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Herbicide | Dangerous Electric Balance Unicycle

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LThings like electric balance unicycles are at best toys, and dangerous ones, no matter from the policy level or the actual use level. If there are children at home, it is recommended not to buy such toys. Even for adults, try to play in a spacious, less crowded, non-road place.

Let’s talk about traffic regulations first, according to the Regulations for the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law:

Article 74 stipulates that pedestrians are not allowed to use skateboards, roller skates and other sliding tools on the road.

Article 18 A non-motor vehicle that should be registered according to law can only be driven on the road after being registered by the traffic management department of the public security organ.

Article 72 Those who drive bicycles, tricycles, electric bicycles and motor wheelchairs for the disabled shall abide by the following regulations: (5) Do not pull, climb or be pulled by other vehicles, and do not leave the handlebars or hold objects. (6) Cars are not allowed to run side by side, chase each other or race in zigzags.

The roads in the regulations include motor vehicle lanes, non-motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks, so electric balance unicycles can only be used in businesses, factories, your backyard and other places.

Of course, the management in some parts of the country is not strict, and even where it is strictly enforced, it is only a fine. But the real troubles are accidents, car accidents, etc. when riding an electric balance unicycle. If the other party is not responsible, riding an electric balance unicycle will be judged as full responsibility.

Even if it is judged to be fully responsible, it is nothing more than losing a little money, and Hao naturally doesn’t care. However, whether the electric balance unicycle collides with a car, a battery car, or even a bicycle, it has no advantage at all. It is very easy to get injured, and you are the one who hurts.

electric self balancing scooters

electric self balancing scooters

Let me talk about the electric balance unicycle itself:

Can’t run fast, can’t brake, and can’t run far are all flaws of electric balance unicycles. The electric balance unicycle does not have brakes. It needs to be controlled by adjusting the center of gravity forward and backward when starting or stabilizing. It is easy to lose control if it stops suddenly.

The requirements for road conditions are also very high. Manhole covers, speed bumps, and potholes on the road may lose balance and fall, and slippery roads in rainy days are more likely to lose balance. Of course, technical proficiency can overcome it, but it does not mean that technical proficiency is 100% safe. There is also a situation where the balance is lost due to a sudden power failure, which can easily cause the rider to fall and injure himself.

It is unethical to recommend an electric balance unicycle, and it is prudent to purchase an electric balance unicycle.

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