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Some Interesting Psychology Tips

by nadlia
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LShare some psychology tips learned in the psychology class last year, the personal test is effective.


You can know who your friends like by observing some details. If a few of you friends are together and something funny happens, or someone tells an interesting story, when people are laughing, they will habitually look at the person they like the most.


If someone is yelling at you or being vexatious there, all you have to do is say, “Uh, sorry, your teeth… seem to have something on them” and it will embarrass him right away, so They won’t bother you anymore.


If you are in a hurry to walk somewhere, then you just look straight in the direction you are going, and pedestrians on the road will unconsciously give way to you. I’ve tried walking around in school shoes like this, my eyes are straight ahead, I don’t communicate with anyone, and everyone really gives way to me.


When you’re talking to someone and you’re talking about it, you hand them something and they’re sure to take it, which is really funny because they can’t react. And vice versa, if you reach out for something in their hands, they will obediently give it to you without knowing why.


You know, no matter how funny a joke is, it will become boring if you tell it too much. You can use this trick to protect yourself. Let’s say someone makes a nasty joke at you and you say “what?” and they repeat it again and you go on and say “sorry I didn’t catch what you just said” so he repeats it , Wait until the third or fourth time, no one thinks the joke is funny anymore.


If you’re at a party with a bottle of wine in your hand, don’t hold it up to your chest, but hold it up to your crotch, it will make you look more outgoing and confident, and people will be more willing to communicate with you .


If you suddenly remember the embarrassing things a few years ago, change your thinking and think about the embarrassing things that others did. I don’t think you can remember them. So this shows that no one will remember the embarrassing things you did back then.


While chatting, staring at the person’s mouth will make them think you’re interested, but staring at their forehead will make them feel uneasy and uncomfortable.


I don’t encourage people to lie, because it’s wrong, but if you want to make others believe your lies, you must add some embarrassing details while lying. As long as you speak confidently, they will be fooled. The premise is that the lie is reliable enough.


If you’re nervous, chew a piece of gum, it tricks your brain into thinking you’re in a stress-free environment because people relax when they eat, but don’t chew gum during job interviews, auditions, dates, it’s ok Chew to calm yourself before starting.


You can tell a lot of information from a person’s standing posture. If your chat partner is facing you, congratulations, he is willing to chat with you, but if he turns around and his feet are not facing you, He really doesn’t want to talk to you anymore.


Don’t let others interrupt you, it will make you lose your momentum, your words are very important, so next time someone interrupts your conversation, don’t stop talking, and don’t compare with him whose voice is louder, use Continue speaking with the same rhythm, volume, and tone as before, so that they will feel awkward and shut their mouths wisely.

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