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Let’s make fun of IKEA licorice

by nadlia
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LCrazy IKEA licorice candy, please be careful before buying! Be careful who you buy it for! The boat of friendship will sink in the Mariana Trench. It won’t even be scooped up!

Wan Xiu  : I went to buy a cup today and tried some of IKEA’s famous food… Meatballs and marshmallows are good… But this licorice… It’s really ………… It’s perfect to buy some for your relatives and children during the holidays…

Forehand: I don’t know if anyone has eaten this kind of licorice candy sold by IKEA. I thought it was something like peel and grabbed it. It turns out it’s neither marshmallows nor gummy and it’s a little bit wet in the middle, but it’s also a little bit sweet and a little bit salty, a little bit spicy ginger and a little bit star anise and cinnamon, but it’s very complex, it’s very rich, it’s very strong, it’s very hard to forget after an hour of eating one

ENG: The Finnish licorice on sale is so strange that no one has it! It smells good, and it chews like bad rubber mixed with smelly socks! That one is terrible! Try to swallow… Finally vomited in tears… This is the scariest candy I’ve ever had!!

EileenZzzz: My roommate and I did, and one of them was like licorice… We each had a bite, stood on the street for 10 minutes grossed out, made fun of each other for half an hour.

Mei Gongxue: Yes, yes, yes, this is the thing, finally see someone laugh at. Of all the sugar, this is the most inexplicable, can not swallow ah !!!!!

Shiny Metropolis: Hahaha, that candy is disgusting. I had two bites today and thought it was years past its expiration date

ikea licorice sugar

ikea licorice sugar

Haruko: Ha ha ha! When I went to buy other candy, the cashier lady gave me a big bag of licorice with a smile on her face! Later, I used it for people who are not afraid of death/children/people who have doubts about life/people who have confidence in their tongues/etc., and the reaction was basically distorted (children howled directly).

Butterfly Flamedance: That’s it! I thought it was Coke… One bite and the whole world collapses…

codekiller: Last time I tried that licorice… I feel like I’m being electrocuted

Le Yu: Old man used to bring us chocolates from his travels and trick us into thinking they tasted crazy…

Iron Man Pear: The licorice in the Swedish food house is so horrible that it makes you want to cry

Shadow on the Cloud: Mom brought two bags of chocolate from Australia… I didn’t pay attention to see, eat directly burst into tears…

relax: The first bite of this will definitely leave a shadow of your childhood. But eat too much and feel nothing, habitually swallow to mouth. But with so many delicious snacks in the United States, how did it survive so long? !

Yi Ren: I ate my colleagues and family members who came back from foreign countries, all kinds of want to vomit ah, I ate a mouthful, I chewed five or six pieces of gum also want to vomit, a unit no one can hold ah, absolutely dark cuisine

Logged out User: My wife got licorice… I bought a bunch of them online, and then I ate one. And then I suffered… It was a no-brainer.

Finally, I want to say, there’s another kind of canned food, herring against humanity, interested in moving Swedish herring canned | the ultimate dark against humanity.


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