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Four Loko| No matter how good the alcohol is, you should stay away from the broken wine

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LFour Loko, literally translated as “four locks” in Chinese, is an “alcoholic beverage” launched by Phusion Projects in Chicago, USA in 2005, also known as “fragmented wine” or “lost body wine”, with “a can of fragments, The legend of two cans of losing oneself”.

Although it’s what Phusion Projects calls a “drink,” and its packaging is designed to resemble a fruity drink, it’s actually quite potent. Its alcohol content is generally 12% to 14%①, and the alcohol content of beer that is usually drunk is between 3.5% and 4%. In other words, drinking a can of Four Loko is equivalent to drinking 3 to 4 bottles of beer.

The main ingredients of Four Loko are caffeine, taurine, guarana and alcohol. The first three ingredients are often used as additives for functional drinks. If you don’t demand an accurate description, it can be understood as Red Bull mixed with high beer and coffee. At the same time, its juice taste well masks the taste of alcohol, and it is very easy to drink, and you can drink a bottle in a few minutes.

Compared with white wine, Four Loko’s alcohol content is not high, but due to the strong juice flavor and the refreshing effect of caffeine and guarana, people will be in a state of high spirits, completely unaware that they have drunk more than their alcohol limit Alcohol (already drunk too much), but at the same time, it can make people go wild and die when they lose consciousness. Therefore, after waking up drunk, accidents such as loss of body, incontinence, headache, stomach pain, butt pain, etc. are all possible.

Around 2008, this “drink” was very popular in the United States, but accidental sudden death and hospitalization related to it occurred from time to time, which aroused the attention of the FDA ②, and it was determined that Four Loko added caffeine to alcoholic beverages. illegal. Then Phusion Projects announced that Four Loko, which is sold in the United States, will remove caffeine, taurine and guarana. However, Phusion Projects is still producing Four Loko containing ingredients such as decaffeine, taurine, and guarana for export. This has resulted in the fact that some of the Four Loko imported and sold in China are castrated Four Loko, and some are original. The authentic “lost wine”.

In 2016, this wine suddenly became popular in mainland China and Hong Kong. The following year, Four Loko was found to contain “Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid” in Taiwan.

On Taobao, Four Loko is only 49.5 yuan a can. If a man buys you to drink it, it means that he only wants to spend 49.5 yuan to get you, so stay away from it! If you are really curious, click here to buy a few cans in the official store, and drink moderately in a safe environment! Even if you usually drink well, you may not really be able to handle Four Loko, it is best to have someone by your side.78

① Four Loko’s products have standard degrees of 6%, 7%, 8%, 12% or 14%, but most of the degrees sold on Taobao are 12% and 14%.

② The full name of FDA is U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the Chinese name is U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It is a federal government agency directly under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Drugs, vaccines, biomedical preparations, blood preparations, medical equipment, radioactive equipment, veterinary drugs and cosmetics are supervised and managed, and are also responsible for implementing Section 361 of the Public Health Service Act, including public health conditions and state Inspection of international travel and transportation, control of diseases that may exist in many products, etc.

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