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The most complete IKEA return strategy in history

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LIn China, IKEA’s after-sales service is considered top-notch, but not all returns and exchanges from consumers can be met. It is quite normal for the after-sales service of IKEA to be polarized on the Internet. No matter how “conscience” the service is, it can’t be solved immediately by calling customer service. Although most of the after-sales problems can be handled very simply, sometimes you still need to be soft and hard.

By the way, if you are not satisfied with IKEA furniture and are going to buy it in an outside store or online, then you have to work hard. Taking a step back, even if you don’t have so much time to do your homework, you don’t have to choose cost-effective ones or good quality ones, but you must choose ones with as little pollution as possible. In modern home decoration, formaldehyde is too harmful. When you grow up, especially if you have children at home, don’t let the children suffer from incurable diseases before they go to school.


1. If there is no quality problem and you just change your mind, then in principle, you need “good product”, “original packaging”, and “purchase receipt”, all of which are indispensable.

Key points: If the packaging has been disassembled, try to ensure that the internal accessories, manuals, and inner packaging boxes are complete, otherwise you will encounter certain troubles in returning and exchanging goods. And even if the return is successful, the full amount cannot be refunded. Different netizens reported that the refund amount is different, ranging from 60%, 70%, and 80%, and they feel that this thing can be negotiated.

2. If there is a quality problem, it will be much more convenient to have a receipt during the warranty period. But if you don’t have it, if you only have a membership card, you can return it if you can check the consumption record.

Key points: In any case, you must keep the cash register receipt when you check out. If you are renovating and you have purchased a lot of things, it is best to use a special box to store all the receipts and cash register receipts. Especially IKEA, if you have a cash register receipt, it will save a lot of trouble after sales. Keep the unpacked cartons for a period of time, and don’t throw them away immediately after unpacking. If you really don’t have a receipt, try calling 400 customer service, and try hard and soft, maybe you can rescue it.

IKEA return policy

1. Within 60 days (365 days for IKEA members), consumers should bring the intact goods, original packaging and original shopping vouchers (bank card consumption vouchers are required for bank card payment) to the mall to return and exchange the goods, and we will follow your shopping instructions. Payment method refund.

Key points: IKEA is very convenient to apply for a membership card. There is a computer at the entrance of the IKEA store to host the card, and you can pick it up immediately after completing the application. The membership card is valid all over the world, not only in China. In addition to the extended return and exchange time, there are also many products that can be discounted. Therefore, it is recommended to apply for a membership card.

2. Any product may be returned as long as it is in good condition, including fully assembled furniture. However, food, plants, processed goods, custom-made goods, household appliances goods, and products that have been cut, trimmed and painted do not apply to the above regulations.

Key points: “Including assembled furniture” is probably controversial, because it is true that many people’s assembled furniture has not been returned due to non-quality reasons. If you encounter this situation, be sure to contact 400 customer service and discuss with them the meaning of this sentence on their website.

3. If you purchased the product online, if you return the product within XX days after receiving the product, you will be fully refunded the shipping fee incurred for the product you ordered online. Products ordered online can still be returned within XX days of delivery, but shipping charges will not be refunded.

Important point: The online purchase mentioned here refers to the products purchased by consumers in Shanghai through the official IKEA mall (not Taobao), not the purchasing agent on Amazon.

IKEA returns and exchanges

1. In-store return and exchange: You can go to any IKEA store for free return and exchange.

Key points: My experience last year is that generally speaking, you can only return the items in which shopping mall. I bought things in the shopping malls of Chengdu High-tech Zone. Later, after the shopping malls in Chenghua District opened for business, I went to the shopping malls in Chenghua District to return the things. I didn’t return them. They told me that I had to go to the high-tech zone (I’m far away from the shopping malls in the high-tech zone, egg pain).

2. Collection point: You can go to any IKEA collection point for free returns and exchanges.

Key points: Although the IKEA official website provides this method of return and exchange, there is no information about the collection point on the webpage, such as address, contact number, etc. Don’t know if it’s in the works.

3. Door-to-door truck delivery: Arrange IKEA trucks to pick up the IKEA products you need to return from your home or company and deliver them to the nearest IKEA store. The price range for urban delivery is $XX-$XXX, and the starting price for remote areas is $XXX. This service is not available in all regions. Please contact us for details on prices and van arrangements.

Key points: If the goods are delivered by the logistics provided by IKEA when you buy them, if you find quality problems and need to return the goods, you can ask the logistics to pick up the goods at your door, and the cost will be borne by IKEA.

4. Return by parcel: Fill out the online form to return the product by parcel. Remember to bring your receipt or order confirmation with you. The packaged package should not exceed 60*60*120 in size and 30 kg in weight. This service costs XXX.

Key points: Although it says to fill in the online form, there is no link to the online form. I don’t know if it is also in preparation.

ikea delivery

IKEA’s delivery is outsourced to logistics companies. For example, the two shopping malls in Chengdu are outsourced to Ant Logistics. Compared with express delivery, even compared with Debon, the speed of logistics is slow, no matter how close you are to the mall They are all slow, and remember not to expect the agreed time to be delivered.

The reason why delivery is emphasized here is because if you choose logistics to pick up the goods when returning the goods, it may be delayed for a long time due to logistics. At this time, remember to contact 400 customer service for more reminders.

Return experience

1. If you are far away from IKEA, it is recommended to communicate with IKEA customer service through the 400 number first, negotiate the method of return and exchange, and find out whether you can get a refund, whether it is a refund for the shopping card or the original payment method.

2. Relatively speaking, shopping malls will shirk some problems, and the 400 telephone customer service is much better for consumers regardless of their attitude and the bottom line of returns and exchanges. Shopping malls pay attention to cost awareness, while customer service centers pay attention to service awareness.

3. If the purchased product is too long, but if there is a quality problem within the warranty period, even if there is no receipt, if the consumption record can be found through the 400 call, it can be dealt with.

4. In one of the following situations, only the equivalent value of the shopping card can be refunded when returning the goods:

① The outer packaging of the product is incomplete and is not a quality problem. It is unilaterally caused by you changing your mind, not liking it, or the size is not suitable. To put it simply, there is no problem with the product itself, but there is a problem with your choice that makes the product unable to be sold normally again.

② You used a bank card when purchasing, but you did not bring your bank card when you returned the goods, and there was no way to provide the card number. The staff at IKEA’s return office negotiated with you to return the equivalent shopping card.

③ At that time, an invoice was issued after purchasing the desired product, and the invoice could not be provided when returning the product. For example, it is impossible for the merchant to issue you an invoice of 100 yuan and then let you refund 60 yuan. You must provide the invoice to modify the amount or void it.

④ There are additional promotions when purchasing products, such as a 20-yuan shopping coupon when you spend over 1,000 yuan, and you are unwilling to return the shopping coupon or deduct the corresponding gift amount when returning the product, so return the shopping card.

Generally speaking, IKEA will not sell shopping cards when forced to return or exchange goods, because shopping cards have no direct interest relationship with employees such as commissions, and shopping cards are sold at the cash register.


Many spare parts of IKEA products are common. Although some products are off the shelves, if the spare parts are damaged, you can contact 400 customer service first to ask whether there are spare parts that can be replaced. If there are no parts to replace and it is within the warranty period, you can return it.

If the product is not off the shelf, you can take a photo of the parts that need to be replaced, or write down the product number and the number of the damaged part in the manual, and then go to the accessories department of the mall to ask for or buy it. If it is within the warranty period, it can be returned.

If you find that there is a lack of spare parts for the product you just purchased, you can go to the mall to ask for spare parts with the shopping receipt.

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