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I say I don’t like crowds, but I’m honest when I’m shopping | A study says

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LMany large shopping malls are overcrowded all year round, especially during Golden Week. Why do many people still go to squeeze in when they know that the shopping malls are full of people during the festival? Several studies have pointed out that although many people say they hate crowded shopping malls, they actually like the excitement and even increase consumption because of it.

Where there is a shopping mall, there must be a flow of people. If there is no flow of people, it is because the shopping mall has chosen the wrong place. Research on it first appeared in the 1970s. Daniel Stokols, a professor of social ecology at the University of California, Irvine, discussed the two concepts of “crowd” and “crowded”, which can explain the psychological differences of consumers. . The former is an objective fact, while the latter is a subjective feeling.

When shopping, people who like to get straight to the point and don’t like to hang out in the mall will feel that the mall is too crowded; while those who like to feel the atmosphere of the crowd will only feel that it is lively and festive, and the mood will be happier because of it.

Research by marketing scholars Julie Baker and Kirk L. Wakefield classifies the former as purposeful and the latter as social, each accounting for one-third of consumers and the remaining third as intermediate. And if they still appear in crowded shopping malls during festivals, most of them are social type. Especially with the rise of online shopping in recent years, there are few consumers with clear goals in shopping malls.

But what social customers like is not the crowding caused by the small size of the mall, but the feeling of spending with others. Of course, even this type of customers has a limit to their acceptance of crowds. Although the shops with prosperous business are their favorites, if there are too many people, it will affect their mood, but it will not necessarily affect the sales of the store. .

According to relevant surveys, in shopping festivals such as Black Friday, although the crowds of people will make many people feel uncomfortable, it will actually help the sales of stores. One is that people are so busy snapping up discounted products that no one else knows, and the other is that the more customers there are, the more people will feel a kind of competitive psychology. When you regard the customers around you as competitors, the behavior of shopping becomes Will bring you excitement and pleasure. In fact, when customers see people of the same age in the mall, it will greatly increase your favorability for the mall, and watching other customers interact with the store is likely to increase your favorability for the store.

Another interesting point is that although the crowded shopping malls can be somewhat annoying, if you stay long enough, you can get used to it. The research of Georgia State University marketing scholar Sevgin Eroglu and others pointed out that customers who shop in the mall for more than 1 hour have relatively low negative emotions towards crowds, indicating that the more they buy, the more they are motivated, and they are enough to ignore the troubles caused by the surrounding environment. .

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