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Later, those who did not use the dishwasher according to the routine

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LThis article is quite watery. It mainly collects some stories or accidents of “stupid human beings” who did not use the dishwasher according to the routine. At the same time, it also reminds everyone that the dishwasher must be used according to the instructions.

| Error demonstration one

Anonymous user: Recently, I was very curious about a friend who likes to cut the special detergent for dishwashers (small cubes) and sprinkle the powder inside into the dishwasher. I heard that it is the powder particles in the detergent. It can increase friction and wash more cleanly.

dishwasher fml

dishwasher fml

The washing process of the dishwasher has been analyzed in the working principle of the dishwasher and the washing process. After the washing starts, the dishwasher will enter the water once, and the tableware will be repeatedly washed with high pressure through the rotating spray arm (the water will be recycled), the residue on the tableware will be washed away and the dirty water will be drained. Then enter the water for the second time, heat it, add detergent at the same time, then repeatedly wash the tableware with high pressure (the water will be recycled), and then drain the dirty water. Then enter the water for the 3rd to 4th time, heat it, add the brightener, and rinse the tableware with hot water. Finally, the tableware is dried at high temperature to play a certain disinfection and sterilization function.

It can be seen that in the process of washing the residue in the first step, the dishwasher will definitely rinse off the cut dishwashing pieces, but in the second step, there is no detergent for cleaning. Stupid human beings!

Error demonstration two

Anonymous user: Put dish soap in the dishwasher to wash the dishes… Then it seems that there was a short circuit and the home tripped… Now the dishwasher doesn’t respond, is it broken? Will it still be usable if the water dries up in two days?

dishwasher fml

dishwasher fml

Do not use dish soap in the dishwasher! Absolutely not! Imagine that when you wash the dishes with dish soap, stir it a little more, and the foam in the sink will look like. If you use detergent, the dishwasher pumps water to the spray arm to rinse the tableware with high-pressure water spray through the water pump. The foam will definitely not be less than when you wash it by hand. The foam will be pumped into the water pump to damage the water pump and overflow the dish compartment, causing the dishwasher Alarm or short circuit. If you really want to use detergent, the picture above is the consequence.

In fact, the ingredients of dishwashing liquid and dishwashing powder are quite different. Let’s move on to the analysis of the composition of dishwashing powder and whether it is harmful for long-term use.

Error demonstration three

Anonymous User: Put plastic cups in the dishwasher and it turns out… unsightly!

dishwasher fml

dishwasher fml

It is introduced in Dishwasher Cleaning Process and Dishes Placement Skills that plastic tableware that is not resistant to high temperatures cannot be washed in a dishwasher.
Details: The tableware listed below is not dishwasher safe, please refer to the instructions for more details.
● Cast iron pans will rust if they are machine washed.
● Dishes with gold and silver edges are not acceptable, and the pattern will be washed off.
● Plastic tableware and wooden tableware that are not resistant to high temperature cannot be machine washed, as these tableware will be easily deformed if heated for a long time.
● Copper, brass, pewter, aluminum items and silverware can tarnish or become dull when machine washed.
● Glue-bonded utensils are also not suitable for high temperatures in the dishwasher.
● Glass products that contain lead crystals will become less transparent after repeated washing.
● Crafts, antiques, expensive vases and decorative glassware are also not dishwasher safe.
● Absorbent substances such as sponges and towels also cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

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In fact, the dishwasher, like the washing machine, is a household appliance with relatively simple operation, but if you have never used a dishwasher before, there are still many things to pay attention to, such as what cannot be washed in a dishwasher, and how to reduce the use of the dishwasher cost.

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