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What’s the matter with the newly bought dishwasher when it is opened and the inside is wet?

by nadlia
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LI usually have a habit of buying electrical equipment. Before opening the box, I must carefully check whether the box is complete and whether there is any trace of opening the box, and then open the box to check the equipment (accumulated experience when buying a notebook). When I opened the dishwasher for the first time, I was surprised that it was actually wet inside, not to mention a little bit wet. At that time, I also wondered if this was someone else’s return. Then turn on the flashlight of the mobile phone and carefully check whether there are scratches on the inner liner, pull basket, outer wall and four feet of the dishwasher, and confirm that it should be brand new.

I only saw in the manual that the dishwasher needs to be tested for water when it leaves the factory to confirm whether the dishwasher is qualified. However, since the water softener of the dishwasher is built-in, after the water test, the water in the soft water tank and the elbow cannot be completely pumped clean. Normally, the water just stays there and doesn’t splash out into the dishwasher liner. But after leaving the factory, the dishwasher needs to be transported to the dealer, and then the dealer will transport it to the customer’s home. With the bumps along the way and the rough handling of the workers, the dishwasher may have been turned over N times, so the residual water inside will flow out, leaving water stains on the inner tank and even the outer shell of the dishwasher.

Sometimes the water stains left by the dishwasher may be yellow in this case, because the water is inside the water softener, and the water softener is softened by the application of ion exchange resin regeneration technology (the specific working principle of the water softener is in It is introduced in detail in “The Main Components of Dishwashing Salt and Whether It Is Harmful in Long-term Use”), but the resin is yellow and dyed, so the water stains also become yellow.

When the new machine is used for the first time, be sure to follow the normal steps of use, add dishwashing salt, dishwashing powder, dishwashing agent or dishwashing blocks and then wash the tableware. If you do not add dishwashing salt, the resin will not be regenerated, and yellow water may be sprayed from the spray arm, leaving yellow marks on the liner and tableware after the washing process.

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