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Herbicides | Do not buy duck down products from IKEA

by nadlia
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LLast year, I bought tens of thousands of items from IKEA, not to say that IKEA’s products are so good, but the price is not bad, and I don’t need to compete with the merchants. The things I bought at that time were basically usable, and there were no big surprises or big disappointments—except for the duck down cushion core, which was stuffed into the cushion, which was really annoying to use!

Duck feathers, duck down stuffing

Duck feathers, duck down stuffing

When I bought it, I felt really comfortable, fluffy and soft. But after using it for a period of time, the whole cushion exudes a strong smell of mutton, especially when you lean your face on it, it’s like putting your nose on a duck. Those who bought duck down pillows, I really don’t know how you survived. Although down products have more or less a taste, the duck down from IKEA is too strong! Some people describe the taste as similar to raising a group of ducks at home. Although it is not so exaggerated, it is not too bad, especially when the windows are closed and sealed for a day. It’s fine if you stink, but it’s also infected on the sofa.

I checked later, because IKEA is following the people-friendly route and pursuing cost-effectiveness, so the duck down used is relatively low-end. Since the duck itself is an omnivore, its taste is stronger than that of the goose that only eats vegetables. In order to save costs, IKEA does not use the most secure deodorization process.

Of course, it does not mean that all brands of duck down products on the market have a strong smell, and there are still some that have a very clean taste, but the price is not so cheap. Regardless of down jackets, pillows, quilts, etc., although duck down is indeed quite comfortable, to be on the safe side, it is recommended to give priority to goose down. Goose down is actually lighter and more comfortable than duck down, and most importantly, it does not have the smell of duck down.


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