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Hot weather can make you more likely to lose your mind while shopping | study says

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LSince the beginning of summer, the thermometer has been going up like a stimulant. Many people just think that they have been turned into a dog by heat, maybe they are only a little irritable dog, but they don’t know that they have also been turned into a “stupid dog” by heat.

Research by Katherine Milkman, an associate professor at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, shows that in the hot summer, people are more likely to lose their minds and make some stupid decisions, and their IQ will not gradually recover until the temperature drops slightly. However, the wrong things he has done have been too late to regret.

Hot weather makes people irritable“, in fact, many people have a profound experience, especially children in the rebellious period, and this has also been scientifically verified. Surveys in several cities in the United States have shown that during the summer months, especially after nightfall, temperature and crime rates are proportional. Data from the mid-1990s in Dallas showed that when the average nighttime temperature rose from 24°C to 35°C, serious injury incidents roughly doubled. In addition, experiments have found that in hot months, if the green light is on and the vehicle in front has not started, the driver of the vehicle behind will honk the horn in a shorter period of time.

hot weather lost reason

hot weather lost reason

But Milkman pointed out that the hot summer can affect not only our temperament, but also our consumption patterns. People are used to projecting current experiences into the future, thinking that the current situation is representative, and making decisions based on it. So when shopping in hot weather, I will imagine that the weather will be just as hot when using this thing in the future. Economists call this common human tendency “projection bias.”

Three economists, Michael Conlin, Ted O’Donoghue, and Timothy J. Vogelsang, have studied this phenomenon. Analyzing orders for seasonal clothing such as gloves and coats from thousands of catalogs, they found that on days when the temperature was particularly cold, customers would order more winter clothing than they needed, but when the clothes arrived and the temperature returned to normal, they Will choose to return. In fact, a 1°C drop in temperature on the day the order was placed was associated with a 4% increase in the return rate for winter clothing.

Even though the study looked at unseasonably cold weather, Milkman believes that something similar to the above study could occur in midsummer. She estimates that sales of sun hats, portable electric fans, frozen towels and spray water on online shopping platforms will increase sharply on extremely hot days, but when the goods arrive, if the temperature has dropped to normal summer levels, the return rate may be high. It will also be higher than usual.

However, the impact of high temperature on your wallet goes far beyond shopping. For example, when the weather continues to be extremely hot, people are more willing to believe that climate change is real, so they are more willing to donate to organizations that fight global warming, Milkman said. A few days later, when the weather turns cooler and the breeze is breezy, you may suddenly change your mind, thinking that climate change is nothing more than an alarmist, and then complain about the heat and get dizzy, and give away that hundred-dollar bill in vain.

hot weather lost reason

hot weather lost reason

Since extreme heat is not immune for the foreseeable future, can less stupid things be done? Milkman believes that the first thing to do is to recognize the potential problem, and remember that heat can affect judgment and help you avoid the trap of spending money. When you’re shopping, she warns, don’t order items you’ll need in the hottest weather just because the temperature is soaring. If you’re having an argument with a co-worker, friend or family member, it’s not too late to make a decision until the weather cools down — or at least until everyone’s air-conditioned.

High temperature is only one of the factors that affect the ability to judge. If you want to make a major decision, you should try to have a woman present. Such a decision is safer. Click the following article for details.

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