has been hacked. After all, I don’t know much about technology, but I considered the security of the camera network at the beginning of installing the camera, so I made relevant preparations.

| Safety is relative not absolute

Don’t believe that cameras (including today’s smart devices) are absolutely safe. Whether it is now or in the future, loopholes will always exist, and intrusions will never stop. To sum up, the camera currently has the following vulnerabilities:

① There are serious security loopholes in the camera itself

② The cameras of some manufacturers have back doors for some purpose

③ Some users did not change the default password of the camera

④ The camera is exposed on the public network

These loopholes may cause the screen to be hijacked and the privacy to be exposed. Specifically how it was exposed, 5000 words are omitted here.

| Choose a relatively safe solution

Then the loopholes can never be filled, will we never be able to use the camera with peace of mind? No, there are still relatively reliable solutions. My plan is: First, the camera is connected to the Internet and has a human body sensor detection function. When a human body is detected, it will call the police. The camera power supply uses a smart socket, and the smart socket automatically connects and disconnects the power supply according to the time period that needs to be monitored. Even if sometimes I arrive home earlier than the scheduled time, the camera will alarm. At this time, the alarm sound becomes the ringtone reminding me to turn off the power of the camera.

There are a few more things to note about this plan:

① When buying a camera, buy a more reliable manufacturer. This type of manufacturer has the ability to quickly repair the vulnerability after discovering the vulnerability. The most recommended for civilian use is EZVIZ Cloud, a brand of HiVicon.com. It has a long product line and can satisfy The usage requirements of different scenarios;

② Update the firmware of the camera in time;

③ Use a strong password for the login and encryption password of the camera, and change the password periodically;

④ The wireless signal of the router uses WPA2-PSK encryption;

⑤ Try not to turn off the alarm function of the camera, so as to prevent people from forgetting to turn off the power when they are at home;

⑥ Don’t trust the camera’s indicator light too much, it may not be reliable;

⑦ Do not install the camera where it should not be installed, such as the bedroom or facing the bathroom. I really don’t know the mentality of those who install the camera in the bedroom and face the bed;

⑧ If necessary, cover the camera with a cloth when not in use;

⑨ If it is a camera that can be rotated, regularly check whether the camera has automatically rotated the direction;

⑩ If the security level is higher, you can set the camera to local mode. The method is to assign an internal ip address that cannot be connected to the Internet on the router, such as, or contact the manufacturer for the method of setting the local mode.

There is also a need for some people to turn on the camera even when they are at home, so what should I do? Install more cameras that cannot be rotated at the entrance hall. When choosing a location, fix the camera’s field of view to a place that is not sensitive but can clearly capture the face of the person entering the house. Set the time period for alarm or cancel the alarm function as required.

Even this setting cannot guarantee the absolute security of the camera, because there are always loopholes in both the equipment and the person itself.


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