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In-depth analysis | Why you can’t buy non-brand mobile power

by nadlia
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LMost of the mobile power banks of non-famous brands are very cheap, and often the capacity is not low, and the price/performance ratio is simply high. But why not buy it? There are many reasons, such as the false standard capacity, which is nominally 20,000 mAh, and it may be more than 2,000 mAh. For example, it is quite hand-feeling, but it is actually a sandbag. precious. These are not important, just lose a little money, the real reason why you can’t buy a mobile power bank that is not a well-known brand is:


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can explode, let alone this kind of mobile power bank that has no quality control or warranty at all. Although all mobile power banks cannot be 100% safe, the mobile power banks of big brands have multiple protection mechanisms at the beginning of their design. Take ten thousand steps back (uncle exhausted) and say that even if the big brand mobile power purchased exploded, the company can still be found to take the blame, and the consumer association will know who is suing. Sanwu’s mobile power supply may be closed one day, who can I look for?

the way it is

The following experience is the experience of Zhihu user Shen Xiansen, who accidentally bought a fake and inferior mobile power bank, and then…

When I was 15 years old, I just learned to shop online. So I bought a power bank on Taobao, the price is 20,000 mAh, and the price is only 39 yuan! Is it very cheap, and students just want to be cheap (sometimes it makes sense that cheap products are not good).

Fake and inferior mobile power

Fake and inferior mobile power

This is it. The logistics is very fast. I ordered the day before and it arrived the next day. I am also going to give the seller a five-star praise, and it is actually high quality and low price. The courier I got at noon, I put it on the bedside to charge. It was like this when I came back.

Isn’t it amazing! The one I just bought blew up and my bed was on fire. Fortunately, I discovered it early and extinguished the fire in time, otherwise the entire dormitory would burn up, and it might become a one-time vicious fire, and my crime would be great.

This is a reply from Zhihu user Tudou: It’s really scary. Our school once caught fire and people went to class. The power bank exploded. A dormitory burned down and only the bed frame was left. Not to mention all kinds of computer clothes, the degree certificate seems to be gone. .


The luck of the misfortune is that when the accident happened, someone was there to extinguish the fire in time. What if no one was there?
Even if you buy a big-brand mobile power bank, you should buy it from official channels. Don’t covet the tens of dollars and buy imitation goods. You can buy some things even if you know they are fake, but mobile power banks are too dangerous. . Just search on Baidu, there are too many people with similar experiences.

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