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Code Coffee, a coffee named after a programming language | Serious nonsense

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LFor Japanese otaku, manga is the basis for understanding law, beautiful girls are the basis for understanding warships, and recently, coffee has to be distinguished through programming languages. Recently, on the Japanese crowdfunding brand Makuake, a project called “Code Coffee” has just completed fundraising.

Although it seems to us that this is serious nonsense, for the Japanese who like to label everything and classify everything, classify in programming languages ​​with C, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, Go, Java Script , Swift, and eight programming languages that either applaud or cry when they hear the name of the coffee are considered a masterpiece. Moreover, it is not simply a random name, people still choose coffee beans according to the characteristics of various programming languages to make a taste that meets the “programming language characteristics”.

C language is the basic language and the originator of other programming languages, so Brazilian coffee beans, which are also considered the source of coffee, are specially chosen as the keynote. Java, which has a long history, uses Ethiopian Mocha coffee beans with a bit of primitive wildness.

Perl, which was once widely used, chose the equally popular Kilimanjaro coffee beans from Tanzania according to its origin. The programming language Ruby developed by the Japanese is a collection of the strengths of various companies. It is blended with 4 or 5 different coffee beans, and the taste is also in line with the Japanese style.

Currently the most popular Python is known for its simplicity and neatness, so it corresponds to processed decaffeinated coffee. In order to interpret the power and uniqueness of the Go language, Ethiopian Yirgashev coffee beans with a unique taste were selected.

Because of its high compatibility and wide application, JavaScript chose Guatemala coffee beans, which are usually added with milk to make au lait. Finally, Swift developed by Apple uses coffee beans with apple flavor as the main note.

Blue Puddle, who developed this series of coffee, in order to make the coffee more in line with the characteristics of the programming language, also recruited many programmers to test the taste. After many revisions, they selected the best taste in their hearts. And also openly solicit opinions from netizens on Github. Each bag of coffee is about 100g, and the crowdfunding price is 8$-9$.

In other words, this is not serious nonsense, what is it?

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