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So if you love taking selfies, you must be very narcissistic, right? | There is a study that says

by nadlia
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LThe combination of mobile phones and the Internet has ushered in a new era of human “narcissism”: the beautiful will not miss any opportunity to look in the mirror, and if you have money, you must show that you have lived a good life. I can’t help throwing my schoolbags away, the difference is that some people are flamboyant and some are delicate, but all of them are narcissistic.

Narcissism is innate, because the baby’s world is only himself: the baby’s world (usually the parents) must revolve around him.

Narcissism is an important concept in Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, and the most notable explanation is to borrow the theory of sexologist Henry Havelock Ellis, that is, narcissism is an extension of sexual psychology, and it is to regard one’s own image as a sexual object. According to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association, narcissism has been classified as a personality disorder characterized by an inflated sense of self-worth and a lack of reciprocity toward others The value cognition of the individual, the individual’s attention to the self (subject) surpasses all others (objects), including the attention that should have been placed on others, but still on oneself.

Everyone becomes an independent individual from the moment they leave the mother’s body. It is innately determined to understand the world from a “subjective” point of view. The baby’s growth must give priority to satisfying self-needs, so it is natural to pay attention to oneself and be self-centered. The concept of “objective” is not only acquired, but also the result of rational thinking, but this is not inevitable. Many people cannot form an “objective” perspective throughout their lives.

Studies have shown why most people think that the image in the photo is not as good as the mirror image, because when looking in the mirror, the brain will adjust its own facial deviation, resulting in the vast majority of people having a high evaluation of their appearance, which is higher than the real situation About 30% of the total; when looking at photos, I will be picky in every possible way: I always feel that the shots are not good. The difference is that when looking in the mirror, it is subjective, but when looking at photos, it is an objective angle.

Not only do individuals have a tendency to be self-centered, but the country and society cannot avoid it. When the whole world is still in a state of fragmentation and lack of connection, many countries feel that they are the center of the world: the name Middle Kingdom (Middle Kingdom) is not unique to China. In religious belief, the earth was once regarded as the center of the universe. When many countries make maps, they cannot avoid putting their own country in the middle. A group of people take a group photo, and there is also the so-called C-position rule-it must be the most important, highest-status, and most powerful person.

The development trend of modern industrial civilization and the way of socializing on the Internet have finally released the narcissism. Is it good or bad? The answer is controversial.

As early as 1976, the famous American writer Tom Wolfe proposed the arrival of “Me decade” and praised it as “the third great awakening of human nature” in history. This article can be said to be the first of its kind. Meanwhile, historian Christopher Lasch takes the opposite view. In his book “The Culture of Narcissim: American Life in An Age of Diminishing Expectations,” he argues that narcissistic Trends will bring about profound social changes: jobs will be scarce, knowledge and wisdom will be devalued, and authority of all kinds, including that derived from experience, will be rendered worthless.

Psychoanalysis believes that narcissism is not a completely negative psychology. The famous psychologist Heinz Kohut’s book “The Analysis of the Self” believes that narcissism is a kind of true sense of self-worth. If narcissism is just “love yourself”, it is not a fault, but the psychology of narcissism often goes beyond that, and becomes a lack of concern, understanding and empathy for others. Just as there is nothing wrong with liking selfies, but being obsessed with one’s appearance and asking for compliments from everyone, such as posting photos online and asking for compliments, and competing to see who gets more likes, is the origin of the problem.

After the millennium, the narcissistic culture became even more overwhelming. The book “The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement” co-authored by Jean M. Twenge and W. Keith Campbell pointed out that: narcissism has evolved from A state of mind magnified into a sign of an entire age, narcissism only brings misery to others.

The prevalence of narcissistic culture has led to the weakening of group culture, and the continuous disintegration of mainstream values. Even if the traditional culture of East Asian countries has strong “group” values, it is also constantly disintegrating. Individual values ​​override group values. The benefit is that society is becoming more free. The disadvantage is that when facing a major crisis, it is difficult to gather strength, and the society is not only torn apart, but also scattered.

Narcissism is not conducive to critical thinking. Narcissistic people usually attribute success to themselves and blame others for failure. Once they are not recognized, their emotions will be hurt, full of complaints, jealousy, passive withdrawal, or lead to autistic psychology, or violent behavior . In addition, “Individualism” and “selfism” are often confused: they only care about the satisfaction of their own needs, ignore the growth of independent personality, and naturally turn a blind eye to others.

Part of the psychology of narcissism is the same as self-esteem: Both psychology think that they are worthy of respect. But self-esteem comes from self-confidence. I believe that through hard work, I can gain recognition and respect, and at the same time respect others. But the source of narcissism is just the opposite of self-esteem. It comes from low self-esteem, because when babies do not get good responses and feedback when exploring the cognitive world, they can only return to the original starting point and seek self-satisfaction.

According to psychologist Karen Danielsen Horney, narcissism is actually getting into a psychological dilemma. She divides self-awareness into “ideal self” and “real self”. The evolution from self to real self and ideal self is a process of growth. Have ideals and pursuits, making them believe that they can become better people. But narcissistic people skip the process of understanding the “true self” and directly reach the castle in the air of the “ideal self”. Their self-esteem is actually very low because this self-worth is empty and not based on real deeds and achievements.

Returning from ideals to reality is the only way to counteract narcissism. In addition to rights (such as love and attention), personal growth also requires responsibilities and obligations. Human beings are social animals, and all people need the affirmation of others to feel satisfied, and to further improve themselves and seek greater satisfaction, and greater satisfaction usually comes from the completion and realization of responsibilities.

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