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“Blood Bag Drink” Teenager, how about a round

by nadlia
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LBlood bag drink is a drink rising in the vampire diary fire. The packaging bag is similar to the medical plasma bag, and some are also marked with “A, B, AB, O, Other” and other types on the label.

As for the contents of a very evil drink, although it looks like blood in color, it is certainly not blood. As there are so many blood bag drinks sold on Taobao, it is difficult to summarize what is inside, but most of them contain a certain amount of alcohol.

Some say good, others say bad.
These are not the key points. The key point is that most of these products are “three no” products, which were ordered to stop by the State Food and Drug Administration.
So, I just put it here for you to see. It’s nothing else. Don’t buy, just look.
If you really need to pack the B, Taobao has a special bag for this kind of packaging. You can buy a packaging bag and go back to find a drink of similar color.

When I was writing this article, I suddenly felt general. When I was a child, I didn’t know how many times I ate those pennies, and I was forced to eat snacks without products. After growing up, people began to worry about various additives and health care. It’s good that society has made rapid progress.

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