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Why is the washing temperature of the dishwasher only up to 70°C?

by nadlia
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LI don’t know how many people have wondered why the maximum washing temperature of the dishwasher is 70°C instead of 100°C. If it is 100°C, at least the sterilization function will be much better?

The reason why it is 70°C is mainly because the dishwashing powder contains biological enzymes. The main components of dishwashing powder were introduced in the analysis of dishwashing powder ingredients and whether long-term use is harmful. The biological enzymes contained in it are mainly protease and amylase, which are responsible for decomposing protein and starch in tableware stains. The temperature above 70°C will affect the activity of biological enzymes, thereby affecting the washing effect.

On the other hand, the water temperature of 70°C can completely dissolve the grease, and at the same time, it is the most energy-saving, the least harmful to the tableware, and the least amount of scale is produced. Compared with washing dishes by hand, the highest temperature that humans can tolerate is only about 42°C, and the temperature of the dishwasher is23 already much higher.


Analysis of the composition of dishwashing powder and whether it is harmful for long-term use

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