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Things that lazy people regret buying

by nadlia
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LIn fact, it’s not that these things are bad, it’s just that they are not suitable for lazy people.


Annual Gym Pass: I “Have a Friend”… Bought an Annual Gym Pass, You Get the Idea
I have applied for the card for six years, of which four years I hardly used it, and the effect of the two years I used it was obvious. . So it doesn’t matter if you don’t go after applying for the card, if it expires, continue to apply, maybe you will go someday.
Apply for a secondary card first, and then decide whether to apply for an annual card after you use it up.
I bought this kind of person’s second-hand card, it’s so cheap hahaha I’d wake up laughing in my dreams, the annual card is 1200, I bought an 11-month card for 600
Fuck (#゚Д゚), are you talking about me? I just gave my annual card to a friend and paid 200 transfer fees for the gym. Damn it

Treadmills, dumbbell benches and spinning bikes
When the treadmill is placed in the attic to eat ashes, the volume of the things piled on it can kill the same kind of friends in seconds.
The magic function of the dumbbell bench is to place it on the balcony under the sun in the warm afternoon, with a good book, adjusted to the angle, so comfortable.
How useful a spinning bike is when you have no place to dry your clothes at home
A good friend of mine, her father bought a treadmill to lose weight, invited three aunts and six wives to visit the house, and even took a nickname called Paopao. From the third day on, Paopao was covered with sausages…

The first one is really the kindle paperwhite. I thought I loved reading, but I didn’t touch it much after reading the kite runner with the kindle in my hand. I still prefer to read physical books, and I would rather walk down the street with a book than a lightweight kindle. Now that I bought an ipad, I am even more reluctant to touch the kindle.

kindle…don’t criticize me, I have worked so hard to get back from overseas shopping, and it took me no more than a day. Been buying for several months.

sluggard shopping regret

sluggard shopping regret

Those books stacked behind me,,,

When I bought it, I thought I would read it, but after I bought it, I didn’t even read the catalogue. When I see these books every day, I feel like a group of girls who have been let down by me are all glaring at me.

SLR! ! !
Speaking from the bottom of my heart! Girls, if you buy a SLR, it is better to find a male ticket who can take pictures! ! !
Ever since I bought a SLR, I have quickly changed from a cute girl to a woman! !

Sorry everyone, just kidding, there is no Rambo, answer the question seriously, when you lose interest in the things in hand, you find out that you have to pay back the credit card, ha ha!

Oven: I used it twice after I bought it home, once to make egg tarts, and once to make chiffon. The desserts that cost an average of 500 yuan a piece are painful to think about.

Durex: We broke up after buying

Various detectors: I bought some to detect air quality, drinking water quality, current and voltage… However, the number of times of use is close to 0.

Xiaomi balance bike: It takes a while to become proficient. The flat road within 1 kilometer is fine, but the knees can’t bear it if it is far away. The only use for me of the Xiaomi balance bike is to allow me to clock in at work in the park.

sluggard shopping regret

sluggard shopping regret

In the end, the top five kitchen gadgets received the most votes: oven, bread maker, juicer, soybean milk maker, and air fryer.

SLR…not a professional videographer. When I actually go on a trip, I feel that the photos are all taken by my mobile phone, except for pretending and using it as a telescope. I, a person who doesn’t know how to take a camera, is just pretending to be a tourist 🙁

Remote control helicopter with camera.
Those who are new to it are difficult to fly well, and they are not resistant to wind, and they will not obey when there is a little wind. The anti-wind is oil-powered, a big killer, and very dangerous.
Wasted over 600 bucks. The oil-powered one is an iron propeller. Veterans on the forum can break their bones when they adjust the machine on the floor at home. Think about the consequences of falling from the sky and hitting a child

Cat poop coffee.
Not once.
Paralyzed until now, I still don’t fully understand why I spent so much money to buy such a high-end thing.

Soymilk maker, don’t buy a soymilk maker by yourself, it’s too troublesome, and the soymilk can’t be kept for a long time, you have to drink it within 3 hours, it takes a long time to grind the soymilk, anyway, the baby regrets it T^T

I bought it, and I lobbied my colleagues to buy 4 together, because the introduction was suitable for single dogs.
It turned out to be tasteless and extremely difficult to use. I used it once and left it idle, and my colleagues only used it once or twice. . .
More than two hundred, I feel so sorry for my colleagues

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