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Regarding the number of sexual partners, men report more and women report less | A study said

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LBefore dating, people often ask a date a question, that is, “How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had before?” After the two start dating, this question will become more in-depth. Subject “How many people have you slept with?”

Does this question matter? In fact, the answer he said is not important. If you think it is important, it will cause trouble for this relationship. Because how many sexual partners the other party has had before, that is all in the past! Remember that you have not participated in his past, so you don’t need to go back; instead, you must always remind yourself that you are his future. So you don’t need to worry too much about the previous things; but people are always driven by curiosity, so they really want to know the answer.

men exaggerate number sex partners

men exaggerate number sex partners

Genders think differently

But according to a scientific study of heterosexuals, asking heterosexual men and women this question can’t actually get a real answer! That’s because heterosexual men tend to inflate the numbers when they think about it. This is because heterosexual men think differently than women on this issue. When heterosexual men think about the number of sexual partners, they will only give an approximate number, and most of them are the increase of unconditional rounding; but heterosexual women will recall one by one, calculate it very accurately, and give an accurate number.

Straight men tend to exaggerate the number of sexual partners, while straight female partners underreport the number of sexual partners. The reason also includes heterosexual men and women have different views on whether one-night stands should be counted or not, because straight women tend to think that one-night stands His behavior is inappropriate, negative in mentality, and regarded as black history, so these experiences will not be counted.

don’t get too carried away with the number

It’s actually okay to ask the other half the number of sexual partners in the past because of curiosity, but remember not to take it too seriously, because the past cannot be changed, and too much care will only affect your mood and the relationship between the two; moreover, Neither of them can “tell” the real number, so what’s the point of caring about a “false statistic”?

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