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Dairy Insider | Drink banana milk and old yogurt with caution

by nadlia
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LDrink milk, do not buy “milk-containing drinks”, such as yogurt or peanut protein milk, banana milk, etc. These milk-containing drinks are essentially different from milk, no nutrition, but a good taste, or popular speaking It’s just a drink with a little milk added. Especially for children, milk should be drunk with pure milk, yogurt and other dairy products. How to tell the difference, the easiest way is to look at the ingredient list, if the protein content is ≥ 2.3%, it is basically nutritious Dairy too.

Furthermore, the nutritional value of pasteurized milk is higher than that of ultra-high temperature sterilized milk. Simply put, milk preserved at low temperature has higher nutritional value than milk preserved at room temperature, and milk with a short shelf life has higher nutritional value than milk with a long shelf life. Why, because the longer the storage time, the more bacteria you need to sterilize, but the higher the temperature, the more beneficial bacteria will be killed, and the greater the nutritional value of milk will be lost.

There is also the old yogurt that many people like now. I used to like it too. When I was in school, I bought sticks and bought a row. Now it is usually served in cups and bowls, but we were in the dairy product testing class at that time. The teacher and his best friend are the young grandmother of a large dairy company, so she told us not to drink it all the time, because thickeners and coagulants are usually added. Although the company said that they did not add chemical coagulants and thickeners, they provided them with Several raw material companies dare to say that this thickener is 100% safe. I trust the quality of big brands, but for children with immature bodies, I think it is better to eat less. It is enough to grow pure milk and yogurt, and there are many accidents in the big brands of Tianchao.

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