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LLast year, the ostrich pillow became popular by accident. It has a unique shape and looks like a chayote (I don’t make a chayote on my own Baidu). It looks very stylish, and it’s no wonder that many people have been planted. But, today, uncle came to spray herbicide.

The ostrich pillow was originally designed and produced as a very conscientious sleeping pillow. The outer fabric is made of super soft plush sweater, which is very comfortable to the touch. It is filled with very fine ball-shaped fillings one by one. In order to avoid the friction between the balls and the noise, each ball is also wrapped with a layer of silicone resin. The entire sleeping pillow is very elastic, and you won’t feel aggrieved when you wear it (big-headed sons are not included). The shading and noise reduction are also very powerful. In various scenes, as long as you dare to wear it, you can get a good night’s sleep.

ostrich pillow

ostrich pillow

Such a good thing, why spray herbicide?

First, as you can see, this thing ruined your hair and ruined it to your grandma’s house. Unless you have a short hair, your hair will look like a strong wind blowing when you sleep.

The second is to destroy makeup, um, you know.

The third is that this thing is quite troublesome to clean.

In fact, these three points have been mentioned in many places. What is really unbearable is the fourth point. After wearing it, it is hot and hot. Because there are no more holes for ventilation, and the heat resistance of the head is too poor, it feels excessively hot. Some people say that it is not bad to use in winter? Well, in theory, yes. However, how many offices do not turn on the heating and air conditioning in winter, and they are still hot.

The ostrich pillow is actually not unusable, just think about whether it is really suitable for you before using it. The three disadvantages mentioned above have ruled out many people, and it is really applicable to men with short hair who need to live without heating or air conditioning in winter.

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