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Pulling down | tower JiGuo victims of the accused

by nadlia
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Zhuo Chen: We’re stuck to our grandma’s house. If we don’t Zhuo Chen, we need to put a lot of oil in our Zhuo Chen pot.

Liu Ying: Seeing so many people recommend it, I bought one with cheap hands. And then my mom beat me up for being too hard to use…

Anya Fuzzy: A little too much material will overflow, because it is not easy to turn so accidentally burned. The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment

Jiujiu: Answer the main read numerous recommendations after buying a pagoda pot, reference cooking instructions happy to put meat, tomatoes, chicken legs, mushrooms, vegetables layer by layer code into the cover, ten minutes the kitchen made a strange sound, ran into a look at the goods like an attack of madness to keep spitting bubbles out, scared urine answer the Lord, quickly Baidu, said normal phenomenon, in a heating turn off the fire can be, After a few minutes, the split second… TAT. … Because Targhee is now banned from the kitchen
I’m the master of dark cooking, so don’t buy a tagine

Less dancing: Last year or the year before this time, I read the recommendation of Zhihu, what is necessary for lazy people, save time and effort, what does not use water, directly the water in the vegetables evaporates into the lid and condensing down, so repeated, and exotic customs, after reading the order quickly, buy in a hurry according to the method written in the recommendation began to cook. Still fantasizing about what 20 minutes later can eat a delicious dinner with meat and nutrition balance, only after 10 minutes to smell the mushy, said good water circulation? The second time I learned from the experience of the last time, thinking that the material is the same as the clay pot, then make a clay pot, wash rice, soak in accordance with the recipe on the Internet also specially soaked for half an hour and boil, smell the mush, open the cover, well, the broken tagi pot pot bottom is too shallow, the water is dried, the bottom layer of rice is burnt, the rice in the middle is raw. No more tagine from now on, waste of ingredients, waste of time.

Peach eaters: Yes, but also lobbied colleagues to buy 4, because at that time to see the introduction is suitable for single dogs. The result is nothing, super difficult to use, used once idle, colleagues have only used once or twice. More than 200. I feel sorry for my colleagues.

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