LThe following is what is the latest and strange product you bought on Taobao in 2017 by He Chengzhuyao, the answerer of Zhihu? “The answer under is so fucking funny!

The background is that the respondent bought two bottles of passion fruit jam on Amazon, and then in the process of unpacking…

Original answer:

Things are not new, but the unboxing experience is definitely the most special this year.

Before you buy, read the comments and someone reminded you to freeze it before opening it. When I received it, I was so happy that I forgot about it, and started screwing it directly.

As soon as it was unscrewed a little, yellow bubbles gushed out crazily from the crack ಠ_ಠ, imagine opening the Coke after shaking, almost that scene.

I panicked at the time, and quickly turned it back, but it didn’t work at all! The sticky yellow liquid trickled down my hand ಠ_ರೃ. Then about four or five seconds later, DUANG made a loud noise, and the bottle exploded in my hand. The mouth of the bottle exploded against my face, and the glasses on my head were instantly covered with passion fruit jam. My world suddenly turned yellow…

After wiping the jam on the glasses, the ceiling was splattered with a sticky yellow paste, which looked like someone blew up the toilet with a firecracker◉‿◉.

Because it was blown up in the laboratory, and there will be a group meeting in the break room the next day. So the weak, pitiful and helpless little yellow man, I can only climb to the top of the refrigerator overnight and wash the wall _(´ཀ`」∠)_. And hurriedly ordered a new wallpaper in panic.

Follow up:

Later, following the clues given by the respondent, I found this product on Amazon, checked the “bad reviews”, and felt the deep despair of the buyers with bad reviews through the screen…


It is estimated that the passion fruit jam was fermented during transportation, which produced gas and caused the pressure inside the bottle to rise.

The seller’s suggestion for this kind of packaged passion fruit jam is to pack it in a fresh-keeping bag immediately after receiving the product, then put it in the refrigerator to freeze, and open it after it is completely frozen.

Shopping must read the introduction! Hahahahaha, let me laugh for a few more minutes!

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